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*Revamped RNG Discussion/Help Thread [Do not ask about Gen 6 RNG]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by NoDice, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. MokKish

    MokKish Breeding Enthustiast

    After numerous attempts and failures, I finally managed to get my own shiny Uxie! It really proved to be a tricky one with all the NPCs running around in the city. I actually had to hit my timer0 and frame 3 times because I managed to knock it out with a critical hit twice.. Talk about bad luck, especially with such an annoying catch.

    I also noticed something weird while RNG'ing the Uxie. I used two different seeds, first one with a shiny on frame 437 but wanted one with less frame advances so I found another one which had a shiny on frame 201. I managed to get the first shiny before changing to the other seed, doing nothing out of ordinary and simply stopping the frame advances 1 before my target frame. On the second seed though, when I did this I never got a shiny when I did exactly the same thing. Propably the NPCs advancing the frame between closing the menu and talking to Uxie. So I tried again, still stopping 1 frame before my target and again, no shiny. 3rd and 4th times I tried stopping one or two frames earlier but still had no luck. Finally I gave up and went back to using the first seed, and voila, got a shiny Uxie (which I then also knocked out) very soon by once again by stopping one frame before the target frame. Third time's the charm though, finally caught the shiny pixie after a long fight.

    All of this made me think that the NPCs might not be all that random. They acted very consistently on the first seed, always advancing the starting frame by 31 and never after the advances, and also on the second one since they always advanced the starting frame by 30 and always after the advances as well. Or, maybe I was just lucky. Knowing this might help someone else in the future though so I thought I'd write it down.

    Uxie *, Modest, Luxury Ball
    lv 65, UT
  2. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    was this black and white 2 or dpp? either way that shiny looks nice good job. I am having a same problem with my bw2 actually im trying to rng cress which i can't hit the frame at all for it being shiny or the right hp spread. I have no problem with events in that game just the stationaries are giving me trouble. I just think it has to do one the NPC and on top of it some searches i have trouble and then use another and i get it but that applies to black and white rng breeding.
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2014
  3. MokKish

    MokKish Breeding Enthustiast

    White2. Getting the right timer0 is very annoying in these compared to BW, but if you're sure that you've entered right TID/SID then sooner or later you'll get the right Cress. Just be patient & listen to those Chatots so you'll know if you've hit the seed or not.
  4. Deoxys532

    Deoxys532 New Member

    I want to use the RNG Reporter to catch shiny pokemon in my White, but I don't know my SID.
    I already caught a legitimate shiny pokemon, is there a way to find my SID with its IVs?

    The main post tells me to use pokecheck or restart my game but I don't want to restart it unless is completely necessary. As everybody knows, the Nintendo servers (Wifi connection) for this generation are closed, so I can't use pokecheck website.

    Are these the only two ways to find it?
  5. No, there is another way to find your SID, I'll PM you regarding it due to the mention of 3rd party paraphernalia is frowned upon in the public forums.
  6. DX 2401PT

    DX 2401PT Monitor

    Has anyone ever experienced this kind of issue? Where you succeeded in hitting a seed repeatedly, but at random points, with the same seed and exact same timing, suddenly you just keep missing the seed. For example... one of the common seeds I use for breeding (male, shiny, IV 31 all, Everstone, DW Ability) has me press A at the 15th second mark (the seed is on 16th second). So I do it like 20 times, hit the seed around 17 times, resulting in 17 successes. But then I try with the next thing on the "to RNG list", and all of a sudden, I just can't hit the seed even though I repeated the exact same steps as the last 20 times.

    Is this the game just giving me the finger and me giving the game the finger back for having a work around? When this happens (and this happens every now and then), I just press A half a second later than normal. Or 1/4th of a second. Or 3/4 of a second. And usually, that solves the issue.
  7. mars714

    mars714 I'm a Raichu.

    EDIT: For whatever reason my White version is working better at RNGing then my Black. So... this post is kinda no longer relevant. But I'll report on my White I have a custom TID and a shiny starter successfully RNGd!

    Hello! I've gotten good advice from this forum, so I have a question once again.

