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shiny bagon

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So I was thinking how many ribbons do you guys have on one single pokemon, rather what is the most ribbons you have on a single pokemon. I personally have 54 on my Exploud from ruby.


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Wow, that's alot. I thought 16 on my Zapdos was good, but then again, most of them are battle ribbons.


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I think the most ribbons I've had on a single pokemon was like, 6. They were from the contests in Hoenn, mostly. I had to borrow my friend's Kingdra with like 15 ribbons just to get into the Sinnoh Ribbon Syndicate. Too lazy to do the contests I guess.


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I got all the tough rank ribbons and all the tower ribbons on Jigglypuff. :p


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I think i had like around 6-8 on one pokemon, i cant remember though which one it was, it was long ago.


27 on my lucario....
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