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Ring of Fire

Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by WhyBuffet, Jan 28, 2015.

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  1. WhyBuffet

    WhyBuffet Pokémon Breeder


    Our spirit burns intensively when we battle! We play with passion! We strike like a wildfire! Welcome to the Ring of Fire!
    If you are a new applicant, be sure to read the entirety of this post for all the rules!!!
    ~ click on the banner to visit the guild's super spreadsheet ~

    This guild has a long and varied history, extending back to the days when guilds were known as clans, and when the concept of clans was first beginning. The clan was originally known as The Hoenn Triangle, and had many happy members who battled, traded, and had fun within their group. Years later, The Hoenn Triangle was disbanded due to some now-defunct guild rules (which is a bit sad) and one of the The Hoenn Triangle members, Mega Typhlosion (formerly Fire Hero), decided to start his own guild in order to fill the Dark Void that the closing of The Hoenn Triangle had left.
    Thus, The Ring of Fire was born. Some time passed, and Mega Typhlosion decided to pass the torch of leadership onto me, and that is where we are today.

    Here in the Ring of Fire, we try to make sure every member can find a way to contribute and to enjoy their time in the guild. We put an equal emphasis on the competitive and non-competitive aspects of Pokémon, with ample opportunities to contribute to either. We encourage all members to be active within the guild and we'll always try to make our members happy. If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding anything guild-related, please feel free to PM either myself or the admins, and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.
    ~ click on a userbar to visit that leader/admin's forum profile ~




    Guild Chat (via Skype)


    1. All SPP Forums rules apply.
    2. All guild section rules apply.
    3. All forms of spam are forbidden. Please keep the thread clean and contribute with relevant posts.
    4. Respect the leader's decisions. If you disagree with something, please discuss it by PM (not VM).
    5. Do not boast (and/or) try to get sympathy about ranks.
    6. Respect all other members.
    7. Discussing/offering/requesting hacked Pokémon and cheating devices is strictly forbidden by SSPf and we won't tolerate any kind of breaking of this rule.
    8. Read the entirety of the Inactivity Rules below.
    9. Be literate. Keep the posts clean.
    10. Be active. Check the lines below about how inactivity is handled.
    11. Saying anything positive about Smogon's Shadow Tag ban will result in immediate expulsion from the guild.

    Inactivity Rules

    • Inactivity in this guild refers to a member posting infrequently or not at all.
    • Activity refers to regular participation in things such as guild battles, Spotlight Challenges, Guildmaster's Tasks, or even general discussion.
    • If the leader feels that a member has become inactive, that member's name will go red on the member list in the OP.
    • It is the responsibility of each individual guild member to check on his/her activity status via the member list.
    • If a member's name remains red on the member list for a prolonged period of time, that member will be removed from the guild and must reapply.
    • A member removed from the guild in this manner will be ineligible for re-application until the guild leader sees fit.
    • In addition, all MP, BP, Abilities, etc. the member earned will be lost.
    • If you PM the guild leader about your absence, the inactivity rules will not apply to you for a month.
    • The inactivity rules to not apply to you if you have the Golden Truant Ability.
    • The inactivity rules are in place to prevent guild members from joining the guild then remaining inactive indefinitely;
      as such, an on-topic and well thought-out post every two weeks generally constitutes activity.
    • Put the secret code "Blue Flare" somewhere in your guild application to prove you have read the inactivity rules.


    To join the guild, please fill out the following form:

    If you fail to apply successfully three times, you won't be able to apply again for a month!

    3DS Friend Code:
    PS Name:
    Desired Division:
    Favorite In-Game Activity:
    Favorite Battle Tier:
    Referrer (if any):
    About You:
    Why do you Want to Join a Guild?:
    Do you know the secret code?


    This section provides a calendar list of any and all special events that take place in the guild during the year.
    Special giveaways and prizes may be given out during these events, so make sure you pay close attention to the date!
    To view the special events, click the calendar below to access the calendar spreadsheet.



    January 3, 2016: The Ring of Fire has been massively overhauled for the new year.

