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Review This Song, Then Post Another


The Ancient One
Yeah, Lemon Demon is one of those "you like 'em or you don't" bands. One of my favorite bands, but my brother hates them, and we share similar musical tastes.

Anywho, pretty good song, a little heavy on the cursing, but doesn't make it a bad song. 6.5/10

Because I'm not sure how well VG Rock is accepted here, I'm going to post one of the band's covers of a non-Megaman song.
The Megas - "Sunglasses at Night"


A little more human
Lol most of the music I listen to has swearing. I listen to a lot of hard rock.

The lyrics were weird, but I like the song they based it on. 6/10

I can guarantee that unless you are into some pretty heavy metal you won't like this next song, so if you aren't I wouldn't bother >.<


10/10 would listen to again

No offense, but blegh dubstep 1/10


10/10 toad is cool

I really hate the vocals but the instrumentation was decent. I don't really like nu-metal in general though, the lyrics always sound contrived, as they did in this song. 5/10

Tycho - A Walk

10/10 the whole album is great

This... wow, that was beautiful really. I really, really liked this. It is really calming. Like a poem without the words because it just illustrates a lot for being so.. peaceful. 9.5/10

screen - twenty one pilots

10/10 will check out artist later

4/10 I don't know. I like it, but not.. so, so much? I liked the music more than the vocals. The lyrics were okay.

i fink u freeky - die antwoord

5/10 the only reason i like die antwoord is because their music videos are hilarious

welcome home by radical face
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Protect The Smiles!
5/10 its not really my things as I prefer originals and I don't like anything by Trance Bands not even covers (Although I prefer the Phil Collins cover version of True Colours more then Cindy Lauper's but that's not the point)

Here is a hit song from down under by the Rock band Cold Chisel (Jimmy Barnes FTW)

Bow River - Cold Chisel


A little more human
For a reason, country is terrible, and this song is no exception. 0/10

let's try some new 5FDP, just went to one of their concerts the other day, and I am even more pumped for their new album


A little more human
God dammit skrillex? 0/10

Let's get that crap out of my head now...


Well-Known Member
So... this isn't "review" at all but "give a personal rating"?