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rip general chat thread 2011-2014

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Pesky Persian

Caffeine Queen
Okay, but since when does anyone itt care about JB's opinion?


nothin' at all
it's a fun game which is also free, why are people getting mad about it


nothin' at all
how dare they publish a game and include advertisements. i demand my money back

oh wait


i mean i get the argument. it's a ridiculously popular game when it's so simple and there are amazing games out there that never see the light of day. so it can be frustrating to see something effortless receive recognition while seeing a masterpiece overshadowed. that's why i said i like the game because of its simplicity. i wouldn't call it a good game because at least half of it is ripped off and i don't respect lack of effort, but i appreciate simplicity every now and then in my hectic life, if that makes sense... if any of this makes sense :p


Dancing Mad
This is ruining my life.


nothin' at all

tumblr dot com

Kurloz Makara

Red Death
I didn't understand any of that (besides the trans* stuff), and I have a Tumblr.


So 1991
The only thing I am puzzled by is nb.

And apparently someone decided it was a good idea to create another set of gender neutral pronouns. Admittedly, those pronouns sound pretty cool, but it's still not helping. The point of gender neutral pronouns is to add to everyday speaking. Which can't happen when people keep trying to create new ones.


It helps the perpetually offended find something else to be offended about.

And my mother's orchids showed up on Saturday. All the blossoms were dead.

Edit: Yaa! Proflowers is shipping another orchid at no cost.
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