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What sort of ringtones do you have on your cell phone? Do you use the ones that come with your phone or do you download some? Discuss..

I have the pokemon R/B intro as my ringtone and the Breaking Bad theme for when I get a text.
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Generic boopbodaboop for texts. Digital bell for some contacts (only because it's the loudest), Pokémon theme for others.


I make my own ringtones based on whatever music I've been listening to a lot. Right now my ringtone is a clipping from "Antidote" by Swedish House Mafia & Knife Party. I like to have different tones for different contacts too, but I haven't gotten around to making those since I only recently got this new phone. My text tone is just a generic bell chime that comes with the phone.

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I used to have Electabuzz's cry as my text tone, then I learned the hard way. Now I just use the default text tone.

As for my ringtone, I use the Traverse Town theme from Kingdom Hearts 3D, amplified to 300% volume (it's really quiet otherwise). :)


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When my phone rings it plays the Dovahkiin theme starting at the "FUS RO DAH..."

When I get a text it just does Fus Ro Dah.


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I was going to change my ringtone to the Star Wars Intro Theme a few days ago, but since I never 'safely remove hardware', I now have a broken USB port in my phone.. Standard boring Nokia tone it is, then.

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My ringtone right now is the Gambreaker 2 theme from NBA Street Vol. 2, and my text tone is the Green Ranger's Dragon Dagger tune thing.


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My alarm is the opening theme song of Slayers Try :p my text message is Lyra's theme and the calls depends on which person is talking, example: My mom's one got this song called 'Your mom's calling' XD nya~


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I refuse to use ringtones. I've always thought they were an unwelcome disturbance in an otherwise peaceful atmosphere. Vibrate is good enough for me.


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I have the Song of Storms as my ringtone and just a generic beepy sound for texts