    February 10, 2016: The Ring of Fire has once again been massively overhauled.

    April 25, 2016: The Ring of Fire has been massively overhauled... Again.

    May 29, 2016: The Ring of Fire compiled a "Gym Leader CCAT" -
    A Top 5 list of the toughest Gym Leaders! (click here)

    Shade2000 (banner)
    Astral Shadow (userbars)
    saikopathiccow (guild chat)
    Mega Typhlosion (lettering)
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2016
  2. WhyBuffet

    WhyBuffet Pokémon Breeder

    In order to consolidate guild information easily and effectively, The Ring of Fire possesses a "super spreadsheet," containing all relevant guild and member data.
    The "super spreadsheet" can be found here and will be linked several times throughout the opening posts.​

    i. Divisions

    ii. Points

    iii. Abilities

    iv. Join Avenue


    Here in the Ring of Fire, we have two divisions that you can join: the Bright Flame Division and the Dark Flames Division.
    The division you decide to join ultimately comes down to personal preference, as no one division is better than the other.
    The divisions exist in the event of inter-guild tournaments or some contests.

    You move up in the ranks by accumulating Magma Storm Points (MP).
    Some ranks will provide guild members with perks. The perks, as well as each division with ranks, are detailed below:

    Cyndaquil Rank
    Rank Earned at: Beginning Rank

    Growlithe Rank
    Rank Earned at: 50 MP
    Perk: Gain access to Join Avenue.


    Braixen Rank
    Rank Earned at: 100 MP
    Perk: Unlock an Ability Slot.

    Rapidash Rank
    Rank Earned at: 150 MP

    Volcarona Rank
    Rank Earned at: 250 MP
    Perk: Unlock a second Ability Slot.

    Typhlosion Rank
    Rank Earned at: 500 MP

    Delphox Rank
    Rank Earned at: 750 MP
    Perk: Unlock a third Ability Slot.

    Charizard Rank
    Rank Earned at: 1000 MP


    Houndour Rank
    Rank-Up: Beginning Rank

    Litleo Rank
    Rank Earned at: 50 MP
    Perk: Gain access to Join Avenue.

    Lampent Rank
    Rank Earned at: 100 MP
    Perk: Unlock an Ability Slot.

    Marcargo Rank
    Rank Earned at: 150 MP

    Ninetales Rank
    Rank Earned at: 250 MP
    Perk: Unlock a second Ability Slot.

    Chandelure Rank
    Rank Earned at: 500 MP

    Houndoom Rank
    Rank Earned at: 750 MP
    Perk: Unlock a third Ability Slot.

    Charizard Rank
    Rank Earned at: 1000 MP



    There are 4 types of points in the guild:

    Magma Storm Points (MP)
    These points determine your rank. By accumulating MP, you rank up in the guild.​

    Blue Flare Points (BP)
    These points are the guild currency. You use BP for purchases in Join Avenue. You can also trade them in for MP.​

    V-Create Points (VP)
    These points determine your war team rank. By accumulating VP, your rank up in the war team.​

    Sacred Fire Points (SP)
    These special points are the rarest type of points, and the most difficult to obtain.
    SP can be substituted for any other type of point in the guild, for triple its original worth!​

    Certain types of points can be traded in for other types of points.
    In order to trade in points, simply PM the guild leader with the type and amount of points you wish to trade, as well as indicating the type of points you wish to receive in return.
    The trade-in value for points is listed below:

    2 BP 1 MP

    1 SP
    3 MP

    1 SP
    3 BP

    There are several methods of obtaining these points,
    which can be found under the "General Info" section of the super spreadsheet.


    Within this guild is a fantastic feature called Abilities, which function similar to Pokémon Abilities. These guild Abilities offer different benefits to guild members.
    Once a guild member reaches a certain rank, he/she will gain access to an Ability Slot, which can be filled with one Ability.

    There are two methods of changing an Ability:

    • You can pay 100 BP
    • You can change any Ability once free of charge upon every rank-up.

    The complete list of Abilities can be found under the "General Info" section of the super spreadsheet.


