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rip general chat thread 2011-2014

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Polls' started by JoshYEAH, Oct 12, 2011.

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  1. I'm curious, what campus do you go to? Is it like, a state university (like UCSD/UCLA) or a state college like humboldt or SFSU or a community college or??? Cause IDK it seems a lot of people usually stay on campus for the weekends where I'm at. That said, this school sounds like it has some fumbles and problems so I wouldn't be surprised people want a break from it.

    IMO it goes beyond that, a little. People should learn how to deal with people they don't necessarily like that will be near them for a long term basis.
  2. Zazie

    Zazie So 1991

    George Mason, around the DC area. It used to be primarily a commuter school but they have been trying to make it more residential. Their attempts have mostly had the effect of making freshman take up increasingly disproportionate numbers of on-campus students. It's a big state school, with lots of international and community college transfer students, so it's probably a bit atypical.

    And now because I mentioned where I go to school, people I know might find me here. Not that I mind much. Hello people I may know irl!
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2013
  3. Jb

    Jb Tsun in the streets

    H i.
  4. Kirby

    Kirby ʘ‿ʘ Staff Member Admin

    How odd. I got promoted to another position right before I got married too. I think I'd rather be rid of my maiden name though... it brings back some crappy memories when I hear it lol.
  5. Yeah. A lot of schools I looked at have always been residential schools so they don't have this. Your school sounds like the awkward teenage years in terms of residency, but, it's okay. At least with the freshmen all in one place, they aren't in your grill anymore tbh. And, honestly, I wouldn't want to be in DC on the weekends. That's when the republican senators are out.

    Also idk you but you sound pretty cool.
  6. woot21

    woot21 super noob


    The confessions are mainly sad. I might have to confess something a bit more light hearted.

    woot21 out dawgs
  7. DevilFruit

    DevilFruit Good Kitty

    Ah. That,s understandable. I'm Chinese, so my mother's side of the family are full of pricks lol
  8. Pansy :]

    Pansy :] anustart

    My high school had a confession page that was run by one of my friends, who let me look at everyone's confessions she hadn't posted not-anonymously. Unfortunately feelings were hurt even though she made a point not to post any that could have made someone feel bad. The school ended up getting the police involved and made announcements that whoever made it would be sent to juvie, which scared her enough to delete the page.

    But it was awesome seeing everyone's secrets for a few days, I felt so powerful.
  9. Enjolras

    Enjolras Master of the House

    I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry at these confessions.
  10. SilverChiko

    SilverChiko Protect The Smiles!

    I have 3 in there, all of which are somewhat sad
  11. Pansy :]

    Pansy :] anustart

    I really liked the reaction .gifs with some of the earlier confessions, but I imagine it would have been difficult to keep up with once they started pouring in.

    I was so sad when I logged on today and saw there was a confessions thread but there was a lock on it, because I just sort of figured it was up for a few days, went to **** and then was locked and I missed all of it.
  12. Enjolras

    Enjolras Master of the House

    Yes, I liked the reaction gifs as well. Lots of love to Kreis for using Glee gifs.
  13. SilverChiko

    SilverChiko Protect The Smiles!

    Pansy you have to PM the mods with your confession in order for it to be posted
  14. Pansy :]

    Pansy :] anustart

    I've never been able to decide weather I really love or really hate glee.

    I know,it was just sort of a first glance thing. It makes alot more sense for it to be set up that way though, so I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking :/
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2013
  15. SilverChiko

    SilverChiko Protect The Smiles!

    Understood, yeah first glances can lead to disappointment for no reason
  16. Latch

    Latch Funky Fresh

    It's probably one the most hilarious threads and sad threads at the same time. It's a brilliant idea, though. & yes, Kreis is hilarious as well.
  17. Pesky Persian

    Pesky Persian Caffeine Queen

    In your defense, though, a lot of really terrible threads around here get locked fast.

    If it wasn't anonymous, it probably would get locked pretty quickly.
  18. woot21

    woot21 super noob

    You weren't here for the puberty thread, were you? That thread stayed open way too long.

    woot21 out dawgs
  19. Jb

    Jb Tsun in the streets

    IIRC, mod left it open for a little so everyone can get the fun out of their system. Even then, I think it lasted less than 2 days.
  20. Peter Quill

    Peter Quill star-lord

    sure is fun getting fined 230 dollars

    oh wait
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