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Review This Song, Then Post Another


A little more human
I actually liked it. Surprised? lol 8.5/10
EDIT: I know that song. Not my favorite song by them but good. 7/10

Nothing wrong with a classic 8/10


If you listened all the way through here is a cookie for you

9/10 Yeah ok so I love Dragonforce so on so on bias bias and yeah. New vox are not even bad. I mean Marc is no ZP but he isnt bad. If there is any thing I dont like it is just that this is a lot slower paced then their older stuff

Thrice-Firebreather Dont worry it is not heavy metal even if it sounds like that at aha...ha..aha


The Ancient One

I find this to be surprisingly good. Came in expecting Screamo, walked out educated about a new band to look up. 8.2/10

Now for a change of pace, because I listen to everything that isn't rap or country.
"Metropolis" - Faded Paper Figures, on the album Dynamo.


A little more human
Not bad. I don't mind the singer this time. 7/10

Alright, you're in for an 8 minute song guys. Ozzy!


A little more human
Yeah I didn't like this one. rather....blah. 2/10

Here is another song that I just bought
5/10 Man I really prefer Creatures over this newer album. This most of it was just ehh to me. Especially this song it felt like Marilyn Manson or something to me . .

Glass Cloud-If He Dies He Dies

With this one to I think you either like it or dont. Even if you are in to -core