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*Revamped RNG Discussion/Help Thread [Do not ask about Gen 6 RNG]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by NoDice, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. NoDice

    NoDice The Sandstorm Slayer

    **** If anyone needs something to be added in here, please PM me a link or a copy of what needs to be added in. Im not active much anymore so I will update when I can ****

    ***As approved by BobandBill
    *******Special thanks to Sweet May for getting this up and running in a timely manner ^_^

    UPDATE! #3
    #1. We now have a nice Frequently Asked Questions section in post 2! Thanks to Jolteon135! If you have any questions about what you see in this first post or the guides posted make sure to take a peek there!

    #2 We now have a nice written guide for using PPRNG by Serebii's own Kaiser Soze! Thanks Kaiser! Its in post 4 if you scroll down just a bit or click the link below!

    #3 Standard seed manipulation is possible on all other DS hardware now!


    #4 Please discuss your finds in the Discuss My Pokemon thread - this thread is for getting help with RNGing and discussing RNG, not what you got from it.

    This thread is for discussion of and help with RNG manipulation in generation 5 Pokemon games. Discussion of legality or morality is not permitted.
    With the advent of Black and White, RNG manipulation is now easily done, and is growing increasingly popular with the Pokemon community.


    It is the process of manipulating the in game Random Number Generator in order to boot the game at specific times to get specific Pokemon with specific stats and manipulate the game for abilities, shinyness, natures, and genders. It is completely legitimate, this is in no way hacking as the actual game does not interact with any external devices, and all you need is one of two programs for your PC or MAC to use. Check links below for the programs.

    Just like Gen 4, 5th Gen RNG does not require you to know your SID(Secret ID) as long as youre not trying to obtain Shiny Pokemon. However, in Gen 5 the non C-Gear method (the primary method used) of RNGing Pokemon does not require you to calibrate your timing with starting your game, and all you need to be able to do is start your game at a certain time- hitting that time within roughly a second to get the desired results.

    Here is a link to the OLD RNG THREAD: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=514485
    *The original thread has a small FAQ which has a few useful explanations of RNG. However, reading through this post coupled with the video guides should be sufficient enough to get you well on your way.

    In order to use the Non C-Gear RNG method (Read on to understand what Non C-Gear RNG method means) of capturing and breeding Pokemon you will need the following:

    -Your DS Hardware.

    -Your DS’s MAC Address.

    -A Sweet Scent user.

    -If you want to manipulate for Shiny Pokemon, you will need to know your SECRET ID.

    -You must be far enough in the game to catch Pokemon that are high enough level to accurately check IVs (Victory Road can work, Giant Chasm is better). This is REQUIRED so you can find your DS parameters- which you need in order to even use your RNG program to function for manipulation!

    -A Chatot which has a custom Chatter message recorded. This allows you to more easily manipulate the PID RNG, and is highly essential for manipulating the PID RNG to prefered natures or Shiny Frames- which tend to be high.

    -The latest version of RNG reporter which can be found here http://bit.ly/mSCZRW
    *Credit to Omega Donut of Smogon for developing.
    OR for MAC users use PPRNG here http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=102901
    *Credit to Chizu of Smogon for developing.


    -If you want to manipulate for Shiny Pokemon, you will need to know your SECRET ID. Check the FAQ in post 2 for ways to find your Secret ID without Action Replay.


    Familiarize yourself with the terminology of RNG manipulation.

    Random Number Generator.

    Your Secret ID for your save file. It corresponds with your Trainer ID to determine which PID Frames will produce SHINY Pokemon.

    Individual Value. This term corresponds to the “Genes” or “DNA” of a Pokemon which determines its maximum stat values it can achieve. HP(Hit Points), Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed are all Individual Values.

    The hexadecimal value given to the start time or place within the Random Number Generator in which you are starting your game.

    The area within the SEED in which your desired IVs are placed. (ADVANCED KNOWLEDGE)The IV frame for your SEED will always start on FRAME 1. All Pokemon EXCEPT EGGS, GIFTS and FOSSILS will have their IVs determined by FRAME 1. EGGS, GIFTS and FOSSILS IV FRAMES start on FRAME 8 due to the action of adding or removing a Pokemon from your party advancing the IV FRAME by 7.

    STARTERS are not included as gift Pokemon.
    ELEMENTAL MONKEYS ARE an example of a GIFT Pokemon.
    LARVESTA's EGG is unique and starts on FRAME 2***

    These are the second type of Frame which assign Nature, Gender, and Shininess to each Pokemon. PID FRAMEs usually start anywhere from 30-60 for any given IV FRAME. For Wild Pokemon Encounters each PID FRAME has an Encounter Slot assigned to it, which determines which Pokemon you will find on that specific PID FRAME.

    The PID FRAME which, when landed on, will produce a Pokemon which is SHINY. YOU MUST KNOW YOUR Secret ID in order to find these frames with either of the RNG programs. These frames are marked in RNG Reporter by a (!!!) or in PPRNG by a ().

    This is the process of manipulating the IV FRAME or PID FRAME you are currently on to get to your desired FRAME.

    These refer to specific cartridge and DS combination values that you MUST determine before attempting to RNG. RNG Reporter and PPRNG both have Parameter Finders to figure out what your parameters are for your personal DS and cartridge combo.

    TIMER 0(ZERO):
    A fluctuating value that every DS/cartridge combo has. Most retail cartridges only change between 2 values, and THERE IS NO WAY TO CONTROL THE FLUCTUATION. But you must figure out which TIMER 0 is more common by using the parameter finder, and then use that TIMER 0 in your RNG Program of choice to find your SEEDS. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED YOU WRITE THIS DOWN OR KEEP IT IN A DOCUMENT FOR FUTURE REFERENCE OR PROGRAM UPGRADES.

    These are static or consistent values you will find out when using the parameter finder. These will NEVER change for your specific cartridge and DS combination so again, IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU WRITE THESE DOWN OR KEEP IT IN A DOCUMENT FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.

    SHIFTING STARTING FRAME: This is the frame which you determined to be your starting PID FRAME for the SEED youre using in an area where NPCs advance your PID FRAME.

    Non Player Characters. There are NPCs littered throughout Unova which will augment PID FRAME advancement. In areas where these are located, you must determine your starting frame manually by hitting your SEED a time or two, and adjusting your FRAME advancements accordingly.

    Here is a list of all areas that DO NOT HAVE NPCs:

    Wellspring Cave (1F-B1F)
    Rumination Field (For the sake of being thorough)
    Relic Castle (1F-B6F)
    Lostlorn Forest
    Chargestone Cave (B1F)
    Celestial Tower (3F-5F)
    Twist Mountain (Cave with Exit to Icirrus City)
    Route 17*
    P2 Laboratory*
    Mistralton Cave (2F-Guidance Chamber)
    Dragonspiral Tower Entrance (North of Icirrus City, not the area with the bridge)
    Dragonspiral Tower Interior (1F-2F)
    Route 9
    Route 10 (South of Victory Road; the third area of the Badge Check Gates)
    Victory Road (1F1, 1F2, 1F3, 2F2, 5F, 7F)
    Victory Road (Exterior)
    Trial Chamber
    Marvelous Bridge
    Giant Chasm (Outside)
    Giant Chasm (Outer Cave)
    Giant Chasm (Inner Cave; including Kyurem’s Cave)
    Challenger’s Cave (1F)



    -This method of RNG manipulation uses the C-Gear feature. The C-Gear reSEEDS the IV FRAME once turned on, and keeps the PID FRAME advancing at a constant rate. For more about C-Gear or Entralink manipulation use the links located at the bottom of this post.