    In Pokémon Black 2/White 2, there is an area called Join Avenue.
    In that area, NPC versions of the people you passed by would set up shops.
    These shops would offer a variety of services, from Pokémon meals to Pokémon training to item collecting to Egg hatching, and many more.

    The Ring of Fire has its own variation of Join Avenue.
    In the Ring of Fire Join Avenue, guild members are free to set up shop in whatever Pokémon-related area they choose.
    Once a shop is set up, other guild members are free to purchase whatever goods and services they want from the available shops.

    Join Avenue Shops

    WhyBuffet's Level-Up Hut
    Drop a Pokémon off at WhyBuffet's Level-Up Hut to have it battle ready in no time!

    - Level-Up Service
    - Complimentary EV Training Service Provided with Level-Up Service!

    DJSummers' Workshop
    Come test your teams against DJ's Monotype Teams!
    You pick the type you want to face, and I'll bring my Skills & Knowledge of the Type!

    - Test Testing Service
    - Team Building Service

    MoonSong's Mega Mansion
    The Mega Mansion can accomadate everything related to Mega Evolution needs.
    All Mega Stones available for trade, X/Y and OR/AS exclusive stones, and the Mega Stone will be traded by the Pokémon it matches.

    - Mega Stone trading
    - Trading Pokémon/pre-evolutions capable of Mega evolution (IV Bred, EV Trained upon request)

    MoonSong's Berry Boutique
    The Berry Boutique will provide you with anything for all your Berry farming needs, from Mulch to the berries themselves!
    Want that those EV-reducing berries for the easy happiness? Grab a berry from the Berry Boutique and farm away!

    - Trading Berries/Mulch

    WhyBuffet's Battle Resort Cartel
    The Battle Resort is home to a wide variety of resources... Battle items, move tutoring...
    WhyBuffet's Battle Resort Cartel can hook you up
    with what you need from the Battle Resort! ...for a price.

    - Battle Resort Items
    - Move Tutor Moves

    For details on prices, visit the "Join Avenue" section of the super spreadsheet.

    Join Avenue Rules:

    1) Shops can offer any Pokémon-related service (Pokémon breeding, Mega Stone collecting, etc).
    2) However, it is up to the discretion of the guild leader whether your shop is approved.
    3) Shop owners must charge BP for their services; the services and prices are left completely up to the shop owner.
    4) In addition to BP, shop owners may charge other things (items, Pokémon, etc) if they feel their services warrant such a charge.
    5) In order to purchase goods and services from shops, please PM the owner of the shop directly to set up negotiations.
    6) Any BP spent by a buyer will be transferred to the shop owner.
    7) A guild member may own a maximum of 2 shops.
    8) If you ever wish to makes any service/price changes to your shop, PM the changes to the guild leader.
    9) If you wish to set up a shop in Join Avenue, please fill out the shop registration form (located below), and PM the completed form to the guild leader for approval.
    10) Once the shop has been approved, the shop details will appear in both this section and the "Join Avenue" section of the super spreadsheet.
    11) When you purchase goods and services from a shop, fill out the Recent Purchases form (located below), and post the completed form in the guild.​

    Shop Registration Form
    Name of Shop:
    Shop Description:
    What Services will your Shop Provide:
    Please list all services below with a price breakdown for each:
    Please list any other important details about your shop:

    Shop Registration Form - Example
    Name of Shop: WhyBuffet's Level-Up Hut
    Shop Description: Drop a Pokémon off at WhyBuffet's Level-Up Hut to have it battle ready in no time!
    What Services will your Shop Provide: 
    - leveling up guild member's Pokémon
    - EV training service (free with level up service)
    Please list all services below with a price breakdown for each:
    Raise a Pokémon by 20 levels: 20 BP
    Raise a Pokémon by 30 levels: 30 BP
    Raise a Pokémon by 40 levels: 40 BP
    Raise a Pokémon by 50 levels: 50 BP
    Raise a Pokémon by 60 levels: 55 BP
    Raise a Pokémon by 70 levels: 60 BP
    Raise a Pokémon from level 1 to level 100: 60 BP + 1 PP Up
    Please list any other important details about your shop:
    - limit one Pokémon in the shop per Trainer per day

    Recent Purchases Form
    Name of Shop Visited:
    Service Purchased:

    Astral Shadow (userbars)
    Mega Typhlosion (lettering)
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2016
  3. WhyBuffet

    WhyBuffet Pokémon Breeder


    Below is the list of members in the Ring of Fire, separated by division.
    Click on any member's name to visit their forum profile.

