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Review This Song, Then Post Another


Pokemon master
LOL. Another "I don't like your girlfriend/boyfriend" type of song. *proceeds to cut my wrists* (ooh, now i feel like a man). 0%.

By the way, instrumental is so bland, so why do they need 5 members in that band (unless someone plays the triangle)?

The Faceless - Coldly Calculated Design


Pokemon master
Solid song. Heavy riff, strong vocals, altogether it's a good song. I like the solo too. For some reason though, they sound a lot like Pantera. 76%

Nile - 4th Arra of Dagon


Son of Wōden
Eurgh, that guitar tone is terrible, especially for such a supposedly good guitarist. This song is awful though, too many 'noises' which I assume are pinched harmonics, it just plods along going nowhere, with those generic I'm angry vocals that people stereotype metal for. And the bass drum is too clicky for my liking.
Its not a million miles away from nu metal if you ask me.
I went through a Pantera phase when I was younger, but in hindsight I have no idea why.

3/10 for not being unlistenable.

purely because the album came in the post today..
Ildra - Rice Æfter Oðrum


Son of Wōden
Not heard anything by them for years. But it reminds me of a girl from college who used to listen to this band tonnes. I wasn't expecting a ballad, but then it kicked in, and sounded more how I expected. It's not bad for what it is. As far as punk goes I dont really stray beyond NOFX or The Dropkick Murphys really.


The Cure - Why Can't I be You? (thought I'd go for a more upbeat cure song.)

Metagross Guy

ᴸ м f ᴬ σ.
A nice song, but not really my style. I also think it could be slightly shorter. It plays more like a jamming session than a proper record. However, the quality of the musicians is great.

6/10 or so for my enjoyment, 9/10 for musicianship. Also, great video with NY images.



Shade of Blue
5/10 I never really liked him tbh...didn't see the appeal, tbh. I know I'm gonna get soo much hate for that, but...

Serious - JME

I'm not exactly into rap, but some grime artists are legends.