    -The IV FRAME is advanced by walking 128 steps with 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 Pokemon in your party to advance the IV frame from 1 to 2,3,4,5,6, or 7 respectively. This can be done infinitely to advance your IV FRAME E.G. you need to get to frame 9 so you walk 128+128 steps with 4 Pokemon in your party to get to frame 9.

    -The act of moving a Pokemon to your party from your PC advances the IV FRAME by 7- and this is also why EGG IV FRAMES start on FRAME 8(Starting frame 1 +7 for adding the egg to your party). Remember, all Eggs (except exception below), Fossils, and Pokemon gifts EG- The elemental monkey trio start on Frame 8 for IVs.

    -The Larvesta egg is unique, in that its the only gift Pokemon to have IVs which start on Frame 2.

    *** NOTE ***
    When using RNG Reporter to search for IV seeds for Gift Pokemon(Frame 8) or the Larvesta Egg(Frame 2) you MUST manually set the minumum frame to 8 or 2 for each respective method.


    -The CHATOT mentioned in the requirements is used to advance the PID FRAME by viewing its summary once for each FRAME you wish to advance. It is not uncommon for someone to carry 2 CHATOTs in their party in order to “flip” between their summary pages to advance the PID much more quickly.

    -Saving your game will also advance the PID FRAME by 1 each time you save. This is evidenced in Bearsfans RNG tutorial on Parameter finding and Stationary Pokemon manipulation.

    -Turning AND walking BOTH advance the PID FRAME by 2 WHILE IN CAVES, GRASS, AND WATER. Walking one step will increase the PID FRAME by 2. Turning in place one time will increase the PID FRAME by 2.

    *NOTE: Walking outside of GRASS or CAVES advances the PID frame in an unpredictable way. It is suggested that it advances the PID FRAME by 2 for every 20 or so steps for the "Shaking Patch or Dust Cloud Check". This data is not totally confirmed but be warned.






    You can find your SHIFTING STARTING FRAME by hitting your SEED, button mashing X to bring up the menu as the SEASON SCREEN APPEARS AND FADES, and then SWEET SCENTING. The resulting Pokemon should give you an idea of what your starting PID FRAME will be. This is crucial when abusing in areas with NPCs, and is required when breeding due to NPCs being on Route 3 AND when attempting to RNG manipulate the ROAMERS.


    Determining characteristics In RNG Reporter with PID%6 method-

    A mathematical way of determining which characteristic the Pokemon on any given PID FRAME will have. This makes for easier determination of which PID FRAME you have landed on when RNG breeding or trying to RNG Thunderus and Tornadus.

    NOTE: PPRNG has this built into it, while RNG Reporter currently does not have it built in but can be set up for its use.
    This link here http://www.smogon.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3597562&postcount=8693
    is to a post by Kaphotics of Smogon that shows how to set up and use the Researcher function of RNG Reporter to find characteristics.

    This link here


    is to Tesseraction’s post within a breeding guide specifically explaining PID%6.

    NOTE: USING RESEARCHER the way Kaphotics’ post shows produces the final output number(0-5) to draw the line around the hexagon to determine the characteristic. PID FRAMEs in RESEARCHER are +1, meaning PID FRAME 1 in REPORTER is actually PID FRAME 2. CUSTOM 3 Column outputs the number to perform the hexagon method, and CUSTOM 5 Column shows the number correlating to the Nature of that specific PID FRAME.









    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12206225/RNG/g5 rngguide v01.pdf






















    Choosing a target PID frame <--skip to around 6 minutes for shinies

    Finding your actual starting PID frame

    Hitting your target PID frame

    Help with finding and hitting a Roamer seed and PID frame


    Feel free to discuss anything related to RNG here while keeping in mind that discussion of legality of RNG manipulation is not permitted!
    Also suggestions and discussion of anything regarding what I should add to this first post would be greatly appreciated. If something is not clear enough or understandable, please feel free to let me know so I can make changes. Thanks!
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 10, 2012
  2. NoDice

    NoDice The Sandstorm Slayer

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions
    courtesy of Jolteon135!
    What is RNGing?
    Pokemon games and games in general use Random Number Generators (RNGs) to simulate luck based events. RNGs are not truly "random." They are predictable and RNGing is essentially predicting when the RNG will give a desired Pokemon and what we must do to get the desired Pokemon.

    Is it Legit?

    Do I Need my SID to RNG?
    No. Your ID and SID are only used for shininess.

    What do I Need to RNG?
    To perform standard (non c-gear) RNGing in gen 5 you need the program RNG reporter, DS Lite/Original DS and a retail (store bought) cartridge. You cannot do standard RNGing on a DSi/3DS.

    How do I RNG?
    Read and/or watch the guides above.

    The Parameter Finder Doesn't Return Any Results
    Are you sweet scenting high level Pokemon? Victory road is a good place to catch fairly high level Pokemon.
    Make sure the date/time you enter into RNG reporter is the same date/time you started up the game at from the DS menu (clock screen). Watch the seconds hand on the DS clock to get the correct second.
    Make sure you say no when the game asks you if you want to turn on the c-gear.
    Use the pokedex-IV checker in RNG reporter to check the IVs of your sweet scented Pokemon.

    What do I do After I've Found my Parameters?
    Congratulations. Click "use results in time finder" and now you can start searching in the time finder.

    How do I search in RNG Reporter?
    Assuming you have found your parameters you can click on the time finder to search. The method we use is method 5 (standard seed).

    What is The Frame?
    There are 2 types of frames, IV frames and PID frames. The IV frame determines IVs, the PID frame determines everything else (natures, abilities, what pokemon you encounter etc)

    What is Min/Max Frame in The Time Finder?
    Min/Max frame refers to the minimum/maximum desired IV frame.

    What Should Min/Max Frame be?
    In most cases min frame and max frame should both be 1 to make it easier to manipulate the PIDRNG. Higher IV frames can be used in areas with no NPCs but IV frame 1 is always the best.

    How do I Search For Shinies?
    Check "search for nearby shiny frames in the time finder. Input your ID/SID.

    Where Can I Find my SID?
    Pokecheck.org or by restarting your game and RNGing it.

    What Should Max Shiny Frame be?
    It is completely up to you but 1000 is a good number.

    What do The Encounter Types Mean?
    Wild Pokemon are Pokemon that can be encountered by sweet scenting in grass, buildings, caves or caves.
    Wild Pokemon (Surfing) are Pokemon that can be encountered by sweet scenting in water.
    Wild Pokemon (Fishing) are Pokemon that can be encountered by fishing in water.
    Wild Pokemon (Shaking Grass) are Pokemon that are encountered by walking into a rustling grass patch.
    Wild Pokemon (Bubble Spot) are Pokemon that are encountered by surfing into a bubbling spot on the water.
    Wild Pokemon (Cave Spot) are Pokemon that are encountered by walking into a dust cloud in caves. Dust clouds can also contain items.
    Stationary Pokemon are Pokemon that have an overworld sprite and you must interact with them via the A button to battle them. Examples are Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Dreamyard Musharna, etc
    Roaming Pokemon are Tornadus and Thundurus
    Gift Pokemon are Pokemon that are given to you by someone. These include starters and fossils.
    Larvesta Egg is for the Larvesta egg that is given to you by a man on route 18.
    All encounters shiny is useless.

    What are Encounter Slots?
    Encounter slots are related to your PID frame. They determine what Pokemon you encounter when you sweet scent. For a list of encounter slots click on 5th gen tools in the main window of RNG reporter and click on Black or White Encounter Tables.
    Note*: The encounter slot should generally be left as any in the time finder unless the Pokemon you're searching for only appears in 1 encounter slot.