    A name in green indicates that the guild member is currently active within the guild.
    (Members with the Golden Truant Ability will always have their name in green, regardless of activity.)
    A name in red indicates that the guild member is currently inactive within the guild, and is at risk of being removed from the guild.
    A name with a silver star beside it indicates that the guild member is an admin.
    A name with a gold star beside it indicates that the guild member is the guild leader.​

    To keep track of your current Magma Storm Point count, Blue Flare Point count, Abilities, etc.,
    visit the corresponding page on the super spreadsheet.

    Please note that your username will not appear on any super spreadsheet pages until you have actually earned any type of points.



    Astral Shadow (userbars)
    Mega Typhlosion (lettering)
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2016
  4. WhyBuffet

    WhyBuffet Pokémon Breeder


    Welcome to the Ring of Fire Competitive Corner!
    This section of the guild deals with all things battle-related, so if you're interested in some battles, this is the place to be!

    Battling can be done in any format (ie. Smogon OU, Smogon RU, Battle Spot Flat rules, Double Battles, etc.) as long as both Trainers have agreed upon the battle format prior to battle.
    Guild members will earn MP/BP for participating in battles, both for wins and losses (though wins will earn you more MP/BP). Double Battles will earn guild members even more MP/BP.
    After you battle, please post the following form:

    Guild Battle
    Battled with: [username]
    Winner: [username]
    Battle Format:
    Comments [if any]:
    Either battler can post the completed results form in order for MP/BP to be updated.
    If any problems ever arise (ie. an opponent posts incorrect information on a results form) please PM the guild leader/admins immediately.

    Mega Typhlosion (lettering)
    Astral Shadow (userbars)
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2016
  5. WhyBuffet

    WhyBuffet Pokémon Breeder


    Welcome to the Ring of Fire Casual Corner!
    The idea of this section is to take a break from the competitive scene and have some fun inside our guild, with activities such as shiny hunts and pop quizzes.
    Whenever you see one of the casual corner icons around the guild, you know you're in for a good time!

    Guild members are free to post their own challenges in the guild, provided the challenges fit the formats of the activities below and the guild member PMs the guild leader for approval.
    Guild members can earn MP and BP for creating puzzles, as well as for completing them.


    This feature provides the guild with some fun and interesting Pokémon facts that competitive and casual players alike can enjoy!
    From time to time, a new Pokémon factoid or piece of trivia will be posted in the guild.


    In this feature, a simple phrase will be provided, with the ending of the phrase omitted. In order to help you discover the ending of the phrase, a series of questions will be provided. The question topics can range from the Pokémon anime to in-game details, characters, or events, and anything Pokémon related in between. Once you discover an answer to a question, fill the letters into the spaces provided. Several of the spaces are coloured red. The letters in these spaces make up the end of the phrase, but they are all scrambled. The first one to decipher the ending of the phrase using the letters from the clues will be declared the winner!


    Q: The name of this guild feature is the Pokémon…

    1. The evolved form of Wooper: Q U A G S I R E

    2. Finish the drink trio: Fresh Water, Soda Pop, ________: L E M O N A D E

    3. Scraggy’s Japanese name: Z U R U G G U

    4. An item rarer than a Calcium or Carbos: P P U P

    5. Super-effective against Dark: F I G H T I N G

    6. The Water-type Sinnoh starter Pokémon: P I P L U P

    7. Finish the trio: Uxie, Azelf, _______: M E S P R I T

    Q O Z U I P P

    QThe name of the new guild feature is the Pokémon…

    _ _ _    _ _ _ _

    If you think you've got the answer figured out, please PM WhyBuffet using the following format (with your answers filled in):

    Please PM the answers to the creator of the puzzle, rather than posting them in the guild.
    This ensures that everyone gets a chance to guess without having the answer spoiled for them.


