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Rikue's Pokemon Shop -- FT: 6IV, 0 SPD, JPN Dittos & Shinies; LF: Masterballs, Apriballs, HAs


Pokemon Shield

I'm Rikue, and I am currently continuing my post-game playthrough of Pokemon Shield. My in-game name (IGN) is Ymir, and my Nintendo Switch FC is SW-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.

In most instances, I would like to trade like Pokemon 1-for-1 (i.e. shiny for shiny), however if there is a particular Pokemon you are looking for, please do not hesitate to PM me. As an avid Pokemon breeder, I often have spares in boxes that I would be willing to part with freely.

Hidden Ability Pokemon (A-Z)
*** Note: Listed evolutions and their respective abilities are just for reference. I am not offering evolved HA Pokemon at this time. ***

Applin, HA Bulletproof

Appletun, HA Thick Fat
Flapple, HA Hustle

Arrokuda, HA Propeller Tail
Barraskewda, HA same as previous

Blipbug, HA Telepathy
Dottler, Orbeetle, HA same as previous

Caterpie, HA Run Away
Metapod, HA does not exist
Butterfree, HA Tinted Lens

Charmander, HA Solar Power

Charmeleon, Charizard, HA same as previous

Corsola, HA Cursed Body

Cursola, HA Perish Body

Cufant, HA Heavy Metal

Copperajah, HA same as previous

Cutiefly, HA Sweet Veil
Ribombee, HA same as previous
Darumaka, HA Inner Focus
Darmanitan, HA Zen Mode

Dreepy, HA Cursed Body

Drakloak, Dragapult, HA same as previous

Drilbur, HA Mold Breaker
Excadrill, HA same as previous

Eevee, HA Anticipation

Falinks, HA Defiant

Farfetch'd, HA Scrappy

Sirfetch'd, HA same as previous

Goomy, HA Gooey
Sliggoo, Goodra, HA same as previous

Gothita, HA Shadow Tag
Gothorita, HA same as previous
Gothitelle, HA same as previous

Growlithe, HA Justified
Arcanine, HA same as previous

Helioptile, HA Solar Power
Heliolisk, HA same as previous

Indeedee (F), HA Psychic Surge

Indeedee (M), HA Psychic Surge

Jangmo-O, HA Overcoat
Hakamo-O, Kommo-O, HA same as previous

Klink, HA Clear Body
Klang, HA same as previous
Klinklang, HA same as previous

Lapras, HA Hydration

Litwick, HA Infiltrator
Lampent, HA same as previous
Chandelure, HA same as previous

Magikarp, HA Rattled

Gyarados, HA Moxie

Mareanie, HA Regenerator
Toxapex, HA same as previous

Milcery, HA Aroma Veil

Alcremie, HA same as previous

Onix, HA Weak Armor
Steelix, HA Sheer Force

Pichu, HA Lightning Rod

Pikachu, HA same as previous
Raichu, HA same as previous

Pincurchin, HA Electric Surge

Ralts, HA Telepathy
Kirlia, HA same as previous
Gardevoir, HA same as previous
Gallade, HA Justified

Rolycoly, HA Flash Fire

Carkoal, HA same as previous
Coalossal, HA same as previousm
Rookidee, HA Big Pecks
Corvisquire, HA same as previous
Corviknight, HA Mirror Armor
Rufflet, HA Hustle
Braviary, HA Defiant

Sableye, HA Prankster

Shuckle, HA Contrary

Snom, HA Ice Scales

Frosmoth, HA same as previous

Spritzee, HA Aroma Veil

Aromatisse, HA same as previous

Togepi, HA Super Luck

Togetic, HA same as previous
Togekiss, HA same as previous

Tympole, HA Water Absorb
Palpitoad, Seismitoad, HA same as previous

Vanillite, HA Weak Armor
Vanillish, HA same as previous
Vanilluxe, HA same as previous

Vulpix, HA Drought
Ninetails, HA same as previous

Wooper, HA Unaware

Quagsire, HA same as previous

Shiny Pokemon (A-Z)
*** Currently trading these for special balls (1x - 3x) only, i.e. beast, heavy, lure, dream, level, etc. ***


Volt Absorb | Serious | F | X/X/31/X/31/X


Cursed Body | Brave | F | 31/31/31/X/31/X




Justified | Quirky | M | 31/31/31/31/X/X


Snow Cloak | Modest | F | X/X/31/31/31/31


Limber | Bold | F | 31/31/31/31/X/X


Dry Skin | Quiet | F | 31/X/31/X/31/31

Indeedee (F)



Volt Absorb | Serious | F | X/X/31/X/31/X


Justified| Bold | F | 31/31/31/31/X/X


Guts | Docile | M | 31/X/31/31/X/X


PM me for details.

Mr. Rime

Screen Cleaner | Modest | X/X/31/31/31/31






Plus| Impish | F | 31/X/31/X/31/31

G-Max Pokemon (A-Z)


*** Currently trading these for Masterballs (1x) only ***

JPN, 6IV Ditto

ENG, 0 SPD, 5IV Ditto

JPN, 0 SPD, 5IV Ditto

Things I Am Seeking
*** Note: These things are not required to conduct trades with me but, if you happen to have them, I am interested in them. The 1-for-1 rule still applies here, unless otherwise arranged. ***
High Priority
  • Any hidden ability Pokemon that I do not have listed above
  • Shiny Seedot
  • Apriballs (Beast, Moon, Heavy, Lure, Dream, etc.)
  • Masterballs
Low Priority
  • Any of the Pokemon listed above in the hidden ability category, caught in an apriball (i.e. a non-HA Vulpix in a love ball would count because I do not have one.)
  • Any of the Pokemon listed above in the hidden ability category that has an egg move (i.e. a non-HA Applin with Defense Curl would count because I do not already have one).
  • Pretty much any Pokemon caught in a Beast Ball, especially if it is on my hidden ability Pokemon list.

Many thanks to...

Ghost94 for always going above and beyond to help myself and the Serebii community

Hydrangea for helping me finally get my much sought after HA Applin.

SoulPKMN for generously giving me an HA Tympole and apriball!
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Pokemon Shield
Funnily enough I just received an HA Snom from someone else. If you have any other HA mons let me know, otherwise PM me and we can work something out.


Well-Known Member
Would you be interested in a HA Friend ball Togepi for a Moon ball Snom? If not i have a ton of other things


Well-Known Member
I'm interested in tympole, wooper, shuckle.
I can't remember if I already have a moon ball HA dreepy and I aldo like moon ball snom.
I have a plenty of HAs to offer: what about togepi drilbur timburr machop(moon ball) and indeedee(moon ball)?


Well-Known Member
Hey I was wondering if you were able to trade for a HA vulpix . I have a ton to offer when it comes to HA pokes, I didn’t see rufflet or Braviary on your list so possibly that. If not just make an offer and hopefully I can provide!


Pokemon Shield
Hey I was wondering if you were able to trade for a HA vulpix . I have a ton to offer when it comes to HA pokes, I didn’t see rufflet or Braviary on your list so possibly that. If not just make an offer and hopefully I can provide!
Sure thing! I'll pm you.


still in a dream, skin eater
interested in: 5iv justified growlithe
FT: 5IV cleffa with egg move aromatherapy

it's not much but let me know if you're up to trade! I'm EST time.