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Ring Masters! (196)

This episode was strange! Why did the announcer kept on singing before the match. How couldn't they recognize that a Wobbuffet was under that Milktank costume. Yay Snorlax he is one of my favorite pokemons!!


Great tournament, i loved how Snorlax participate in it, and won it too..
And i loved to see a Feraligatr fighting.
Golem and Blastoise were also great.


Let's go to the beach, each.
Wow this episode was showed something similar to a Pokethlon competition in HG/SS. I liked that it was a competition, since most Fillers focus on something boring.

Ash and Co, meet a Feraligatr trainer who wants to join a Sumo competition. I knew Ash would have to participate, he always enjoys winning these things. The fights for the most part were pretty cool, though Ash's Snorlax was better built to deal with this sort of thing.

I cannot believe Ash won though, even if Snorlax is strong, it didn't have any Sumo training. King's Rock would come in handy later. 9/10

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
Did anyone else noticed an Arbok in the list of competitors? If an Arbok is heavy enough (Which I don't see how it could even keep a opponent back) to be used then why didn't Jessie use Arbok instead?

Nice to see Snorlax again, I guess it would be granted that he knew how to do it. For some reason I didn't like that director that much. And the guy who was singing the Pokemon names was a bit weird


No longer posting
This was a very cool episode! It was cool seeing Feraligatr for the 1st time, he's cool and strong! The Sumo competition was awesome to watch! I'm glad Ash won it. Wobbufet dressed as Miltank was hilarious!


Champion Jared 14

Well-Known Member
Ash had to rotate his Noctowl to get Snorlax for this match...cool...
I like how Snorlax woke up instantly at the mention of the food!!
Team Rocket sucks, Wobbuffet as a Miltank? lol
I think the Pharoah from Yugioh's voice actor was in this episode!
Ahh! Epic showdown! Feraligatr Vs Blastoise!!

Ash ended up winning with his Snorlax!! This episode seems like it was repeated in the Pokeathlon.

Ash won his King's Rock here, which was also used as a plot device to evolve Misty's Poliwhirl!


Well-Known Member
This was a great episode. Glad Snorlax was the main character. It was really cool seein Feraligatr for the first time also. Wobbufet as Miltank=Win

I love this episode. Snorlax was nice, it was good to see him again, and seeing him eat the prize food. Feraligatr made a nice debbute in his introduction episode. And let's not forget to mention Wobbuffet in his awesome and epic Miltank costume... And the announcer was great! What an awesome episode, 10/10.


Well, the animation sucked. That's not the worst part of this episode though.

It's the fact that Ash won the damn competition. What the hell? It's ****ing ridiculous how people like this Ash more than any other Ash. Johto Ash is clearly the worst rendition of Ash in the entire series. Besides that, Team Rocket shouldn't have been in this episode. They did nothing. Or at least, have them advance into the semi-finals to face Ash or something. Seriously.


Scarlett starlett
Look's like everybody wins in this episode. Ash wins a contest, Misty gets a new Pokemon in Politoed later on, and Snorlax gets dinner. Happy days :D


Well-Known Member
How the referee is announcing the Pokémon is awesome ( From the Weeeeest, Ursaaaaring) I liked this episode and it was awesome introduction to Feraligatr, coupled with the battles both Raiden and Ash did, it became one of my favorite episodes out of the entire season 4.


Well-Known Member
A great episode, it was nice seeing Snorlax again. Very cool seeing Feraligatr in it's debut and how Misty loved it. Funny how Ash told Tododile that someday it'll become a Feraligatr when it never does. The referee singing really annoyed me though. Nice to see Ash won the King's Rock which will be used as a plot device for Misty's Poliwhirl to evolve into Politoed later on.


Anti Drew & paul fan
I liked this episode, I wish more events like this were shown in the anime. Snorlax really shined here!


Well-Known Member
Great filler in my opinion and it is funny to see that Kabigon actually destroyed the scale when measuring weight. Counter from Sonans is the best move in this episode because he just took the damage and send the opponent out of the ring. Love to see the water starters are fighting too. Kabigon surely has a big stomach because he can eat one year food in one go.
I thought that having the referee sing the Pokemon who were competing was a neat touch. :)


Finally we saw Ash use Snorlax again even though I would've liked if Heracross got used here too so he could get more development. 7/10

Mrs. Oreo

I really enjoyed the sumo pokemon tourney and I was surprised that Ash brought back his Snorlax for that. I didn't think he would win at first given how Snorlax didn't seem motivated, but I'm glad he won the King's Rock.