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revamps (and stuff)

Yeah, well, I decided to try spriting, since it seemed pretty interesting. So, I started off with some revamps.
Yellow Revamps
Gold/Silver Revamps
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They are all quite good. The only thing missing is the darkest shade of blue that blends with the black outline. Still good though.


Palette Professor
these are pretty awesome, but some of the shades are a bit off
First is a gold dusparce, second is yellow snorlax. Snorlax took forever, but I like how dunsparce came out.


Well-Known Member
Snorlax looks a bit weird but I love the Dunsparce.For the first two Dratinis the shadings a bit off.The third one is good though.


Palette Professor
the dunsparce is very good :D
the snorlax's shading is a little bit off


Splice Spriter
I think its because the outlines are not shaded. There is too much black. Also on shuckle, the shading makes it look like it has a paper thin neck, like a sword, not tubular. I suggest rounding the shading..
Other than that, looks god :)


mai husbando
I like your gold/silver re-vamps, but really the shading on the Yellow pokemon is just not my cup of tea at all. Yellow version Dratini doesn't even look very shaded at all in my opinion. At least Shuckle looks good.
Well, I discovered the simplicity of recolors, and I tried making some glowy. I saw it a long time ago, and I take no credit for the concept. Just sayin'.


Well-Known Member
I love the Zangoose but its feet got cut off.Glow pokemon awesome I love the first glow pokemon(I can't remember its name).Porygon looks a bit weird.The Piloswine,Psyduck and Combee are fine.Good Job! d(^_^)


Splice Spriter
The gold ditto is excellent. But some areas the outlines look grainy, and not smoth, like in the bottom.
The Pichu could use more shading on the face to show its roundess.
Hoppip is great, but the mouth seems split into two. Also, I feel there is too much dithering on the ears, which shouldnt be since Hoppip is a very smooth pokemon. Dithering works only over large areas and on rough and scraggly pokemon.

Youre doing great, keep up the good work! :)
Yup, snorlax was a train wreck. I actually thought it would turn out worse than it did. And I can't believe I missed a pixel somehow. *runs to edit*