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Rhapsody In Drew (400)


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That battle ended with May being KOed, so... no.


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What an excellent episode to end the Grand Festival May's battles with Drew, and Harley were truly amazing. And what a surprise to see Ash's Snorunt evolve into a Glalie with a little help from Robert, so now Ash has even more power going into the Hoen League Championships. I got a laugh at may being surprised by Ash and then to her reaction when her mother was commenting about May and Drew alone on the beach. And lastly congrats to Robert for winning the Hoen Grand Festival.
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hehe at the end with Drew walking away and May saying we were just saying goodbye then Caroline jumps in "You 2 on the beach how romatic". Mothers.....
Anyway apart from that I enjoyed the short battle between Drew/May and Drew was unlucky not to win but if it wasnt him then im glad robert won. I wish we could see Robert again


Robert's apperance in the Anime was very brief T__T ... hhh wish he could be in more epis, he rocks! ... Caroline's teasing is funneh ... May was freed from the trance of Drew by a cone! hahahaha! episode deserves an 8!! woot!! Harley was surprisingly amazing here ^^;;

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He sounds like the devil, literally. Just imagine a really deep and intimidating voice saying "Gla-lieeeee"

And that's about what it sounds like. So evil.

Which makes Glalie the most bad*** ice pokémon around. I so hope Ash brings him back to kick Paul in the *** HARD.:D


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is it me or does robert look like elite four glacia alot due to style cloths hair colour etc?


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I liked this episode, a lot. Cool that Drew had a Flygon. I especially liked the part where Drew was talking to May on the beach & vice versa, then he walked away with Roselia. May was like staring at him until Ash crashed in with an ice-cream. LOL. Caroline was teasing May. LOL LOL LOL. Overall, it's really cool(no pun intended) that Snorunt ---> Glalie. I'm happy for Ash. ^^


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Great episode, I loved it, we get Glalie and I was sad when May lost!


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Looking back on this episode, now that we have the 4th Gen, I'm a bit disappointed that Snorunt didn't evolve into a Frosslass instead.

There was a lot of stuff going on in this episode! Harley loses to May, May loses to Drew, Drew loses to Robert and Robert is the grand prize winner. Not too bad for a half-hour episode, no?
I kind of wish Snorunt evolved in the next episode or right before the Grand Festival, it took some screentime out of the battles which could have been longer.

I never liked how they always had Ash doing something during the Grand Festivals. In this one he was training Snorunt, and in the Kanto one he was running after Aipom.

Its disappointing that May, and later Dawn, just sit during his Gym battles and leagues and do nothing, but during their contests or grand festivals Ash is always taking screentime away.
I can't count how many times I've watched this episode but it's probably one of my favorites. How can you beat the lines in this one?

-After Snorunt evolves into Glalie-
Jessie: It's beautiful...
James: You think so? Well, that explains your hairstyle.

XD That's perfect.

Then we have a nice romantic moment with May watching Drew and then Ash shoves an ice cream cone up in May's face.:p Anyways, if I have to rate the episode, I give it 9/10.:)
Which makes Glalie the most bad*** ice pokémon around. I so hope Ash brings him back to kick Paul in the *** HARD.:D

An Ice-type would be extremely effective against Torterra, as bot of its types are weak against ice.
This must have been the most random evolution of any of Ash's pokemon ever. The fight wasn't half bad, either, even when you consider the outcome. After seeing this I wasn't surprised that Drew was the last one of May's rivals for her to beat in the next GF.


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After watching this episode, I can say that it was decent. Maybe it was just me, but I felt like the entire episode just didn't flow naturally. I understand about still keeping the audience's attention, but maybe it's just me. The battle vs. Harley was actually pretty good despite how he lost. Finally, the battle against Drew was actually quite good, seeing Flygon's first appearence and Flamethrower coming from it was not expected.

Seeing Skitty battle with Blizzard and countering against Flygon caught me by surprise. Also, Combusken countering the Flamethrower with a Fire Spin was pretty good I must say.

Overall, despite the feeling that it was rushed and the Drew vs. May battle wasn't as intense as the Kanto Grand Festival, it was a pretty good episode with Snorunt evolving into Glalie blowing away Team Rocket.



I was sad when May lost to Drew, although she was better in this battle.
And i loved to see something from Robert's personality.


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Probably one of my favourite episodes from Hoenn, and definitely the best contest episode. Both battles, Harley and Drew were very well done. Nice to see Glalie too. Some funny moments were when James insulted Jessie when she said Glalie was beautiful, and when Caroline taunted May when Drew left at the end.