    It’s another guild feature… The Pokémon Crossword Challenge!

    This feature is fairly self-explanatory… A Pokémon-themed crossword will be posted in the guild. All you have to do is use the clues to complete the crossword.
    The first one to submit the correct answers may receive prizes.

    As always, be sure to PM your answers to the creator of the puzzle.


    In this feature, a picture will be posted in the guild under the above banner.
    The pictures will come from Super Smash Bros for Wii U, and will contain Pokémon themes (like Pokémon characters or taking place on Pokémon stages).

    All you have to do is come up with a caption for the picture, and you could win fabulous prizes!
    Any captions submitted will be evaluated on:

    ◊ Humour
    ◊ Creativity
    ◊ Cleverness

    Please PM any captions to the creator of the puzzle.
    The winners will be announced a few days after the picture is posted.

    Mega Typhlosion (lettering)
    Astral Shadow (userbars)
    Last edited: May 17, 2016
  6. WhyBuffet

    WhyBuffet Pokémon Breeder


    This is where the real action happens! This is the Ring of Fire War Team!
    ~ please note that all war team-related battles will be Smogon OU ~

    Welcome to the Ring of Fire's war team section. One of our primary focuses here at the RoF war team is obviously to get into wars with other guilds and come away from those wars victorious. However, the war team's purpose goes much deeper than that. Within this war team are all kinds of Trainers; battle-hardened veterans who have been in the competitive scene for years, and wide-eyed greenhorns who have just joined the competitive side of things and want to try and better themselves. Whether young or old, skilled or novice, the RoF war team accepts all kinds of Trainers and turns them into the best possible versions of themselves. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

    Ah, but I am getting ahead of myself. Before signing up to the war team, perhaps I should take a moment to explain how things work around here. The RoF war team possesses an innovative feature for war teams: a ranking system. This war team ranking system is similar to the guild ranking system, and its purpose is to promote participation in, enjoyment of, and commitment to the war team and its functions.

    There are 6 war team ranks in total, and they are loosely based on military ranks: the officer, ensign, lieutenant, and commander ranks are normally attainable ranks, the captain rank is a special “second-in-command” rank, and the admiral rank is reserved for the war team leader. Below is a list of the obtainable war team ranks, as well as current war team members:

    Officer (Torchic Rank)
    Rank Earned at: Beginning Rank

    Ensign (Darumaka Rank)
    Rank Earned at: 25 Points

    Lieutenant (Combusken Rank)
    Rank Earned at: 50 Points

    Commander (Darmanitan Rank)
    Rank Earned at: 100 Points

    Captain (Blaziken Rank)
    Rank Earned at: 200 Points

    Admiral (Victini Rank)
    War Team Leader




    Mr. Y


    Young Xehanort

    Mikazuki Marazhu



    The Captain Rank is a unique rank. The captain is the "second-in-command" of the war team, taking on the admiral's duties and responsibilities in the event the admiral is unable to do so. Similar to the Admiral Rank, there can only be one war team member with the Captain Rank, and the title goes to the first war team member to work their way up through the ranks and earn the position. Let this serve as a motivator to participate in guild and war team functions.

    War Team Application

    If you wish to apply to the war team, simply fill out the application below and post it to the guild. You will then have a test battle with either the war team leader or an admin.
    In order to accommodate everyone, the test battle can occur on either PS or wifi, applicant's choice.
    Please keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to win your test battle to get on the war team. The test battle is simply used to gauge how experienced you are at competitive battling. If either the war team leader or an admin feels that you still need some practice, you will be asked to gain a little more experience in competitive battling before attempting to re-apply.
    Please also keep in mind that both the war team leader and the admins are always here to offer as much competitive support as they can.

