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Rika's Random Junk

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Rika_of_Thunder, May 3, 2009.

  1. Rika_of_Thunder

    Rika_of_Thunder a sleepy creature

    Behold my attempts at art~! XD Yeah, I don't know if anyone remembers, but I did a bunch of Pokemon blob thingies a while back, then kinda just disappeared XD BUT I am back, and will be updating, um, when I remember.... The stuff may not be brand new, but it's all recent~
    Any way, here's a pokeblob, it's kinda old, but the old thread is gone, and I kinda liked this one~

    Some random anthro character of mine....


    A flareon I doodled in my civics class~

    More will come later~! 8D
  2. Rika_of_Thunder

    Rika_of_Thunder a sleepy creature

    Holy meep these look bad D8
    I wish there was some way I could clean up my flareon blob...
    Ah well, more craptastic stuff comin soon~
  3. Rika_of_Thunder

    Rika_of_Thunder a sleepy creature

    More pictures, wheee~!
    This is my fan digimon, Amphiteromon~ Yeah...ignore the grass and failed attempt at lightning XD I was still trying to figure out how to use photoshop while making this one~

    This is a wolf-collie mix I did by request~ The coloring is called blue merle~ It took a while, to say the least |D
  4. kirby8933083

    kirby8933083 mai husbando

    Oh, I remember your old art thread! With all of the adorable chibi eevee & chimchar evolutions. The Flareon blob actually looks pretty darn good and not to mention cute! Everything looks pretty set about it, same as in the other Flareon picture.

    As the first photoshop picture goes, I remember that from your old thread too. XD So many crazy colors put together. Though one thing I see now is on the little hair tuff sticking up, it doesn't really spring up from the head that much on one side. :/ If you know what I mean. x_x

    I do like the Collie/Wolf mix. It might look a bit more Wolf like in my opinion, if it had a larger snout/jaw. Right now, it looks pretty slender, even for a collie. I simply adore the eyes on this picture though. *_* And the look of the fur is lovely also.

    Oh, and maybe this will help with lightning, the lines seem a bit straight. Ya'know? Usually lightning is a bit more jagged & scraggy. I can see how you tried to make some lines of the lightning brighter & thicker than others, and that was a good idea. ^^ I say keep up the good work and I hope I helped at least a little bit. x_x
  5. Light Venusaur

    Light Venusaur Konoha's FMA Ninja

    The 1st Flareon pic reminds me of the Pokedoll
    I love the 2nd one just as much.
    Yes, I'm a sucker for Eeveelutions & Lions.

    If your haveing trouble of doing lightning...maybe some brushes will work.
    *Look on devianART for them.*
  6. Rika_of_Thunder

    Rika_of_Thunder a sleepy creature

    Lol, you're right XD I so want that plush now~

    I've tried downloading brushes from deviantart, but I can't get it to work D8

    Thank you for commenting~!

    I remember you too~! 8D

    Hm, I think I see what you're saying

    Thank you~! I think I made the snout a bit too slender XD It looks a bit odd to me... Thank you~ the eyes were fun to do~

    Ooh, that sounds like a good idea~ I plan on re-doing that pic since it was a good concept~ Thanks for the input~!
    Last edited by a moderator: May 6, 2009
  7. Rika_of_Thunder

    Rika_of_Thunder a sleepy creature

    Whee more updates~! 8D

    This is my eevee character, Lunaria~ I was gonna color it, but I forgot to make a new layer when I did the outlines...oops....

    This is a kitty version of my all time favorite character, Elk, from my favorite series, .hack~
  8. Killer Grunt

    Killer Grunt Well-Known Member

    Hmm very nice, its always good to see a few different styles being used. I especially like the second Flareon, the bright colours just stand out or maybe im just in a bright mood who knows.

    I dont have much to say in the way of criticism except a couple of lines look a bit rough here and there but thats nothing major and even intentional for all i know.

    Anyway i hope to see more pics from you soon and good luck :D
  9. Rika_of_Thunder

    Rika_of_Thunder a sleepy creature

    Thank you so much~! Lol, I always like using bright colors~ Yes, my line art tends to be very sketchy XD I seem incapable of drawing a straight line... |D
  10. Rika_of_Thunder

    Rika_of_Thunder a sleepy creature

    Okies, time for more junk! 8D

    Here be a pikachu (a minechu actually) I adopted~ His name is Ryu~ DARN YOU INABILITY TO DRAW PIKACHU!!! DX

    I drew this for my mom for mother's day~ Its way more recent than the other things I've been posting XD

    And last, here's a VERY quick ref of my fursona, Rika~
  11. dawsoc

    dawsoc Yes, I'm still alive

    i thought the flareons were cute,the cutest one was the first one!
  12. Rika_of_Thunder

    Rika_of_Thunder a sleepy creature

    Thank you~! I was actually thinking of continuing doin those lil pokeblobs... wonder if I should~
  13. Rika_of_Thunder

    Rika_of_Thunder a sleepy creature

    Randomness~! 8D

    This is a NiGHTS character of mine~ Lol, I forgot to add my watermark |D

    I dunno.. I think the face looks a bit odd....
  14. Rika_of_Thunder

    Rika_of_Thunder a sleepy creature

    More stuff....soon.....I think.....I got a bunch of new brushes (my friend figured out how to download them for me) so I will be able to make more prettiful things~
  15. kirby8933083

    kirby8933083 mai husbando

    Ooh! I was hoping you would remember me too! XD

    I must say, that the Night character drawing, Lunaria drawing and the kiddiezed Elk drawing are so far maybe the best of your bunch. Seriously, they are excellent.

    And I know what you mean with the inability to draw pikachu's. ;_; They are so hard to get just right. I think on yours, the body is mostly right, maybe the feet are a bit large but it's still really cute. With the way the face looks, the ears aren't just right. The should sort of taper in towards the head instead of staying wide. The actual shape of the head you have now is sort of round, it shouldn't be so round. It should jet out a bit where the round electric sacs are but then it should come back in again, but not too too much. Ya know? ^^; Yea, Pikachu's are hard to draw. Still it's just as cute as all of your other pictures. <3
  16. Rika_of_Thunder

    Rika_of_Thunder a sleepy creature

    Whee~! 8D

    Thank you so much for that~ I really need to draw a colored pic of Lunaria |D

    And thanks much for the advice~! I never noticed that about the ears~ I'll have to do another pic of Ryu~ but for now, more updates! 8D

    This was a request from a friend of mine~ Sigh....I can't draw humans very well... |D
  17. Michiyo

    Michiyo Banned

    Wow~nice arts Rika!
    I like ur works..they all look awesome^^
    You're a great artist! xD
  18. Rika_of_Thunder

    Rika_of_Thunder a sleepy creature

    Thank you so much!! X3
    I'm so glad you like my art~!
  19. dawsoc

    dawsoc Yes, I'm still alive

    those two were good also!
  20. Rika_of_Thunder

    Rika_of_Thunder a sleepy creature

    Thank you~!! X3

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