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Team Builder / RMT
(^Couldn't think of a better title.Say if you can!)

1.Think of two words that rhyme, then define them like so:

-Exchange something with another person.

-A sudden,often violent, attack on a place.

2.Another person solves the puzzle:


This person will get to write the next couple of definitions.


-Keep the puzzles moderately difficult.
Don't write things like "Miaow" and "Head"-it's just too easy and a waste of time.
However,avoid going overboard when choosing your words,like, say, discombobulate and percolate: It would kill the thread.

Try and use words of relatively common knowledge!

- Descriptions should remain one sentence long.

Do not write one word-long descriptions either(as above),unless the word's an adjective.

-If the previous puzzle isn't solved in a day,the thread may progress onwards with a new puzzle.
The original puzzle setter may post the answer afterwards if they wish,just not a new set of questions.

- Do not post any additional questions if there's already a set to be solved.
It's both confusing and unfair to others who have made/answered a puzzle which is quickly ignored.
You are forgiven if you post a puzzle at the same time as another person(try not to-if it can wait,delete your post and save it until next time please :) ).

I'll begin with something relatively simple:
-An act of worship

-A dull "colour"


Team Builder / RMT

-(Liberty) Bell

-A picture border.
-Make something friendly.
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*generic countdown*

Humans have over 300
Often moved from roads to high places


*generic countdown*

A writing implement
Roman numeral X


I Crush Everything

Shakespeare wrote them
Babies wear them


Must stay awake...

Is the name intentionally making fun of Reyn from Xenoblade Chronicles, or is it accidentally awesome?

A fuzzy alarm clock that won't respond to being snoozed until it gets breakfast
An integral part of baseball


Must stay awake...
*This double post on OP's request*

The answer was Cat and Bat. :p

Here's an easier one, I think;

The opposite of a short person
A retriever's favourite toy


I Crush Everything

Is on the police force
Is not a Torie


I Crush Everything

Something done with wings
Something done with fingers


Must stay awake...

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
A car of this type carries you up a mountain in Gen 3.