    Friend Code / PS Username:
    Competitive Battle Experience Level? Novice/Veteran
    Preferred Battle Method? PS/wifi
    Would you be willing to battle in a method other than your preferred battle method, if necessary? Y/N
    Availability for testing:

    Astral Shadow (userbars)
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2016
  7. WhyBuffet

    WhyBuffet Pokémon Breeder

    Portal Page

    The Ring of Fire is affiliated with the Competitive Cross Battling League, a league where team building skills are put to the test.

    Click here for the Competitive Cross Battling League Main Page!

    Click here for the Competitive Cross Battling League Chatroom!

    Click here for the Competitive Cross Battling League Spreadsheet!

    The full details of the CCB League are on the CCB League main page, but in a nutshell, Trainers are to pick a Pokémon to act as their "mascot" within the league. The mascot must remain the same for all teams that a Trainer utilizes within the league. In addition, there is a limit on the amount of OU Pokémon permitted on a team. Construct the best team you can and challenge away!

    It is not mandatory for Ring of Fire members to register as CCB League challengers. However, there are benefits to being both a guild member and a challenger.

    When you win against a Gym Leader in the CCB League, you earn a badge. All badges you earn are recorded in the CCB League spreadsheet. Guild members are free to trade in any badges earned for BP. The trade-in value for badges are as follows:

    Gym Leader Badge = 25 BP
    Victory Ace Badge = 50 BP
    Elite Four Badge = 100 BP​

    However, once you trade in a badge, you lose that badge and will have to re-earn it if you wish to have a complete collection of badges.
    It is therefore up to the guild member to decide if he/she wants to risk trading in a badge that was perhaps difficult to earn.

    FairyWitch (banner)
    Last edited: May 8, 2016
  8. DJSummers

    DJSummers Ground-Type Champion

    Want to check on your Ranking, visit the Ring of Fire Spreadsheet!

    Challenge Pokemon: Lucario
    Challenge Rules:
    1 - Keep the Spotlight Pokemon alive during the battle.
    2 - Must use the Spotlight Pokemon for 3 turns total during the battle.
    3 - Have the Spotlight Pokemon get at least 1 Kill.

    2MP & 2BP (No Challenge Rules Completed)
    3MP & 3BP (2 Challenge Rules Incomplete)
    4MP & 4BP (1 Challenge Rule Incomplete)
    5MP & 5BP (Completing all Challenge Rules)

    Any Challenge Rule missed will lower from your Total Score of 5MP & 5 BP.​

    You are allowed to do whatever you want now, any battle style, tier, etc.

    As for the Theme, that is completely optional. Themes would go by MonoGen, MonoColor, Monotype, Fossil Team, Eeveelutions, and whatever other theme you could think of and use. Now as for points, for any Theme used on a Team, I will provide an EXTRA 2MP & 2BP!

    Also remember, you can now gain points for posting a complete battle using the Spotlight Pokemon.

    Spotlight Challenge Result Form
    Challenge Pokemon: Lucario
    Nature & Ability:
    Held Item:
    Team Theme (Optional):
    Challenges Completed:
    Battle Video:
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2016
  9. LynxForte

    LynxForte The Phoenix

    Bounty Board

    The bounty board will work like this;

    A pokemon will be listed as "Wanted" and you must battle this pokemon and complete the challenges to go along with it to earn points. Each challenge completed with earn 3 MP and 3 BP. If you complete all challenges, you will earn an additional 3 MP and 3 BP.

    The challenge could look like this:
    Challenge 1: This pokemon must use Will-O-Wisp (it does not have to land the attack)
    Challenge 2: You must status this pokemon
    Challenge 3: You must KO this pokemon with a supereffective move
    Challenge 4: This pokemon cannot KO any of your pokemon (a pokemon cannot faint from status set by Rotom-W)
    Challenge 5: You must win the battle​

    Each bounty will have 3-5 challenges.

    This new feature also comes with a new ability; Bounty Hunter. The Bounty Hunter ability can only be obtained if you have completed 3 bounties IN FULL. Meaning, if a bounty has 5 challenges, you must complete all 5 challenges to complete a bounty.

    The Bounty Hunter ability will allow you to do 1 less challenge, but still receive points for the one additional challenge. For instance, in the example above, if you complete challenges 1, 2, 4 & 5, your Bounty Hunter ability will complete challenge 3 as well, thus giving you all points. You must complete at least 1 challenge for the Bounty Hunter to take effect.

