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Ridiculous NPC's in Pokemon


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What is the problem here? I see nothing wrong when a gym leader trying to describe his/ her Pokémon.

I'm not sure if you understand... it's a penis joke.


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Pokemon Emerald is even funnier, especially since in that game everyone in the Battle Frontier talks in all caps.
My favourite was "EVERY BATTLE HAS A SMELL".

It's because all of the Battle Frontier trainers in Emerald talked with the phrases that you are forced to talk with, leading to some humorous situations.


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In Pokemon X, the lady who reads the pokemon's memories. Each pokemon has one memory. My starter Delphox remembers helping me look in a trash can at a school.

I've kept Delphox in my party at all times since I started the game. Thanks. I'm glad that is the most memorable part of my pokemon journey six badges into the game was rummaging around in a trash can.

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I played for the fun in German once and on route 10 a NPC said: Ein stein ist ein stein ist ein stein*. It doesn't sound that funny to me. (*Translation: A rock is a rock is a rock.)