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Riddle Me This! (058)


Team Awesome
Now that I think of it, that does seem odd that Blaine would have a rhydon. If he wanted to have a non-fire pokemon to throw off an opponent, he should have gotten one who wasn't just as weak to water and ground moves as his fire types are. I can't think who he might have had in its place, though.


Abort, Retry, Fail?
I don't know why Blaine has a Rhydon in his team, Rhydon is not fire-type and I don't think it can do any fire-type moves.

Also, I found it strange how Ninetale's fire overpowered Squirtle's water gun. I always thought water stops fire.


I don't know why Blaine has a Rhydon in his team, Rhydon is not fire-type and I don't think it can do any fire-type moves.

Saidon may not be a fire type, but his rock-hard skin is good for not only withstanding the gym being in a volcano, but it also allows Katsura to get an edge over fire types that trainers might use to adapt to the area. Recall how he swapped Kyuukon for Saidon as soon as Satoshi sent in Lizardon?

Also, I found it strange how Ninetale's fire overpowered Squirtle's water gun. I always thought water stops fire.

Well in this case, Kyuukon's Fire Spin was far stronger then Zenigame's Water Gun. As a result, the intense heat caused the water to warm it into steam and render it useless.

Now for some noteworthy stuff to point out...

~ Kyuukon kicking Zenigame's butt.
~ Shigeru getting the Purin treatment again. XD
~ Shigeru: "Even your Pikachu feels sorry for you, I've never seen anything so pathetic!"
Kasumi: Have you tried a mirror?
~ Satoshi and Takeshi seeing Kasumi in a towel. That would had made me scream too. o_O
~ Boober's introduction: FREAKIN AWESOME. That music nicely added to it.


Coming Ta Town
Pikachu! Go for the Horn!

uber gon

Accept Change
Anyone think this episode would've been banned because of the bath scene in today's censorship laws?


Well-Known Member
this is my fave eepisode

best storyline out of every gym i like lavaridges too
fave type for the gym
loves valcanoes almost as much as deserts
fave poekmon - magmar -

uber gon

Accept Change


Master Coordinator
his riddle were hard:p

WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
It’s been eons since I last saw the “old” episodes and I must admit, I miss them somewhat. I also miss the whole “Who’s that pokemon?” bit.

Anyways, this episode was pretty good. Man, I somewhat miss seeing Jigglypuff despite how annoying it was IMO. I kinda miss the old voices, although I’ve gotten used to the new voices already. One thing Brock mistook that I noticed was that Brock said Ninetales’ strongest attack was Fire Spin, but there’s still the matter of Fire Blast which it can learn. Yet another classic error when Rhydon is KOed by Pikachu’s Thunderbolt despite it being a Ground type.

Korobooshi Kojiro

Ah, the infamous "Aim For The Horn!".

It's weird that two Pokemon that were in this now have evolutions over 9 years later.

But easily the best Gym, and one of the best Kanto episode.


Well-Known Member
A excellent episode, Blaine is one of my favorite gym leaders since he actually makes Ash work at finding his gym. To bad Blaine had to abandon his old gym cause of tourism but at least he manged to rebuild it inside an active volcano which really gives him an advantage in the fights and seeing Pikachu battle Rhydon makes me wonder if it wasn't that battle the inspired the creators of the game to give Rhyhorn and Rhydon the lightning rod ability for later games. Also anyone else notice the the entrance to Blaine's gym is on the womens side of the hot spring makes you wonder if Blaine might be a peeper.


Don't die, ketchup!
I didn't actually like this episode. Some parts were funny, but not many.

pokemon fan 132

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Another very good episode.I like all this Blaines riddle stuff,when Ash was trying to find the gym.The battle was great,but however Charizard as usual didnt listen.The introduction of Magmar was great too,especially the battle between him and pikachu and his fire blast attack looked pretty cool.This was definitely one of hardest Ashs gym battles in Kanto.
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BSB Lover
I don't know why people think that it was so dumb/weird that Blaine's Ninetales took Ash's Squirtle out with a single Fire Spin. To me, it was a pretty effective way of showing just how out of his element Ash was, that he lost so easily despite having the type advantage - Ninetales was just significantly stronger, and that's all that it came down to. Besides, Ninetales is one of my favourite Pokemon, and I loved seeing the beauty in action, however briefly. It seemed a lot stranger, upon my first viewing, that Pikachu could take out Blaine's Rhydon, given that rock/ground types are supposed to be immune to electric attacks, no matter what the conditions, but by this stage I'm well used to that little inconsistency.
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In my nightmares
Blaines Riddle stuff was cool. But Rhydon? Why not Rapidash or Arcanine instead? :p And I still don't like how they cheat on electric attacks and ground Pokemon.
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Blue Snover

Cold as ice
I think Rhydon was a weird choice for Blaine, why would a Fire gym leader have a Rock/Ground type?

Ash trying to take it on with Pikachu, was hilarious.