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Riddle Master (Always Accepting New Players)

Discussion in 'Games' started by Jordie, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Jordie

    Jordie Bang!

    You could be the next…

    Here’s a rundown of how the game is played. Ten contestants will be shown a riddle on a random topic and when they think they have solved it, they PM me the answer. All of the people who answered correctly will be safe for that round. All the incorrect answerers will have to partake in a competion. Whoever comes in last will be sent packing. That continues until the last person left is crown the Riddle Master and wins $10,000! The winner can then come back for another game. If they win four more games, they win 1 Million Dollars! Any game they win after that is worth 1 million dollars as well. When you least expect it, though, there could be a special riddle round, just waiting to eliminate you.

    I will be doing 24 hour (Give or take an hour or two) reminders for everyone who hasn't sent an answer in. For competitions that are 24 hours, I will give sooner reminders.

    1 game: $10,000
    2 games: $25,000
    3 games: $50,000
    4 games: $100,000
    5- games: $1,000,000

    While the concept is pretty simple, if you have any questions at all, PM me.
    We’ll start when 10 contestants have joined.



    1) {(•)___(•)} (Returning Champ)
    2) destroyer39
    3) Raiden193
    4) Apollo77
    5) GalladeOfSpades
    6) Crimson Penguin
    7) pupintheturd
    8) leafstormfire

    1) SasoriSand
    2) CuriousHeartless

    Riddle Masters
    Game 1: {(•)___(•)}
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2012
  2. Twentington

    Twentington Outta here!

    You're reminding me of this one other game show.

    Having said that, being the usual game show host on these forums, I might as well jump in and play.
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2012
  3. Jordie

    Jordie Bang!


    I've actually never heard of that show, so it's purely coincidence
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2012
  4. I'll sign up, why not...
  5. Aegon

    Aegon _

    I'll play .
  6. Jordie

    Jordie Bang!

    Nine more people
  7. leafstormfire

    leafstormfire ~Freezing Winds~

    I'll play!
  8. Stereotypical Nerd

    Stereotypical Nerd Well-Known Member

    Ill play! Seems fun.
  9. Robotic Wind

    Robotic Wind Banned

    I'll be joining this game
  10. Jordie

    Jordie Bang!

    All contestants should read the first post. I have made an announcement about a co-host. If any non-contestants see this, they probably already read the announcement.
  11. Apollo77

    Apollo77 John Doe

    I'd co-host, but I'd much rather be playing. Count me in. If no one else wants to co-host though, I guess I could.
  12. Mudkipzroks

    Mudkipzroks I like being nice!

    Hey can i play to please
  13. SasoriSand

    SasoriSand Master of Sand

    Can I sign up please?
  14. Jordie

    Jordie Bang!

    Everyone's in so far and we should be able to start today if we can get one more member. Be ready.
  15. The Joker.

    The Joker. Gone.

    I'll give this a gander, sign me up.
  16. Jordie

    Jordie Bang!

    Okay,everyone. Welcome to the first game of Riddle Master. I will post the first riddle below and you will have 48 hours to PM me your answer. I might give less time for the later rounds, but I'll give two days for the first round. If not many people get it, I'll make the next one a little easier. The category is Celebrities.

    My best friend was a rock
    My life had a rather short clock
    My immaculate beauty will make you weak
    Especially when subway grates take a peek
    Who am I
  17. Aegon

    Aegon _

    I have no idea. I hold little interest in celebrities, especially if this is regarding an American one.
  18. Jordie

    Jordie Bang!

    Well there will be many different topics, so if you make it to the next round, it should be easier. Sorry.
  19. Aegon

    Aegon _

    Since I can't answer this, I just hope I'll do well in the competition. :p
  20. leafstormfire

    leafstormfire ~Freezing Winds~

    Same here. Especially if the celebrity's dead.

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