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Review the Last Movie you Watched

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
I flipped out when I first heard of this movie, because it looked like it was going to be epic. It ended up not being as epic as I originally thought, but I still found it quite interesting. The whole concept of the Imaginarium was cool, but I feel like it wasn't explained well...I dunno. Sometimes it looked horribly silly or fake (although I understand since it supposed to be the imagination that the lack of realism is justified) but it detracted from the srsbsns that was going on... I don't even know what I'm saying.

I'm glad that they still continued with the movie though, despite Heath Ledger's death. They worked with it in a clever manner, methinks.

So yah, I did enjoy the movie overall, I just feel like something was...missing.


Undercover Rocket
Inglorious Basterds


Soooooo good. Parts made me cringe my teeth with how graphic and realistic it was. Plotwise, VERY intriguing edge of your city. Characters are done AMAZINGLY well, and so diverse. Lots of hidden references to historical events (going back hundreds of years). I took off points as the music was recycle from Kill Bill. Seriously Tarantino, you know what's good, but don't reuse what is good, use it in a new form.


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Up: Just like Wall-E I didnt have high hopes for it but both movies turned out great. I thought Up was a bit better then Wall-E though and had a bit better storyline.
The movie was great with great characters however I don't think Pixar's animation is that amazing anymore.


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The Hurt Locker

Best movie of the decade. Instead of tackling the issues associated with the Iraq War, it's about the hardships an EOD team faces on their missions and with each other, and done so incredibly well, I might add.

If you're a sucker for drama movies and/or hate the war, this movie might be for you.

Fossil Man

The Princess and the Frog

Laugh at me all you want, but this man actually went to go see the Princess and the Frog, and let me tell you, I left a happy man.

If you enjoy the older movies of Walt Disney, you'll LOVE this one! Besides having a musical number around every three minutes, it was quite pleasant for me. The hand-drawn animation rivaled those from the old 1970's and heck, it did something that made me enjoy the old movies as well.

It scared the crap outta you! Not like how the horror movies do it, but still that spooky edge that gives the movie the old edge. Voice acting was good, story was at least decent and some of the music was real good
This movie was absolutely amazing! First of all it had great ladies (Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Fergie, and my favorite Kate Hudson) And some stars I didn't know they actually could sing.. (I know some didn't really sing) I can't really hate nothing about this movie but sometimes it got little uninteresting..

Dark Dranzer

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New Moon


I only went and saw it as a favour to my friend who moved away yesterday. Needless to say it was a boring movie and the plot confused me a few times (especially towards the end, after the Volturi).

Bella isn't a good protagonist it's completely unrealistic how she dealt with a break up and she treated the guy who seemed to care for her well being as a toy, she just strung him along until she found her ex and hooked back up with him. At the end of the film I regretted not leaving the cinema sooner


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Taken: 3/10

Pure snore.

(Trust my rating, not noobers)!

Starlight Aurate

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Taken: 3/10

Pure snore.

(Trust my rating, not noobers)!

Please explain. I quite liked this movie myself.
How can you say it was pure snore? Unless action with fight scenes and car chases don't appeal to you, then that makes sense. Otherwise I'd expect people to be kept entertained, but meh, that's my opinion as well as noobers and some others.


Still Dirrty
Please explain. I quite liked this movie myself.
How can you say it was pure snore? Unless action with fight scenes and car chases don't appeal to you, then that makes sense. Otherwise I'd expect people to be kept entertained, but meh, that's my opinion as well as noobers and some others.

I'm honestly not sure. I just found it boring. I found it non-believable at all, and I found the writing terrible.

And I was just taking a jab at noobers, which I'm sure he'll understand.

Mr. Joker

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The Lovely Bones

It was a very different movie, but very well done, it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Plus the neighbor was a total creep which was win. 9.


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Brazil: 9/10

I knew I was in for a bizarre experience, but I was deifnetely caught off guard at some points. It did do another thing I expected though, and that was how it portrayed a world ruled by overly-complicated technology and things that we think make life so much simpler and easier but don't. Of course, the comedy was great, and the strange slapstick-like humor had me on the edge of my seat as well. It felt obvious that it was giving off a message, but it was an enjoyable ride too.

Mimori Kiryu

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I just recently watched A Perfect Getaway and it was a great movie. The ending was very thrilling. I didn't expect the ending whatsoever and I would watch it again for sure. I rate it a solid 10/10.


