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Review This Song, Then Post Another


A little more human
Not sure how I felt about this. I didn't despise it, but I didn't necessarily like it. 5/10

How about some new hard rock


I stay noided
I'm not usually a big fan of these "songs for change" kind of things but this one had a nice simple rhythm and some great singers. But I have to say it really bugs me when they have those cello solos and harmonica solos. The cello didn't fit at all ಠ_ಠ 7/10, though.



A little more human
wtf did I just watch? o_O At least it's catchy 6/10

let's go with some new Pop Evil

The Admiral

solid state survivor
Trenches: Some interesting guitar effects, and by no means bad, but I feel like I've heard most of this before. 6.5/10



A little more human
I actually really enjoy this song. I especially loved the main riffs 9/10

You seem to have an appreciation for guitar, so try out this one. I have a different one if you don't like it.



A little more human
Ah this song. I know this one. Not my favorite band from Rise Records though. 7/10

Let's get some stripes in here


The Ancient One
Let's be honest, I want to give this song a 7/10 just for the pun. But, I can't. It's just too classic of a tune. That beat is just too powerful. 8.5/10, would rock to it again.

Can't post links because n00b user, but look up the song "Metropolis" by Faded Paper Figures. Electronic Soft Rock, if anyone was wondering.


A little more human
Not typically a fan of the whole electronic 8 bit sounding songs. 6/10

Here's a good one for a good solo

The Admiral

solid state survivor
Little Sister: Nice. The deep guitar/bass sound is fairly cool -- similar to the other QOTSA song you posted, but I don't mind; it's a cool sound. The song feels like it's missing something in the middle of its mix, though. 8/10



LoL Lunatic
In my honest opinion, I couldn't determine exactly why the guy was screaming, what with the piano and dramatic guitar. It threw me off. Not only that, I'm not even a fan of screaming lead singers anyways. Well I looked up the lyrics to try to understand what they were saying, but I couldn't really make sense of them. The guitar was good, though, and so were the drums. All in all, I'll go with 5.5/10.


This is my favorite song off my favorite album from my favorite band. It has a very uplifting message, amplified by the unity of Neil's expert drumming, Alex's technical guitar skills, and Geddy's high-pitched vocals (please don't complain about it... My mom absolutely hates his voice so I hear enough from her...) And those synthesizers at the end really take the cake.

The Admiral

solid state survivor
Marathon: I don't even have to click the link to know this song. I'm a huge Rush fan, so the vocals don't bother me -- and honestly, the 80s vocals should be pretty inoffensive, given how they are very reined-in compared to the archetypal, and widely complained-over 70s vocals. The song comes together very nicely, though it's probably not my favorite from that album -- but I guess it's hard to choose a favorite fro that album. It mostly all sounds pretty good, though not a lot of people like it. 8.5/10