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Riddle Me This! (058)


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I remember i stayed home for just watching this episode...
Blane was my fave gym leader in Kanto


I really got confused with Blaine's riddles as I didn't get it at all. But that's not why I watched this episode. I really liked the drama saved at the end of this episode when Pikachu was about to fall off the edge of the battlefield. If it happened, Pikachu would be burned from the intense lava! I got scared that it almost happened.


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I loved the fact that Ash met Gary on the boat, and Gary was actually taking a holiday. I felt kinda bad for Ash, what with him still working hard. What's with the pink shirt Gary was wearing? lol

The riddles were pretty neat, like the one about the clock. Blaine's a smart guy. Plus, I love the location of his Gym. A bit of flat surface suspended above a pool of real lava... awesome. Squirtle was horrible, Charizard was shameful, and Pikachu was the only one who did anything worth a damn. (Aim for the horn! lol)

I loved Magmar vs Pikachu. That Magmar was freakin awesome. The cliffhanger was also wicked. I rather enjoyed this episode ^^


The battle vs Blane was great, too bad that Ash lost.

If Charizard was fight, i'm sure Ash was beat that Magmar.


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Blaine was my favourite gym leader when I was seeing the series for the first time, and still is. I think the battle is awesome; also, I like it how in the original series Ash does not easily beat all of the gym leaders on the first try.


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This episode was enjoyable even if you realize Blaine is the quiz guy. He can't fool anyone.

But yeah, Gary was really really mean in this one, Cinnabar Island in the anime looks like something you would never expect, full of tourists and crowded, it was a nice change.

Blaine was one of the strongest gym leaders in Kanto without doubt, Ash got a beating with him in this one.


Let's go to the beach, each.
Loved the boat scene where Gary tells Ash that there isn't a gym on Cinnabar. It's one of the first times that Gary is wrong.

Loved how Blaine disguised himself as a "hippie" and tried to help Ash solve the riddle of the hidden gym. The battle itself was unexpected. Never thought Pikachu would beat a Rhydon and then almost get itself killed by Magmar.

All in all, 9/10

Hikari Paradise

Forever Alone
Ah! The episode with the infamous "Aim for the horn" line. It makes no sense that it worked and it furthermore makes no sense why Blaine is even using a rhydon. Shouldn't he have an arcanine or a rapidash instead.


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This was 1 of the better Gym-loss battles. It was bizarre seeing Pikachu win by striking the horn with an electric attack. Too bad Ash lost... Very cool seeing Ninetales in a gym battle.



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My favourite part of this episode was when Magmar rose out of the lava. I thought that was a cool and unique way of sending out a Pokemon to battle, and that image has stuck with me for years.

I also remember the "aim for the horn" part, too. It didn't really bother me when I first saw it, because I think it was before I really knew a lot about Pokemon types. I could tell that Rhydon wasn't a fire type, but that really didn't bother me. I figured it was a rock type, so I thought that suited the whole volcano theme (guess I knew even at age six that rocks can be formed when magma/lava cools).

The only thing I didn't like about this episode was Blaine's design. I wish they used his game design, it suits him better. :/


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I have this episode on VHS, and I still chuckle at Ash saying: the answer is an electric blanket in a fridge!


The riddles in this episode were pretty amusing. I would've liked some more of the episode to be spent on exploring the city more but I guess it needed to be made way to see Ash get beaten down in a battle. It's funny how strong Magmar seemed in it's debut but it never seemed to carry it beyond this episode any of its intimidation. A pretty good episode.


aka Lamia
The riddles in this episode were funny, almost as funny as Blaine's wig. When it got to the actual battle though, I think the producers made it all seem a little bit extreme. He may be a fire Gym Leader, but to actually battle with lava underneath?!! It did, however, make Magmar's introduction that much more epic. And I agree that Blaine shouldn't have had a Rhydon. It was a little bit random. And it seems that Lightning Rod works in a completely opposite way to the games.
- "Pikachu, aim for the horn!" Anime not working like the games, which is a very good thing.
- Blaine's riddles.
- Magmar coming from down the volcano.
- Gary teasing Ashyboy.
- Misty being (probably) naked (aside from her towel), and screaming "DON'T WATCH" to Ash and Brock.
Misty solving all of the riddles was cool. Blaine was a little offputting, I have to say. He seemed like Clay (Unova) a little bit in the way of being mean during the Gym Battle. Squirtl being taken out by a single Fire Spin ticked me off. I don't care if it Nintales' strongest move or not, Squirtle is a Water Type. -_- Pikachu should not ahve been able to take out Rhydon; especially since LightningRod is supposed to stop Electric Attacks, not knock it out...


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Hhaah, Blaine and his riddles were amazing. I would go as far to say that Blaine is without a doubt, the most strongest Gym leader in Kanto. His Pokémon and their capabilities were superb and without a doubt - proven to be in excellent condition. I always loved the Japanese influence in this episode too and Gary's appearance was interesting too.
I like Blaine. In games, I really don't care too much for him. But, his Ninetales is powerful, KO'ing Squirtle with one Fire Spin. And Ash annoyed me when he didn't want to give up when Brock told him to.