    What is Ability 0 and 1?
    Ability 0 or 1 determines what ability the Pokemon will have if it can have 2 abilities (not including dream world abilities). The Pokedex-IV checker lists ability 0 and 1 for all Pokemon.

    Should I Use a Synchronizer?
    A synchronizer is highly advised. It will give you many more results. Elgyems can be caught in the Celestial tower and Munna is available in the dreamyard thus synchronizers are easy to obtain and everyone should use them.

    How do I Find a Desired PID Frame?
    Right click your seed in the time finder and copy to clipboard. In the main window choose method 5 PIDRNG, paste your seed (Ctrl+V) where it says seed (hex), choose the encounter type, choose the sync nature (if applicable), click "Calculate Initial PID Frame" then click generate.
    Look for a PID frame that gives you what you desire (nature, ability, encounter slot etec). That will be your target PID frame. If you searched for a shiny in the time finder the number under "nearby shiny" is your target PID frame.

    How do Genders Work?
    The gender ratios are for the females. You can find female gender ratios on serebii. For example, Timburr has a 25% female ratio. If I wanted to know what gender my Timburr will be I would find a PID frame that has the encounter slot for Timburr and look under 25%F.

    I'm Not Getting Any Results in The Time Finder
    Click on "5th gen DS parameters setup" and make sure you have 2 or 3 keypresses selected before searching. Synchronizers help too. Make sure nature is left as "any" if you're using a synchronizer. Only sync nature should be selected.

    What do Bold Results Mean?
    Any nature in bold letter is syncable. This means if you have a synchronizer it will change to the nature of your synchronizer.

    How do I Search Non-shiny Eggs?
    In the time finder click on the 4th/5th gen shiny egg tab. Enter the wrong ID/SID. Something random like 11111/22222 is fine.
    Note*: There is a known bug in RNG reporter 9.81 where the ID/SID does not update in time finder unless you close/reopen RNG reporter after entering the new ID/SID. Enter the ID/SID from the main window then click generate. Close/Reopen RNG reporter and it should be updated with the new ID/SID.

    How do I Search For Shiny Eggs?
    Use the shiny egg tab and enter the correct ID/SID. *See note above.

    How do I Search For Dream World Pokemon?
    Select Dream World Ability Only. You will need a female with the dream world ability and a non-Ditto male in the same egg group.

    What Are The Breeding Types?
    The 5th gen breeding types are BW and BW (International). International is if you are using parents from different language games for example an English Patrat with a Japanese Ditto or a French Skitty with a German Wailord.
    International makes it more likely to find results just like using the everstone.

    Should I Use The Everstone?

    Should I Use Power Item(s)?

    What is Min/Max Frame?
    In the shiny egg tab, min/max frame refers to your PID frame. Min frame should be 60 and max frame can be as high as you wish to go. 200 is generally a good number for max frame.

    What is the IV Frame For Eggs?
    Eggs start on frame 8. The shiny egg tab automatically uses frame 8 for egg IVs.

    Do The Parents Need to be Flawless/Perfect?
    No. The closer the parents are to your desired spread the more likely the egg search is to return a result. You will want decent parents but they don't have to be exact matches for what you want. Catch/trade for some flawless/Hidden power Dittos to make things easier.

    How do I See The PID Frames?
    Right Click the seed in the time finder, copy to clipboard, choose breeding BW or Breeding (BW, International), Paste the seed where it says seed (hex), choose the everstone nature (if applicable), Click "Calculate Initial PID Frame" then click generate. You should already know your target frame from the time finder.
    Note*: You can right click in the main window and choose "Display parents in search." Then you can enter the parents' IVs and the IVs from RNG. To find the IVs from RNG you must change the method to Method 5 (Standard Seed) in the main window, generate and look at frame 8 for your seed IVs. Using "Display parents in search" will bring up the characteristics which are useful for finding your actual starting frame.

    How do Genders Work?
    The gender ratios are for the females. You can find female gender ratios on serebii. For example, Timburr has a 25% female ratio. If I wanted to know what gender my Timburr will be I would look at my target PID frame and look under 25%F.
    Note*:For Nidoran-M/Nidoran-F/Volbeat/Illumise you need to look under species.

    Who is the Father/Mother For Genderless Pokemon With Ditto?
    Ditto acts as the mother when paired with a genderless Pokemon.

    How do I Advance the IV Frame?
    Preferred Method: Walking 128 steps with Z Pokemon in your party advances the IV frame by Z. The IVRNG starts on frame 1 (generally you should stick to frame 1 for IVs).
    -Moving a Pokemon from your box to your party (Move/Withdraw) advances the IV frame by 7
    -During a battle the IV frame advances by 120 frames per second (use repels!)

    How do I Advance The PID Frame?
    Preferred Method: Viewing Chatot's summary advances the PID frame by 1 per view. You can flip between Chatot and another Pokemon or between 2 Chatots.
    The starting PID frame varies and must be calculated. *See the searching FAQ.
    Note*:You must use the move Chatter outside of battle and record something with the DS mic. Blank recordings are fine. Chatot loses the recording when it's placed in a PC box so you will have to rerecord it if you place your Chatot in the PC.
    -Saving advances the PID frame by 1 per save. This is mainly used for starters.
    -Walking advances the PID frame by approximately 2 per step. A better approximation is (377/170≈2.2) per step.
    -Turning advances the PID frame by 2 per turn. A turn does not count if you're running (holding B). It does count if you are walking/riding the bike.
    -NPCs advance the PID frame by random amounts. This is why we need frame 1 for IVs in areas with NPCs. If we have to walk the NPCs will advance the frame by a lot and screw us up.
    How do I Hit The Seed?
    Set the DS date to the date that RNG reporter gives you in the time finder. Set the clock to the time that RNG reporter gives you. After setting the time, quickly turn off the game and turn it back on. Watch the seconds hand on the DS clock and wait for the correct second. Press A to start up the game 1 second before the time that RNG reporter gives you. I.E. If RNG reporter tells you to start at 7/23/2011 and 8:32:22 you would set the date to 7/23/2011, set the clock to 8:32, turn off/on and wait for the seconds hand to hit 21 and press A to start up the game as soon as the seconds hand hits 21.

    Where and How do I Hold Keypresses?
    Keypresses are held immediately after you start up the game from the DS menu menu. Start up the game by pressing A 1 second before the time RNG reporter gives, let go of A immediately and hold the required keypresses until the gamefreak logo comes on.

    What do I do if I Have no Keypresses
    After you start up the game from the DS menu wait until the gamefreak logo comes on before you press any buttons.

    How do I Hit my Target IV Frame?
    You start on your target IV frame (frame 1).

    How do I Find my Actual Starting PID Frame?
    This is the tricky part.Your actual starting PID frame is usually slightly higher than the calculated initial PID frame that RNG reporter gives you because of the NPCs (unless you're in an area with no NPCs). To find it you must hit your seed, enter the game without turning on the c-gear, let the seasons message fade by itself. While the seasons message is fading press the X button rapidly to bring up the menu as quickly as possible. Then sweet scent and catch the Pokemon you encounter. Check it's IVs to see if you hit your seed. If you did hit your seed look at the list of PID frames and look for a PID frame near your "Calculated initial PID frame" that matches the caught Pokemon. The matching frame will have the same nature, ability, encounter slot etc. That's your actual starting PID frame. Turn off the game without saving and redo it to get your target PID frame.
    Note*: If you're using a synchronizer, put another Pokemon first in your party after you open the menu. The synchronizer will only complicate things when you're trying to find your actual starting PID frame.