    After a lot of RNG on Black 2, I want to RNG on Black or White. I already reset my White version, and was able to get a custom TID. However, since then I haven't successfully RNGd any Pokemon. I still have my Black, which I have been trying to find the Timer0 range. On my White, the only range I found was C7C - C7D so far on my black I've only found two timer0s C7F & C80 But I don't really know which is first or if thats even a good range. I believe the reason that I haven't found anything on my White is I don't have a good Timer0 range set. on my Black 2 I have a range of 4 Timer0s (1104 - 1107)

    So to sum up, How do the Timer0 count up in B/W? (like which of my set of C7F & C80 is first, and how many are in-between them?) and is what I have a good range to start my restart on? (so I can find the SID and get shinys)
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2015
  8. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    It seems like you figured out your problem, but I want to clarify one thing for you. Black and White does, unlike their sequels, not have that many different Timer0s for each game. Black and White has two different Timer0s as a max, and only one if you are extremely lucky (though I think this is quite rare). The two you got while calibrating are the only ones you have for each of your games. For everything in these games, it is recommended that you just go with the one that you got most of the time while you were calibrating and ignore the other completely.
  9. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    yes it happens to me too I think its just moving npc im having trouble atm with slowpoke -_- I have always had that problem since the beginning of when i started rnging and it just never stops when I breed with my black version which my theory the game hates me really bad and sometimes i have the seed on 16th chatot cry then the next time it moves to 17th it never stays put i think it is just moving npcs around the daycare center.
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2015
  10. DX 2401PT

    DX 2401PT Monitor

    That's not the problem that I'm having. I mean that I often hit a completely different seed. NPC movements are not that erratic if you track the Chatot Chatter. There is variance, of course. That ONE dude that turns out every now and then, he may NOT turn, or he may turn more frequently. This type of issue occurs all over the place, regardless of NPC presence. When I RNGed Kyurem where there are no NPCs. Or Ditto where there are no NPCs. Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion. Imagine the seed you're trying to hit lists the Chatot Chatter as: low, low, high, mid, high, low, high. NPC movements just mean you start at a different location in that sequence. But for some reason, despite doing the exact same things as all the other times, the Chatot Chatter goes: high, high, low, mid, which does not exist in the sequence of the seed I'm trying to hit.

    Perhaps it's a calibration error. I distinctly recall not being bothered to calibrate all that much for White and White2, so the calibrated Timer0 may not be the most accurate value.
  11. mars714

    mars714 I'm a Raichu.

    Hello again! I've run into a bit of trouble in my white version... I was able to RNG shiny eggs, but for some reason, I simply can't anymore! I use PPRNG, (as I am a mac user) and IDK what Im doing differently, the eggs don't shine when the program says they should. Every other aspect of the egg matches the program, the gender, the nature, the characteristic... Its the pokemon it should be in every way except its not shiny! and I had reliably gotten shiny eggs before! Also, I can still RNG shiny wild pokemon or stationaries, but this egg thing is really bugging me...

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    Sounds strange. I'm not sure what your problem is under these circumstances, unfortunately. One thing I can think of is that you might have entered the wrong ID/SID (but that shouldn't be the case since you can still get wild Pokemon and stationaries as shiny). Maybe there is some information you have entered incorrectly somewhere which makes this happen? Like if you have entered the parent details correctly, and if you are using a Ditto. Small details like that, the problem might be there somewhere. Not sure if I can help in more detail since I don't use PPRNG myself.
  13. DX 2401PT

    DX 2401PT Monitor

    Has anyone done BW roamer RNG without dumb luck? And without using ANYTHING ELSE other than the RNG Reporter?

    My Thundurus RNG success was PURE dumb luck, I feel. The desired frame was at 844 (Timid, 31/17?/31/31/31/31, shiny). And... just mashing A through that "event" stuff and no extra frame advancements got me around frame 455.


    0 (frame advancements done before entering that house and all that lore stuff)
    455 (captured to see what nature + characteristics it had, checked the reporter to see what frame this corresponded to)

    Then I reset, advanced the frame (Chatot) by 10 and then mashed A through the "event" and then caught it to see where I was at.

    463. Not a clean 10 advancement, due to the weather induced inconsistency.

    And another 10

    477. Again, not +10 of the last result.

    This time, advanced 20 more frames


    And another 30


    ... And then I decided "the hell with it" and...