    The Bounty can be complete on WiFi or PS. None of the challenges will require you to battle in a certain format. It can be Singles, Doubles, Triples, Rotation, Battle Spot. Honestly, if you're battling in the Battle Maison and are able to do the challenges, it will count. With that being said, your first submission is your only submission. Make sure you complete the form to go along with the Bounty.

    Bounty Pokemon:
    Format Used (Tier if applicable):
    Challenges Completed:
    Battle Video:

    Bounties will be posted every Sunday

    Happy Hunting Space Cowboys (Free Internet Points for those who get that reference)
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2016
  10. WhyBuffet

    WhyBuffet Pokémon Breeder


    Occasionally I will come up with a mini-challenge that everyone in the guild has a week to complete.

    The mini-challenges for Guildmaster Tasks can be anything and everything, from using a particular Pokémon on a team, to an impromptu shiny hunt, to completing a specific Pokémon-related task, to successful winning streaks... The only limit to these tasks is the guildmaster's imagination :)

    The rewards for completing said tasks are also limitless, from large MP / BP / SP payouts, to 5IV Pokémon, to items, to challenger's choice... It all depends on the task!​

    Good work! We were able to show that Zoroark who's boss! Way to go!

    *rustle rustle*

    Huh? What's that in the bushes?


    What's this? A wild Zorua appeared! That Zoroark must have been looking for its baby!

    In this Guildmaster's Task, you are to complete "Zorua's Challenge."

    "Zorua's Challenge" works exactly the same way as "Zoroark's Challenge," where Zorua will disguise itself as another guild feature, with a twist!

    This week, Zorua has disguised itself as the guild CCAT, only instead of a Pokémon CCAT, it's a Gym Leader CCAT!

    The Gym Leader CCAT will be a top 5 list of Pokémon's toughest Gym Leaders. Each guild member can nominate one Gym Leader for the CCAT. The guild member must provide a picture of the nominated Gym Leader, as well as in-depth reasoning as to why this Gym Leader deserves to be on the top 5 list. Doing this will earn a guild member 15 MP/BP. The deadline for nominations is Thursday, May 19

    On Thursday, May 19, voting for the top 5 list will begin. Each guild member will have one vote for which Gym Leader should be considered the toughest. You cannot vote for your own submission. Doing this will earn a guild member 5 SP. The voting will close on Sunday, May 22

    If less than 5 submissions are posted, the CCAT will change from Top 5 Gym Leaders to simply the Toughest Gym Leader.
    If there are few votes or a tie, I will be the tiebreaker.

    To see a list of the nominated Gym Leaders, click here.
    Last edited: May 17, 2016
  11. Mega Typhlosion

    Mega Typhlosion Well-Known Member


    Welcome to the Ring of Fire. Enjoy ;) Take a look at the breeding shop btw.
  12. WhyBuffet

    WhyBuffet Pokémon Breeder

    Speaking of the breeding shop...

    I'd like to put my name forward as a breeder.
    Username: WhyBuffet
    Division: Dark Flames
    Experience as a competitive IV breeder: I have have been breeding since Emerald, and breeding competitively since Black & White.
    I have more than 6 boxes full of 5IV Pokémon that I can use as breeding material, as well as several Ditto with good IVs.
    I also have several 6IV Pokémon, as well as access to every Hidden Ability Pokémon in order to breed for Hidden Abilities.
  13. JohnMango95

    JohnMango95 Loyal magma grunt

    Username: JohnMango95
    3DS Friend Code: 5000-4118-8210
    PS Name: JohnMango
    Desired Division: Dark flames
    Favorite activity in game: shiny hunting
    Favorite Battle Tier: none in particular
    Referrer: Fire Hero
    About you: a loyal follower of team magma, novice shiny hunter, and a former THT member. reshiriam
  14. LynxForte

    LynxForte The Phoenix

    Username: LynxForte
    3DS Friend Code: 4485-0447-2297
    PS Name: Have it, don't play on it though
    Desired Division: Dark Flames
    Favorite activity in game: Idk, never thought about it
    Favorite Battle Tier: OU, trying to get into UU
    Referrer: Fire Herpo
    About you: Laid back, work stupid hours, but always down for a good conversation and can battle on wifi most weekends. Former THT member, graced by Reshiram we were revived from the ashes.