    How do I Find the Actual Starting PID Frame for stationaries/gifts?
    See above. It's similar to finding the actual starting PID frame for wild Pokemon. The only difference is that when you bring up the menu, instead of sweet scenting, you will immediately exit the menu (press B) and battle the stationary or receive the gift Pokemon as quickly as possible (press A quickly!).

    How do I Hit my Target PID Frame?
    Once you've found your actual starting PID frame, hit your seed again, let the season message fade by itself. While the season message is fading press the X button rapidly to bring up the menu as soon as it fades. This time you view Chatot's summary the appropriate number of times to advance from your actual starting frame to your target frame. Remember each view of Chatot's summary advances the PID frame by 1 so target frame-actual starting frame=the number of times you need to view Chatot's summary before sweet scenting.

    What if the IVs are wrong?
    Right click on your seed in the time finder and click generate adjacent seed (current frame). Look for the wrong IVs you got. If you find them that will tell you if you had bad timing or if it was a timer0 issue.

    What should I do if I keep hitting the wrong timer0?
    Use the other timer0.

    What if I can't find the wrong IVs I got in the adjacent seeds?
    This means you're doing something drastically wrong.
    Make sure you're using the date/time RNG reporter gives you, starting up the game 1 second before the seconds given in the time finder, holding your keypresses correctly etc. If after several tries you still can't hit the seed or find the wrong IVs in the adjacent seeds, give a detailed explanation of what you're doing (pictures/screenshots/videos are helpful) so we can help you.

    When is it ok to Use Higher IV Frames?
    IV Frames higher than 1 makes it more difficult and sometimes impossible to control the other RNG, the PIDRNG. Higher IV Frames should only be considered if you're in an area without NPCs or if you don't care about PID related things ( nature, ability, shininess, encounter slot etc).
    See Miscellaneous for a list of areas without NPCs.

    How do I Hit The Seed?
    See Hitting The Seed: IV Frame 1

    Where and how do I Hold Keypresses?
    See Hitting The Seed: IV Frame 1

    How do I hit my target IV Frame
    You start on frame 1 and walking 128 steps with Z Pokemon in your party advances the IV Frame by Z. For example if If my IV frame was 6 I could walk 128 steps with 5 Pokemon in my party to get to IV frame 6. I could also walk 5x128 steps=640 steps with 1 Pokemon in my party to get to IV frame 6. After doing my steps I would sweet scent.

    Should I use a repel?
    Yes. You don't want to encounter anything before you're ready to sweet scent/interact with your target.

    Is it ok to walk more or less than 128 steps?

    The game uses a hidden step counter to track your steps. This step counter is saved even when you reset the game. When the step counter reaches 128 the IV frame is advanced by the number of Pokemon in your party and the step counter resets to 0. The problem is that you don't know what number your step counter is saved on. It could be saved on 127 in which case 128 steps would bring you back to 127 again. Taking an extra step would trick the step counter again (tripping it twice) and mess you up. Taking less than 128 steps could mean that the step counter not get tripped at all thus you'd still be on the same frame. The moral of this story: WALK EXACTLY 128 STEPS.
    Note*:The step counter is also reset when you enter a battle so you might want to run around until you encounter something before saving to RNG your target. This way if you accidentally take an extra step you'll know for sure that it won't trip the step counter twice.

    How do I Find The Actual Starting PID Frame?
    Ah, now for the difficult part. When going for higher IV frames you have to account for the fact that walking and turning advance the PID Frame.
    Make sure you have no Pokemon in the daycare.
    The PID Frame is 2 per step by an extra 2 every 20 steps. Turning advances the PID frame by 2.
    The approximate formula is (21/10)*Steps + 2*Turns + Calculated Initial PID Frame. That should give you an idea of where to look for your starting PID Frame.
    For example, let's say I took 128 steps with 5 Pokemon in my party to get to IV Frame 6 then I sweet scented and caught the Pokemon I encountered. I used a repel and ran 100 steps (holding B) so those turns the turns I made during those 100 steps shouldn't count. Then for the last 28 steps I used another repel and walked 28 steps but I also made 3 turns during that time. Those 3 turns count because I wasn't running. Let's also say my calculated initial Frame is 48. To approximate where my starting PID Frame should be I would use 2.1*Steps + 2*Turns + Calculated Initial PID Frame = 2.1*128 + 2*3 + 48=323 (Rounded Up). I would start looking around Frame 323 for my starting PID Frame.
    Of course my starting PID frame must match the caught Pokemon.
    Note*:Remember to switch your synchronizer with something else in your party before sweet scenting so that it is not the first Pokemon in your party. The synchronizer makes it more difficult to find your starting frame.

    How do I Hit my Target PID Frame?
    After you've found your starting PID Frame you must turn off the game without saving and redo it again. Hit your seed, enter the game and do the exact same number of steps and turns again. You must be very consistent with how you do this. After you've completed your steps and turns open the menu and view Chatot's summary the appropriate number of times to advance to your target PID Frame. Again target PID frame-actual starting PID frame=number of times you need to view Chatot's summary.

    What if I get the wrong IVs?
    See Hitting The Seed: IV Frame 1

    Where Should I Save?
    Save in front of The Daycare Man

    Do I Need to Advance to IV Frame 8?
    No, the act of taking the egg advances you 7 frames (from frame 1-8).

    How do I Hit my Target IV Frame?
    You Start on Frame 8 and you should only use frame 8 for eggs thus you do not need to advance the IV frame at all.

    How do I Find my Actual Starting PID Frame?
    Hit the seed, enter the game, let the season message fade by itself. While the season message is fading press X rapidly to bring up the menu as quickly as possible. Exit the menu (press B) then grab the egg as quickly as possible (press A quickly!). Hatch the Egg and look for a PID frame that matches your hatched egg near your Calculated initial PID Frame. That's your actual starting PID Frame. Turn off the game without saving and redo it to get your target.
    You can right click in the main window and enter the parents' IVs and the IVs from the RNG. This will make RNG reporter display characteristics which are helpful for finding your starting PID frame especially if you're using an everstone. To find the IVs from the RNG choose method 5 (Standard Seed) in the main window and generate. Look at frame 8 for the IVs from the RNG.
    The judge in the battle subway is a quick way to figure out your hatched Pokemon's IVs. He will list all the stats that are tied for the highest spot and he'll say "It can't be better in that regard" if those stats have 31 IVs.

    How do I Hit my Target PID Frame?
    After finding your starting frame, turn off the game without saving and hit your seed again. Enter the game and remember to let the season message fade by itself. Press X rapidly to bring up the menu while the season message is fading. Now view Chatot's summary the correct number of times to get your target. Target PID frame-actual starting PID frame=number of times you need to view Chatot's summary. When you're done viewing Chatot's summary, exit the menu and grab the egg as quickly as possible. Go hatch it and enjoy your Pokemion. :)

    After you grab the egg you can fly to victory road catch something immediately. Then check it's IVs. Choose method 5 (standard seed) and wild Pokemon in the main window. If the IVs of your caught Pokemon are on IV Frame 14 or 14+Z, where Z is the number of Pokemon in your party, it means you hit your seed. This can save you some time so you don't hatch an egg when you missed the seed. If you have no problem hitting the seed this is not necessary.