    844. Sniped the exact frame I needed to hit.

    My friend tried to RNG Tornadus in Black, but gave up after accidentally saving the wrong capture. And he doesn't want to restart the whole game just to test his luck blindly. So is there a known & tested consistent way to RNG a roamer in BW? If there is, I might be able to convince him to give it another go.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2015
  14. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    I know this may be a bit strange but I know for sure that I had that problem before but there are seeds that look exactly the same as the frame your trying to hit without it being shiny there may be a possibility you may be hitting the timer wrong when your doing your timer hit thinking your hitting it right. I don't use mac which I use the windows program but that is a option that may be going wrong or like the guy said kalosian you may of put your sid/id in wrong by accident if you had a screen shot of what you plugged in that would help as well so someone that is a mac user as well can help you out.
  15. dewey911p

    dewey911p primus inter pares

    I know your post is a bit old, but if you're still interested I did a guide that detailed the process I used to RNG roamers. I was able to RNG 5-6 if I recall correctly (it may have only been 3 or 4, all I remember was I did a lot of trials to work out a somewhat decent strategy and eventually managed to get several shiny ones with the IVs and nature I was after.) The guide is linked in my sig and I can try to help out if I ever remember to check back here again, or if you pm/vm me
  16. Raymond - king of ducks

    Raymond - king of ducks Well-Known Member


    Suppose I've never tried RNGing before and wanted to try for a 5IV Latias, specifically the one found in the White2 dreamyard. What would be the simplest way of doing this with a minimal amount of fuss?
  17. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    well black2/white2 has a very annoying fluctuating with the timer which you have to figure out what timer hits the most before rnging anything which eatch cartiage is different, so your answer will be this you may be frustrated setting up but its not super horrible though to rng it after that just you be facing npc and timer fluctuations. I haven't rng forever tbh I stopped awhile back but once in a blue moon I rng things only because I mostly breed rnged then anything else which I did do stationaries in my black but never successfully got one stationary in white 2 do to the timer fluctuation and xy came out.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2016
  18. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    If you have a set target, my recommendation would be to not start with it, but practice a bit first so you know what you are doing. Trying against other stationairy legendaries is a good start as it will give you an idea of what you need to do before going for Latias. If you have caught all the other legendaries already, wild Pokemon (especially in areas without wandering NPCs) should work too. And if you have B/W, you might want to practice there a bit first since it is easier than in B2/W2 (with less Timer0s mainly). Apart from that, reading the guides and understanding how everything works is the one thing you need to know. If you have questions, ask again and I or someone else will try to help.

    When you get to Latias, there is a wandering NPC in the Dreamyard so if you haven't battled all trainers there yet, you might want to leave it that way for now to make it easier later on. I believe the NPC in question is a Youngster in the southern part, the Doubles Grass, but I am not completely sure. If you have battled the trainer already, you'll probably have to calibrate against Latias to make sure you can hit your right PID frame (or just use a Synch for a 50% chance of getting your desired nature). If you don't want a shiny, it might not matter much.

    I realize this isn't exactly the way of doing it with "a minimal amount of fuss" but I don't really have any better advice. Though, you can go for the Latias right away and try through trial and error until you get it, it might even be better than everything I described above.
  19. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    ^ all this is pretty right lol I haven't rnged in so long let alone finished trying to rng the legendaries in that game but I am glad someone is here to help but I do agree I would try to practice before going for that target first.
  20. Raymond - king of ducks

    Raymond - king of ducks Well-Known Member

    Many thanks. I hadn't planned to go for a shiny (I like the standard colours) and already have a timid sync. pokémon so getting the right IVs is all I really need, given that gender/abilities don't vary with Latias. I'll get right on it.

    So. I've spent a few hours playing around with RNG reporter and I think I more or less understand what I'm meant to be doing. Some questions, though.
    -I'm using a 3DS which apparently takes 8 seconds to create a seed, which is reflected in RNG reporter, but sometimes It gives me a difference of 7 seconds instead. Is this because I'm hitting the A button too quikcly? I have the 3DS synchronized to a clock by the second so I'm hitting A precisely as the second hand gets to where it is supposed to be. Is this too soon?
    -Regarding timer0, I'm getting values like 167a and 167b. When RNG reporter gives me a 7 second difference in seed time I'm getting other ones though, like 1672/1678/etc. Does this mean 167a/b is the correct combination?
    -The one moving NPC is the dreamyard seems to be okay as he is staying put in the same position and only turns different directions, without actually moving. I'm guessing this won't mess anything up?
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 14, 2016

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