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Review This Song, Then Post Another


It was pretty good. Japanese music is either hit or miss for me. This one was pretty catchy. 7/10

Zebrahead - Runaway

The Admiral

solid state survivor
Runaway: HOLY GOD THE VOCALS ARE EMPHASIZED COMPARED TO THE INSTRUMENTS. I cut the volume in half on this and the vocals were as loud as the instruments were when I started. This is the most generic form of production. Not bad, but probably not what I'd listen to immediately. The arrangement is just kind of average, but average things performed well enough are okay too. 7/10.

The Sword - Night City

The Admiral

solid state survivor
Electricity: Captain Beefheart tries really hard to defy the numerical scale. I'm not entirely sure what he's singing/saying, but it's a lot more effective toward the beginning than even some of the more depressing **** I've heard. 9/10

Ravenous Medicine by Voivod (serious epilepsy warning)

Squiddly Dee

∈ (⊙ ⊖ ⊙) ∋


Pokemon Veteran


nothin' at all
Not something I'd put on my ipod, but I like this song. I can't wait to watch that movie. 7/10

Steven Wilson - Significant Other
Wait for the chorus and listen to it loud. Most beautiful epic song ever.

god i fucking LOVE Insurgentes, it's probably my favourite album ever and Significant Other is one of my favourite songs off it. 9.5/10. i think it's clodagh simmonds doing the backing vocals in this song, and she is magnificent. steven wilson is flawless ugh

speaking of flawless,

Cirkus by King Crimson