    Where Can I Find a List of Areas With no NPCs?
    Wellspring Cave (1F-B1F)
    Rumination Field (For the sake of being thorough)
    Relic Castle (1F-B6F)
    Lostlorn Forest
    Chargestone Cave (B1F)
    Celestial Tower (3F-5F)
    Twist Mountain (Cave with Exit to Icirrus City)
    Route 17
    P2 Laboratory
    Mistralton Cave (2F-Guidance Chamber)
    Dragonspiral Tower Entrance (North of Icirrus City, not the area with the bridge)
    Dragonspiral Tower Interior (1F-2F)
    Route 9
    Route 10 (South of Victory Road; the third area of the Badge Check Gates)
    Victory Road (1F1, 1F2, 1F3, 2F2, 5F, 7F)
    Victory Road (Exterior)
    Trial Chamber
    Marvelous Bridge
    Giant Chasm (Outside)
    Giant Chasm (Outer Cave)
    Giant Chasm (Inner Cave; including Kyurem’s Cave)
    Challenger’s Cave (1F)

    Thanks to Madarame from smogon for this list.

    What's The Easiest/Hardest Things You Can RNG in Gen 5?

    From easiest:Stationaries to hardest: Entralink
    Stationaries (Cobalion, Kyurem, Relic Castle Volcarona, Poke ball Foongus etc)
    Gift Pokemon(Fossils, Marvelous Bridge Magikarp etc)
    Wild Pokemon in areas without NPCs
    Wild Pokemon in areas with NPCs
    Shaking Grass/Cave Spot/Bubble Spot
    C-gear/Entralink Pokemon

    Is it Worth it to RNG Shaking Grass/Bubble Spot/Cave Spot Pokemon?
    No. It's probably easier to breed for them.

    Is it Worth it to RNG my ID/SID or Starters?
    No. Roamers are probably the only thing RNGing your ID/SID is useful for. If you want to starter get it from an egg.

    Where Should I Save to RNG a Roamer?
    Save inside the house on route 7 by the door.

    Where should I look for my Roamer's starting Frame?
    The Roamer should be RNG'd in Month 2, 3, 6, 7, 10 or 11. Only search in the months listed. The Roamer's actual starting Frame is between 550-750.

    How do I Narrow Down The List of Possible Starting Frames?
    Nature and characteristic (PID%6 method)

    What is the PID%6 method?
    Currently RNG reporter does not list the characteristics for method 5 PIDRNG. The PID%6 method is a way to find the characteristic for each PID frame if there are multiple possible characteristics (multiple IVs tied for the highest spot). In the main window of RNG reporter click on performance options > PID display > Decimal. Look at a PID frame that could possibly be your starting frame (has the right nature). Take the PID in decimal and divide it by 6. The remainder will be a number 0-5. This remainder is your starting point on this hexagon. Now go around the hexagon in a clockwise direction (look at the arrow) until you come to a stat that is a part of the tie for the highest spot. The Characteristic for that PID frame will correspond to the first stat that is a part of the tie.
    If you initially land on a stat that is a part of the tie the characteristic will correspond to that stat. You do not travel around the hexagon unless the initial stat is not a part of the tie.
    Often Dozes Off=HP(0), Likes to Thrash About=Atk (1), Capable of Taking Hits=Def (2), Alert to Sounds=Speed (3), Mischievous=SpA (4), Somewhat Vain=SpDef (5)
    Practical Example: Let's say my target seed is 31/26/30/31/31/31. This means HP (0), Speed (3), SpA (4) and SpDef (5) are a part of the tie. I catch my roamer and find that it has the nature Timid and characteristic Alert to Sounds. Looking at the hexagon and my target IVs you can see that the only way to get Alert to Sounds (Speed) is if I land on Atk (1), Def (2) or Speed (3). This means I'm looking for a PID frame with the nature Timid and when the PID in decimal is divided by 6 the remainder must be 1, 2 or 3. So I can eliminate all Timid frames where the PID%6 is 0, 4 or 5.
    If you're lazy like me you can have RNG reporter do the PID%6 for you for roamers. Setting up Researcher to do the PID%6
    The PID%6 method can also be applied to other encounter types as well not just roamers. In fact if you are breeding RNG reporter will do it for you if you right click in the main and enter the parents' IVs and the IVs from the RNG.

    How Do You Remove Fog or Weather?
    Fog or weather can be removed by saving in the area. Set the clock forward by 1 month, enter the game and enter a battle in the area. After the battle the Fog/weather will be gone and you can save and RNG without the weather preventing sweet scent/messing you up.

    When Will we be Able to RNG on the DSi/3DS?
    You can RNG on the DSi using the c-gear method. Standard RNGing (or something similar) will probably never be possible on the DSi/3DS.
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  3. NoDice

    NoDice The Sandstorm Slayer

  4. kaiser soze

    kaiser soze Reading ADWD

    Reserved for PPRNG guide UNDER CONSTRUCTION

    EDIT (9/22/2011): There's a new version of PPRNG out there, so there's a good chance I'll have to re-do a lot of this since it's meant for PPRNG 1.2

    Kaiser Soze's Supplemental Guide to RNG Abuse with PPRNG​

    Hi, I'm Kaiser and I'm writing a supplemental guide to RNG abuse using PPRNG, instead of the more common RNGreporter. PPRNG is a Macintosh-supported application used for searching and inspecting seeds for RNG abuse created by Chiizu of Smogon.

    When I say "supplemental," I mean this isn't supposed to be your first RNG guide. Basically I'm translating what the guides that use RNGreporter say and make it apply to PPRNG. 90% of what you do for RNG abuse is the same whether you're using RNGreporter or PPRNG; most of the difference is between the layout of the programs. I seriously recommend reading through the above posts to familiarize yourself with the terms and process of RNG abuse. If you think you have a "stupid question," read through my guide and check the other posts here in this section (and it's not a bad idea to read the Smogon ones either). If your question is along the lines of "What should I do next?" common sense says you should read the next part of the guide (reading the entire thug is also a good idea…). RNG abuse isn't simple; you're going to have to use that God-given-gray matter between your ears. You will need to use your cognitive skills and try to solve problems; it's not easy but trust me, it's rewarding.

    I will be covering 5th generation standard abuse, including finding flawless wild pokemon, shiny flawless legendaries, and breeding for both shininess and flawlessness. Since I'm a broke college student, I still own a DS lite, so right now I don't have an incentive for to learn C-gear abuse (unless we finally get DW starters). I don't know how yet, but once I need to I'll probably cover Wonder Card Abuse. While PPRNG lets you search for 4th gene seeds, you can't inspect them, so covering 4th gene use is counterproductive (Chiizu himself uses other RNG programs compatible with Macs for DPPtHGSS).

    What I assume/ what you need:

    - You have read other 5th Gen RNG guides (I may not explain everything the best and even screw up at times, so don't take my word on everything).
    - You have watched a few RNG videos (Visual learning always helps. Even if the use RNGreporter, watch it because 90% of what you do is the same, and the rest is because of a different layout).
    - You know basic breeding/Pokemon mechanics (ex: IVs, Hidden Power, Nature, gender ratio)
    - You have a Mac :D (OS 10.5 Leopard onward)
    - You have downloaded the latest version of PPRNG from here.
    - You have a basic understanding of how RNG works, including:
    - What a seed is
    - The difference between the IVRNG and the PIDRNG (you really need to know this)
    - You have a DS lite or phat and a legit copy of Black or White (language doesn't matter).
    - You may or may not know your Secret ID. You only need it if you want a shiny, however. Google ways to do it (AR, PokeCheck, etc)
    - You have a Chalot knowing chatter (two is much better). Try the GTS.
    - You have a Masterball. Not necessary, but it helps save a lot of time. You will be reseting a lot, so it will help.
    - You have synchronizers (again, not necessary, but useful, but you can get away without them). A pokemon with the ability synchronize at the lead of your party offers a 50% chance of encountering a pokemon with that ability.
    - You should not use an Action Replay and RNG at the same time. It won't work.
    - Warning!! Since RNF abuse requires you to change the time on your DS, it will affect when you can send pokemon to the Dream World. You have to wait 24 hours after changing the clock before sending pokemon to the Dream World.

