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Restarted platinum. need help with team!

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snivy trainer

Driving myself batty
Hi everyone, I need a bit of help for my platinum game(in game). I am able to breed and i'm starting with a bred chimchar with thunderpunch along with a murkrow knowing drill peck. any help for movesets and rest of team i'll be grateful for!
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Dont, move, a muscle
Flare Blitz and Close Combat are great moves for a physical infernape. Overheat and Focus Blast for a speacial attacker. As for murkrow, Nasty Plot when he evolves is exellent if you want a special attacker, but with drill peck, you are probably going for a physical attacker. Pursuit and payback are its best phsical dark moves, and I think it can learn Swords Dance. Roost makes a good healing move, but of course make him vunerable to spikes, toxic spikes, and ground moves.

snivy trainer

Driving myself batty
ok thanx for that but I need to complete the team. Will garchomp, leafeon, floatzel/gastrodon and snorlax/electivire work?any ideas for movesets?
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Dont, move, a muscle
Great choices there, but don't leave out underused as well.

Nasty Plot
Dark Pulse
Thunder fang/slugde bomb

Ice shard
Return/rock climb/stone edge

These are som of my recent choices.


Dont, move, a muscle

Lucario is very useful if you can raise it in time for the snowpoint gym. He is also useful for either special or physical sets

Aura Sphere/Close Combat
Dragon Pulse/Elemental punches
Dark pulse/ Drain punch

As for who you metioned earlier, I have a good moveset for Leafeon

Swords Dance
Leaf Blade
X-scissor/Quick Attack


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Im not sure if the team will work out, but i have some suggestions:

Nature: Adamant/Jolly
Ability: Blaze
-Fire Punch/Flare Blitz
-Brick Break/Close Combat
-Swords Dance
-Vacuum Wave/Stone Edge/Thunder Punch
I like a physical-sweeping Infernape, but a special-sweeper works good too. Fie Punch and Flare Blitz for STAB. Brick Break and Close Combat for more STAB. Swords Dance for a good boost. Vacuum Wave for priority and STAB. Stone Edge for coverage. Thunder Punch for reliable coverage.

Infernape (special):
Nature: Modest/Timid
Ability: Blaze
-Flamethrower/Heat Wave
-Focus Blast
-Calm Mind/Nasty Plot
A special-weeping Infernape. Flamethrower and Heat Wave for STAB. Focus Blast for more STAB. Calm Mind for boosts (beware of physical-sweeprs!). Nasty Plot for a crazy boost. Will-o-Wisp to ruin physical-sweepers.

Nature: Modest/Timid
Ability: Insomnia
-Nasty Plot
-Dark Pulse
-Heat Wave
-Thunder Wave/Confuse Ray
Even though Honchkrow is better off as a physical-sweeper, it doesnt really have the right move for an Attack boost. So, Nasty Plot for boost. Dark Pulse for STAB. Heat Wave for Steel coverage. Thunder Wave and Confuse Ray for stalls to sweep and pull off some Nasty Plots.

Nature: Adamant/Jolly
Ability: Sand Veil
-Dragon Claw/Outrage
-Stone Edge/Fire Fang/Substitute
-Swords Dance
The almighty Garchomp set. Earthquake for STAB. Dragon Claw and Outrage for STAB. Stone Edge and Fire Fang for coverage. Substitute to pull off some Swords Dancing boosts.

Nature: Jolly
Ability: Leaf Guard
-Swords Dance
-Leaf Blade
-Quick Attack/Synthesis/X-Scissor
This set was pulled from Serebii so its self explanatory.

Nature: Adamant/Jolly
Ability: Swift Swim
-Waterfall/Aqua Tail
-Ice Punch
-Brick Break
-Aqua Jet/Bulk Up
Waterfall and Aqua Tail for STAB. Ice Punch for coverage. Brick Break to hurt Steels. Aqua Jet for STAB and priority. Bulk Up for boosts.

Nature: Modest
Ability: Storm Drain
-Earth Power
-Ice Beam
-Recover/Pain Split
To tell you the truth, I dont really like Gastrodon. I just dont know what to use it for. So, my attempt for a Special-sweeper. Earth Power and Surf for STAB. Ice Beam for coverage. Recover and Pain Split to recover.

Nature: Careful
Ability: Thick Fat
-Body Slam/Return
-Focus Punch
I have this Snorlax and I got from Serebii so its another good, self explanatory set.

Nature: Adamant
Abilty: Motor Drive
-Thunder Punch
-Ice Punch
-Cross Shop
Another set from Serebii which is great and common.

Hope this works!


Dont, move, a muscle
Impressive selection so far. I have a few more ideas to add

Spark/thunder fang
Thunder wave/swagger
Iron Tail

Spark and thunder fang for STAB, thunder wave or swagger to cripple the opponent. Finally, iron tail, crunch, and return to cover whatever else you might come up against.

Stone Egde/ Rock wrecker
Earthquake/earth power
Swords dance/rock polish

Stone egde, rock wrecker, earthquake, and earth power for STAB. Megahorn has some amazing power, and will KO any grass, dark, and psychic types. For power ups, it has a boost in speed or attack. Thunderbolt gets a meition here because it takes care of water types.


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