    Username: LynxForte
    Division: Dark Flames
    Experience as a competitive IV breeder: Can usually breed pretty quick, maybe 30 mins or so. Unless needing egg moves where I would have to get more than 1 pokemon involved, then it could take some time, but usually done in a day.
  15. Mega Typhlosion

    Mega Typhlosion Well-Known Member

    Accepted. I'll add you to the breeders list. Do you have any restriction regarding what you can breed? Can you PM me a list of the Pokémon you can breed? (or the Pokémon you can't if it's easier lol)

    Accepted! Welcome to the guild and have fun ;)

    Accepted. Hope you enjoy your time here ;) Can you PM me a list of what you breed? Just so people won't start asking for stuff only to be denied because you can't breed that particular Pokémon.
  16. Shade2000

    Shade2000 Shade in Shades

    Username: Shade2000 (Call me Shade)
    3DS Friend Code: If you want it, ask
    PS Name: Shade2000
    Desired Division: Bright Flames
    Favorite activity in game: Exploring and collecting items, training pokemon and battling!
    Favorite Battle Tier: VGC, but I prefer the wifi rules to smogon's
    Referrer: Fire Hero
    About you: Well i'm a girl and I like pokemon and drawing and skiing. I live in England, and im in year 9, so i'm 14. I've played Pokemon since I was 8 and I got a pre-owned game with loads of cool and rare pokemon. But I deleted the file. I was a former THT member and I like pokemon black bc Reshiram.
  17. Spacial

    Spacial procrastination

    Username: Ponymon
    3DS Friend Code: In my signature
    PS Name: Ponymon THT
    Desired Division: Bright Flames
    Favorite activity in game: casual playing and also breeding/battling
    Favorite Battle Tier: 6th Gen WiFi/OU
    Referrer: Fire Hero
    About you: Former THT member, referred to it by Shade and goddammit we're in the same Sector again :p I haven't been playing Pokemon that much since THT closed but hopefully with a Guild to be a part of I'll start again, I'm in year 9 and have just chosen my GCSE subjects. Reshiram is my favourite legendary Pokemon because I raised mine to lv 100 in Black. I also have an event Reshiram in a Cherish ball :3
  18. Mega Typhlosion

    Mega Typhlosion Well-Known Member

    Both accepted ;) Welcome girls.
    Bright Flames division will never be the same again :p
  19. ThisIsPatrick

    ThisIsPatrick Well-Known Member

    Username: ThisIsPatrick
    3DS Friend Code: 2852 9641 5180
    PS Name: N/A
    Desired Division: Bright Flames
    Favorite activity in game: Catching Pokemon
    Favorite Battle Tier: UU
    Referrer: Fire Hero
    About you: I was in THT formerly and loved it, Can't wait to start doing Guild stuff again, Bring on the Ring of Fire.Cough Cough Reshiram
  20. WhyBuffet

    WhyBuffet Pokémon Breeder

    I would like to donate some Pokémon!

    Username: WhyBuffet
    Timezone & Availability to trade: Almost anytime (GMT -5)

    Pokémon: Phanpy
    Shiny (Y/N): N
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Adamant
    Level: 30
    Ability: Pickup
    IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31 (flawless)
    Natural Gift
    Ice Shard (Egg Move)

    Pokémon: Barboach
    Shiny (Y/N): N
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Adamant
    Level: 40
    Ability: Oblivious
    IVs: 31/31/31/x/31/31
    Aqua Tail

    Pokémon: Numel
    Shiny (Y/N): N
    Gender: Female
    Nature: Quiet
    Level: 22
    Ability: Simple
    IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/x
    Focus Energy
    Flame Burst
    Lava Plume

    This will max out my donations for FP.
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