    The Difference between the PIDRNG and IVRNG

    OK, just because I'm pretty sure someone didn't pay attention to the above posts, I'm going to explain this myself because it's just that important:
    - There are two Random Number Generators in BW that make pokemon: The IVRNG and PIDRNG
    - IVRNG: controls the IVs of a pokemon (and thus its Hidden Power). The IVRNG always starts on frame 1 for each seed; eggs use frame 8. It is highly recommended to use frame 1 when searching for seeds; going beyond frame 6 is unrealistic for RNG abuse.
    - PIDRNG: controls the nature, gender, ability, and shininess (when combined with your TID/SID combo) of a pokemon. It also controls what pokemon appears in wild random encounters, as well as which IVs an egg receives from its parents. The PID frame for a seed usually starts between 40 and 60; you will need to manually find the one where you start. Wandering NPCs advance the frame unpredictably, as well a weather.
    From the FAQ by Jolteon135:
    Finding parameters:

    - Get your team ready. You need an open spot in your party (so less than 6 pokemon). You need a pokemon with the move Sweet Scent. Having a masterball will also help.
    - Go to a place with no wandering NPCs and fairly high-leveled pokemon; the last cave on Victory Road is pretty popular. Save there.
    - Turn off your game and open up PPRNG, then click on "DS/Game Config." Enter in your game version, your TID/SID (if known; only needed for a shiny), your DS type, and MAC address. Leave Timer0, Vcount and Vframe blank for now. Name your configuration (I have them named Black and White). Click OK.
    - To find your MAC address (it has nothing to do with Apple products; it's more like an ID number):
    - Click on DS Parameters Searcher. Turn on your DS but pause at the DS menu screen. Press A to boot your game at the top of the minute, and do not press any buttons until you see the Game Freak comet (but out of habit I wait until I see N's castle. Remember the date and time for later. Spam A to get to the game, click A for Continue, and do not turn on your C-gear!!! Once in the actual game world, pull up the menu, go to your party, and use the move Sweet Scent. You will be pulled into battle with a wild pokemon; catch it. Once added to your party use an IV calculator to check its IVs. Usually you can get by if some are between 2-3 values. Enter in your IV range for the pokemon you caught, the time you pressed A to boot the game. Don't select any keypresses because if you've been following instructions you didn't. Click search; ideally you get one result. If you have more than one, try to shrink the range of possible IVs until you get one line. If you have none, try to restart your game again, repeating the process.
    - When you get one parameter result, note the time for the seed and its deviation from the time you really pressed A. Usually the seed's time is a second later than the time. Take note; you will need to take this into account when you try to hit seeds later.
    - Write down the results of the Timer0, Vcount and Vframe for now. Your Timer0 has a tendency to uncontrollably fluctuate between two adjacent values, so it's essential you find the more common one.
    - Repeat the process multiple times; 5-10 is ideal. You may stop once you're sure you found the more consistent
    - Pro Tip: Try to restart your DS at the same time for each test. If you start seeing the same pokemon multiple times, it means you found your Timer0!
    - Once you are sure you found the right Timer0, enter them into the DS/ Game Configuration settings. You're now ready to begin RNGing!

    Standard Seed Searcher Overview:​

    The top part is used for specifying your search criteria; the lower part displays the results


    Date: the range of dates to be searched. The wider the dates, the longer the search will take, but the more likely you will get good results. The default setting is whatever today is.
    Held keys: Keys held while trying to hit a seed (how will be covered later). "None" and "one" are the default settings.
    Pro Tip: While holding buttons may seem daunting at first, you won't get may good results when only "none" is checked. It's not that hard with a little experience. if you want a frame 1 flawless seed, practically speaking you will need to check all of them.
    IV pattern: The minimum and maximum range of IVs for your results. There are three default choices and "Custom":
    Hex Flawless: minimum of 31 for all six IVs (hex is he prefix for six).
    Physical Flawless: minimum of 31 in all IVs except Special Attack
    Special Flawless: minimum of 31 in all IVs except Attack
    Special Hidden Power Flawless: minimum of 30 in all IVs except Attack. Note that certain Hidden Power types require 30s in some stats and restrict others from being 31. Since Hidden Power is a special attack, attack is left blank.
    Pro Tip: most pokemon do not require six 31s. Physically-based pokemon like Haxorus and Scrafty rarely ruse special attacks, and special attackers like Chandelure and Jellicent don't use their attack stat. While getting all 31s for your wild pokemon's IVs can be tempting, it's far easier to search for something physically or specially flawless, especially for something shiny. Consider this: by not specifying a 6th IV, you should get about 32x the results (since there are 32 possible IV values per stat).
    Roamer: check here if the seed you want is for a roamer (as of now Tornadus/Thundurus)
    Hidden Power: If you want something Special Hidden Power Flawless, check here for desired type and minimum power. Do realize not every pokemon needs to run Hidden Power, and it's useless for physically-based pokemon.
    IV frame: The minimum and maximum IV frames that will be searched. The default is 1-50. Always lower this to a maximum of 6, if not 1.
    Shiny: Check here if you wand seeds with a shiny PID frame. Specify nature and the PID range you want.
    Note: Do NOT NOT NOT try to search for shiny pokemon with flawless IVs in the wild unless they are a legendary. It will be a waste of time, and 99% of the time you can easily just breed for the shiny. This is because of the Encounter Slot Value, which will probably not match the pokemon you want 9to be covered later). Roaming NPCs also make this an issue.
    Note 2: Currently PPRNG Standard Seed Searcher to my knowledge does not allow you to search for synchronizable shiny seeds. It may be a good idea when searching for a shiny flawless seed to not select a nature and look through your results for good natures and synchronizible seeds.


    Date: the date for the seed, month/day/year.
    Time(24hr): The time for the seed, given in hour:minute:second. Note that it is a 24-hour clock; i.e. 8:30 PM becomes 20:30.
    Tmr0: the Timer0 for the seed. If you decided to use multiple Timer0s in your parameter, then make note of this. However,if you only use one (as I recommend, since one of them is much more consistent) then this isn't too important.
    Keys: Keypresses necessary to hit the seed.
    A, B, X, Y: Refers to the right buttons
    L, R: Left and right bumpers at the top of your DS
    Left, right, up, down: Refers to the D-pad
    Sel, St: The Select and Start buttons at the bottom. Harder to hit.
    Dn-Lf, Up-Rt, etc.: This means holding the D-pad in two directions at once. Try holding your thumb over both directions at once. These are much harder to hit; I recommend using alternative seeds if possible.
    Seed: The value of the seed. (honestly you don't need to pay that much attention to it)
    IV frm: the IV frame with an IV spread that matches the search criteria.
    HP-SPE: the values for the IVs in each stat.
    Hidden: The typing of the Hidden Power
    Pwr: the power of the Hidden Power
    Note: the following slots will only be filled if there is a shiny pokemon on this seed
    Star frame: The PID frame where a shiny pokemon will appear.
    Nature: The nature of said shiny pokemon.
    Abil: The ability of the pokemon; see Standard Seed Inspector for details.
    Sync: If there is a "Y" here, you can use a synchronizer in the lead of your party to get a specific nature for the shiny pokemon besides the one listed earlier.
    ESV: Encounter Slot Value. See Standard Seed Inspector for details.
    Gender: The gender of the shiny pokemon; see Standard Seed Inspector for details.

