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Review This Song, Then Post Another


I stay noided


A little more human
Not a bad song. I thought the video was hilarious though, so for that 7/10

I really like this album so far, so I might be posting a few more from it. Awesome Danish metal band.


A little more human
I've actually heard this song before. Not a huge fan of it. It's a little too slow for me 4/10

One more from their new album


A little more human
Not bad I liked the guitar I was kinda sad when they stopped playing it though haha 7/10


Zero Nexus

Stand up, go for it
7/10, was alright but didn't really do anything for me.



A little more human
One of the better songs off of this album. 8/10

Let's try something heavy.


A little more human
meh nothing about this song really appealed to me TBH 3/10

hmmmm let's try this one

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A little more human
But rap sucks >.>

Not a fan of dream theater, but one of the better songs. 4/10



A little more human
I don't think you're capable of giving me anything other than 7

Not sure why, but I actually liked this >.> Not even close to my usual genre either 8/10

haven't listened to these guys in a while


Well-Known Member
I've never really been a fan of that band, and don't really like the genre, so 3/10 since I guess some people like that music

its a short song, but it's good