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Blood and Sand

Being from 1922, it is quite old, but amazing nonetheless. A classic film about the glory and trials of bullfighting, as well as pure and impure love, it features outstanding performances by Rudolph Valentino as Juan Gallardo, the bullfighter, and Nita Naldi, the woman who brings about his downfall through seduction. Despite being a silent film, it still has a strong audio appeal due to its fitting music. The ending was a bit abrupt, but nevertheless powerful.

I would give it a 9 out of 10.


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Jacob's Ladder (finally)


The movie was everything a good movie (of this genre) should be. It was creepy, had a fair share of scares, but not over-the-top with them. It kept you interested throughout, and had a great, emotionally evocative storyline.

It reminded me immensely of Silent Hill throughout, and I'm glad I finally bought it and watched it. Great movie.


La Melancolie Noir
I saw three movies this weekend, two in theatres, one at home with my friend. I will rate all three.

Tinkerbell - 8/10

I'm talking about the first movie. I have to automatically knock off a point or two for this type of movie--if you think about it, I'm an adult watching a kids' movie. Thus I expected it to be mediocre. However, it wasn't! Of course, maybe I'm prejudiced because the faery world in general fascinates me. But the story was clear and well-executed, and even almost made me cry towards the end. Plus I always like to see those movies which provide a character's backstory (other examples being Star Trek and X-Men Origins: Wolverine). The animation and visual effects weren't that bad either. But possibly my favourite element of this movie is the music. It's not a musical, but I love the Celtic theme of the music--it was very appropriate for the environment of the story.

The Lovely Bones - 7/10

What I loved about this movie was how it explored the concept of death and the afterlife. The visuals in it were both stunning and meaningful, and the concepts were easy to relate to. Throughout the movie I kept wondering what will happen to me right after I die, even though I already have established a theory about the events of the afterlife. However, this movie did not get a perfect 10, for I saw some flaws in it. Many parts of the plot were odd to the point of being confusing, and I feel it could have been developed better. Especially towards the end, there were moments when I thought, "OK, was this scene even necessary?" or "How does this correlate to what happens afterward?" The ending just didn't have that refreshing or complete feel that many other movies do. In fact, I kinda wish the ending for this movie was a bit different.

Avatar - 10/10

This was the second time I saw this movie, and I still loved it. It has almost everything I look for in a movie: an interesting concept, an understandable and well-executed plot, good audio and visual elements, and a good takeaway message. It's always wonderful to see a story set in a well-developed fantasy world, with unique characteristics and inhabitants and culture. I liked how the Na'vi culture relates to nature and goddess worship, and mantains almost a Native American feel. This movie also did an excellent job of making the villains seem formidable, and creating a tough challenge for the protagonist. I didn't see many plot flaws, except maybe at the very end where there was a scene that didn't seem to have a reasonable explanation. I also think they did a very good job with the CG elements--they didn't seem cheesy at all. Though I saw this movie in 3D, I got so involved with the story that I forgot I was even watching a 3D movie. Overall, I can definitely see this movie being the best of this year.

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1968 Night of the Living Dead

Pretty scary for an old, low budget black and white film. Although, I'm a big baby when it comes to zombie moves. Even Shaun of the Dead gives me nightmares (Although I love that movie). As long as I ignored the blatant sexism toward women in the movie, which you may notice is quite prominent in old movies, it was pretty good. Not Alfred Hitchcock good mind you, but still pretty good nonetheless. Kept me entertained for an hour and thirty minutes.
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Dororo - 8/10

I liked this film. I've long wanted to see a good samurai film, a film that has a strong emphasis on Japanese mythology, and a good demon film, and this film has a lot of all 3 elements.

The plot was linear, but in a good way. There was plenty of action and good fight scenes. I'll admit, some of the demons and special effects looked like they were pulled straight out of power Rangers, but i can't really imagine any other type to use, so it didn't bother me.

Overall, i quite liked it. Hyakkimaru and Dororo reminded me of Afro and Ninja Ninja from Afro Samurai, which i loved to bits. There was plenty of action, and more swords than you could throw a knife at. I'm glad to hear there's also 2 sequels coming out. If you like samurai films, anything based on Japanese mythology and/or demons, this film should quench your thirst.


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An Inconvient Truth


Watched in in class, again. Get's boring and repetitive, although some of the stuff is shocking.