    Standard Seed Inspector

    Double-clicking on a seed you want to use produces the SSE with the seed entered in. At the top you will see the details for the seed, including the Timer0, date, etc. Note: current versions of PPRNG does not allow saving or filtering search results (you can, however, reorganize results by clicking at the top of a column).

    Use this page to examine the IV and PID frames for each seed.
    IV frame generator: use to look up the IV frames for a seed. Check '"Roamer" if you need a spread for a roamer.

    PID Frame generator:
    Frame type: chose between:
    Grass/Cave Encounter (most used)
    Surfing Encounter
    Fishing Encounter
    Shaking Grass Encounter
    Swirling Dust Encounter
    Bridge Shadow Encounter
    Water Spot Surfing Encounter
    Water Spot Fishing Encounter
    Highlink Encounter
    Stationary Encounter
    Roamer Spawn

    Frame: # of the PID frame
    Nature: Nature of the pokemon on the frame
    PID: the value of the PID frame
    Star: A star means the pokemon is shiny
    Abil: the ability of the pokemon; will either be 0 or 1. To find out what ability your target pokemon will have, go to its pokedex entry on Serebii or another web site: if it has two non-DW abilities, the first one listed is the 0 ability, the second is 1. For example Moxie Scraggy has an ability value of 1. The value is irrelevant for pokemon with one (non-DW) ability.
    Sync: If there is a "Y" here, you can use a synchronizer in the lead of your party to get a specific nature for the pokemon on the frame besides the one listed earlier.
    ESV: Encounter Slot Value. The value (between 0 and 11) here corresponds to which pokemon will appear in the wild. Go to an Encounter Slot Table for Black or White (links are in the first post, or google it). For each area in a pokemon game with wild pokemon, each ESV corresponds with specific pokemon at a certain level that may be found there. For example, if we go to the Great Chasm (plains), we see that Dittos can be found on frames with an ESV of 3 or 6.
    Gender: the gender of a pokemon on that frame. You probably notice that there are 4 letters there, like M/M/F/F; this is because of gender ratios. The first one (M/M/F/F) is for pokemon with an 87.5% chance of being male, like starters. The second (M/M/F/F) is for pokemon with a 75% chance of being male. The third (M/M/F/F) is for those with a 50% chance of being male, and the let one (M/M/F/F) is for those with a 75% chance of being female. Ignore for pokemon with only one gender (Mandibuzz, Thundurus) and genderless pokemon (Ditto, Porygon, etc.).
    Held: Percentage chance that a pokemon will have an item (not sure on this one)
    Fish: For fishing encounters: "Y" means you will catch a fish on this frame.
    Item?: For encounters that can provide items (like swirling dust gems), "Y" means you will find an item on this frame

    Use the adjacents tab if you are in doubt if you hit your seed an/or the pokemon you got does not match your expected results. It's also a handy tool for manually searching for your (Shifted) Starting Frame. You can see if the second you hit was off (default is +/- 1). Notice that the default PID frame range is 50 +/- 10, AKA 40-60, the range for your starting PID frame.

    How to hit seeds
    (from Jolteon13's FAQ above)
    (you might want to practice hitting IV frame 1 seeds with a few (3-4) 31s or a specific Hidden Power before moving on to bigger targets):​

    How I search for flawless seeds:
    It takes a lot of patience to find good flawless seeds. When searching for good shiny flawless seeds, I recommend setting the date for an entire year (1/1/2011 to 12/31/2011), select all the keypresses (or at least none-2), set the IV frame range from 1 to 1, and (optional) shiny without a specific nature. If you want a shiny, I advise against searching for Hex Flawless, since it takes a lot of searching to find both. It takes several hours to search for quint-flawless seeds; try to leave it running in the background as you do work, watch a movie, leave your Mac running while you do something else, etc. (note: you might experience lag using other big programs, so don't try to exhaust your computer). Shiny flawless seeds are best reserved for legendaries, as the ESV (explained above) may not correspond to your target pokemon, and breeding is usually easier (and requires fewer PID advancements and searches). If you think you can try the walking method to advance the IV frame, you can try increasing the IV frame range to 1-6 (although to be honest I haven't had success with it yet, and it's harder to find you starting PID frame after walking around). Do realize you will need a higher minimum PID range for shinies. You can also try different years if you're not satisfied with your results (for example I went to 2009 for my Kyurem seed on frame 1).

    Wild pokemon/legendaries:

    Legendary/random wild pokemon with flawless IVs
    Example: Liberty Island Victini
    ***If you already caught your Victini, you can try Reshiram/Zekrom, or you can try Sweet Scenting in an NPC-free area, like the Great Chasm cave or the last cave of Victory Road. The three legendaries are being provided as examples because they cannot shine. You can try another stationary legend for practice, but yu probably want to save it for later so you can get a shiny.
    ProTip: If you are testing your skills at hitting seeds, do NOT save after catching your legendary until you are satisfied with your results. If you plan on resetting, you can also use your Masterball to speed up the process. Be aware that if you target Reshiram/Zekrom, you will eventually be forced to save when the game ends (you might want to deliberately lose to N so you can check your results).
    What you need:
    - A seed with an IV frame of 1 with the IVs you want
    ***- A Sweet Scenter (if you're going for a wild target)
    - IV calculator (to check results)
    - A free spot in your party (make it faster to check results)
    1) Get right in front of your target (Victini) and save. Turn off your game.
    2) Set your game clock at the date of the seed and the minute. Press A, turn off the game again, and turn it back on. Skip the warning menu and press A to load the game once the analog clock's second hand hits your target. (Be aware of the difference from your Parameter searching: if you're a second fast, for example, press A a second earlier than the seed says). Press your required keypresses immediately after pressing A (holding them as you press A isn't a bad idea if it's a button that won't pull up another menu) and hold them until you see the GameFreak comet.
    3) Once you see the GF comet, spam A to get to the menu. Continue to your game an do not turn on the C-gear
    4) Either "talk" to your target pokemon or use Sweet Scent to start a battle with a pokemon. Catch it.
    5) Look at the summary of the pokemon and use an IV calculator for a match in IVs. You can also take it to the Battle Subway IV judge who can tell you which IVs are 31, as well as the Hidden Power judge so you can tell if you have the same Hidden Power. Note: if you use a calculator and the IV ranges are a little wide, chances are you still hit your seed, especially if it has the expected Hidden Power typing.
    6) Congratulations! You are now able to hit seeds and use IV frame 1. Restart without saving if you don't want to keep the pokemon you caught or used your Masterball, or save if you want it.
    ProTip: The pokemon you want probably does not have the nature you want. To change this, have a synchronizer in the lead in your party with the nature you want; you will have a 50% chance of getting the nature you want. However, it's probably better to learn how to advance the PID frame for 99% of your RNG hunts for desirable natures.

    Learning to advance the PID frame - Example: Hex flawless Ditto
    So now you know how to hit a seed and have been introduced to the IVRNG. Now we will learn about the PIDRNG: the one that controls natures, abilities, encounter slots, and most importantly, shininess. We will start simply by trying to get an

    Aiming for a shiny
    Example: Terrakion

    - Egg breeding is, in my humble opinion, the best and most efficient RNG method. It is the easiest way to get a shiny and requires the least amount of searches.

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  5. Beck

    Beck Soul Suckin' Jerk

    While I'm still here I might get a little bit greedy. Also I'm not sure how BW moderators are about post ownership changes but if necessary we can ask. Either way we'll have to consolidate much of that information as at the moment it's an eyesore. But it's okay for right now. Awesome job, STUD. I'm not the only one who appreciates this.
  6. Too Funk to Druck

    Too Funk to Druck I am America

    I just have a small nitpick. Where it says:
    In Gen 4, you didn't need your SID if you weren't going for shinies either. Just like Gen 5. And the way it's worded, it kinda sounds like you don't need to find it at all.

    Edit: Another nitpick: The monkey you get from the girl in the Dreamyard is also on IV Frame 8. If there's any other gift Pokemon(barring Larvesta, which I believe has its own method), they're also on IV Frame 8.
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2011
  7. NoDice

    NoDice The Sandstorm Slayer

    Yeah I need to do some indentations and better spacing, but I tried to lay it out simple and used the terms as a way for newbies to familiarize themselves with things before heading down to click the links and learn to do it. I will try to consolidate information as much as I can but still try to keep it simple.
    I will reword it a bit better, and specify that you dont need your SID if you arent going to search for shinies.
    Beck already posted and I deleted my post above him to have a slot if needed. Sweet May didnt want other people reserving posts at all, but I know you both will contribute to this thread becoming something bigger than anything the last one could have been.

    EDIT: @ Too Funk - I changed both of the things you suggested... please let me know if they seem alright now.. Im seriously going to bed this time though guys (and gal!) lol goodnight
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  8. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Also note that in the worst case if someone who posted early on won't edit/can't edit, us mods can just edit their posts if we think it's worthwhile to do so and all.

    Carry on!
  9. Kailassa

    Kailassa Nanna Ninetales

    RNGing in double grass.

    Today my son caught our first RNG'd shinies. This has become a joint endeavor, as we both want top-notch shinies we've caught or bred ourselves.

    We made a discovery that I'm recording here just in case it's not generally known already.

    I was lucky enough to find a synchronizable 31/31/31/x/31/31 shiny seed for this month on frame 1 with a PIDRNG of 0. So off he went to Route 9 with an Adamant synchronizer and sweet scenter. He got the shinies we were after in the grass, and in Challenger's cave, but the pokemon caught in the double grass were PIDRNG frame 1 pokemon, not frame 0. These were single battles, btw, no double battles happened.

    So it seems being in double grass means you start on a PIDRNG frame of 1 instead of 0. This is handy to know if you want the higher leveled pokemon double grass provides.
  10. jolteon135

    jolteon135 Well-Known Member

    Thread looks good. I will help with any text guides and I might make a video guide if 9.82 comes out before I go back to college.
    P.S. If anyone wants to make a video guide I suggest using CamStudio to show what you're doing in RNG reporter.
    Pretty sure all gifts are IV frame 1 as stated by Kaphotics: "All Wild, Stationary, Roamer and Gift Pokemon have their IV frames starting on 1."
    Yes eggs are IV frame 8 and Larvesta egg is IV frame 2.

    Also @STUD: Starters are gifts.
  11. Wardek

    Wardek U & I

    New thread. Thanks for the list of Non-NPCs STUD.

    @Anyone who wants to make a guide: As Jolteon suggested, use CamStudio and the reduce the size of the video using another program like after effect.

    Edit: If your adding guides to the first post, I have a link to simple guide for begginers to find Parameters, Stationary and Egg RNGing.
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2011
  12. darthmalice777

    darthmalice777 Dark & Ghost FTW

    The new thread looks great so far everyone, very nicely done. Sadly, I don't know how active I'm going to be on this thread or the club. I've come to realize that people who constantly break rules, attack other users for no reason and the like, get prefferential treatment on this site. Feel free to read the VM I got from what seems to be a "less-than-pleased" mod, when all I did was defend a fellow RNGer who was attacked by some 19-yr old, immature little prick who doesn't think RNG is "fair" and that there is no work put into this method. At which point, yes...I decided to twist the knife and hatch the shiny Zangoose that this user has been trying to hatch for over 2,000 eggs. And ya know...it felt damn good to do so, because Shadowxhunted (aka Gligari Jr.), or whatever the hell his username is does nothing more than complain and break the rules of that thread and attack RNGers for no reason, and it seems without consequence.

    I think that this mod fails to realize how much time and effort I put into hatching shinies via MM before getting frustrated that they would hatch with bad natures, and even worse IVs some of the time. I know how much frustration comes with getting shinies this way, and that's why I decided to learn a more efficient way to get the ones I was after. But appearently, that makes me the villian....and I'm fine with that. It's funny that even other users on the "shiny disc/faq" thread seem to have no problem when any of us post there, just a small minority...but as the old saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets oiled first.

    In light of this and other incidents that I see happen here, I'm just not sure that this site is something worth my time anymore. I may still lurk from time to time and answer other's questions when/if I see them here, but I think I'm going to go somewhere where all users are treated more fairly, especially when the subject of forums like these is a game. I wish you all the best of luck and continued success in this and any other future games.
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2011
  13. jolteon135

    jolteon135 Well-Known Member

    Date=Date you set the DS clock to
    Time=Time you start up the game at from the DS menu (clock screen).
    If you want to start up at 3:35:30 you would set the clock to 3:35, turn off the game, turn it back on and watch the seconds hand on the clock until the seconds hand hits 30. Press A to start up the game as soon as the seconds hand hits 30 and then wait for the gamefreak logo before you press any other buttons. Enter the game. Remember to choose "no" when asked if you want to turn on the c-gear. Then sweet scent and catch a Pokemon. Check it's IVs and enter all that info into the parameter finder.
  14. jolteon135

    jolteon135 Well-Known Member

    Yes, though I don't get why you wouldn't just use sweet scent?
    You don't really need anything higher level than Victory road Pokemon.

    P.S. Edit your post instead of double posting.
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2011
  15. Tarro57

    Tarro57 RNGer, haters hate.

    Yes, but you might not want to incase you want to RNG it in the Future.
  16. jolteon135

    jolteon135 Well-Known Member

    umm...I don't think he was going to save after catching the legendary (why would he do that?).
  17. Tarro57

    Tarro57 RNGer, haters hate.

    IDK, maybe he would save accidentally. I hope I spelled that right.
  18. Nikator

    Nikator RnG- The Masterpiece

    As a newcomer to RNG'ing (first one completed yesterday) I think this thread is absolutely fantastic. It makes much more sense to anyone who is beginning from scratch and not Gen IV and I can't wait to use it to try PIDRNG's and Egg's etc..

    I'm in a rush so haven't had time to read the top post, so sorry if these are answered there. But I have 3 questions to pose:
    1.) Can anyone trade me a Chatot?
    2.) How do I find out my SID?
    3.) Is a foreign Ditto with flawless IV's neccesary for hatching flawless shinies?

    Thanks in advance, and once again congratulations on a brilliant thread!
  19. Beck

    Beck Soul Suckin' Jerk

    The blatent obscenity on your Visitor Message wall is blinding, and quite ironic. But there's nothing either of us can do about it, so, like you've suggested, we should dismiss it. That is life. I also find myself getting frustrated with SPPf only to remember that this is a child's forum, or rather, a forum for those who can still act as children among children. You've got to take what you can get. I'm sad to see you more or less leave, darth, as you're undoubtedly a solid base of this community we've formed. Nonetheless, good luck later on.
  20. darthmalice777

    darthmalice777 Dark & Ghost FTW

    I haven't decided yet...gonna take a little while to "cool down" before jumping to any rash decisions. It's all about perspective, and I was obviously unhappy to see that when I logged on first thing this morning. But as you said, that's life. I think it may have been more of a rage/vent post than anything. I'll think I'll just try to focus on the positives of a new thread and the help we can be to newcomers, and even each other. Thanks for helping me see what's more important.

    Btw, now it's Weezer quotes? If I don't see LTJ lyrics in a Beck post, I feel like I'm in a twilight zone :)

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