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rip general chat thread 2011-2014

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gone gently
He's the guy we all wish we were. When he's wearing a suit, at least.


There it is.
I really don't want to go back to school tomorrow. Just when I'm getting used to 10 hours of sleep, I'm going to have to settle for 7 hours for the forseeable future.


Do it the bird way!
If only I were sexy enough to wear a suit...man

You should sleep less. Life is too short to sleep.


Do it the bird way!
I don't think you could match half the champions of jumbled sentences and worn out one liners of this site. Like myself for instance.

Mr. Joker

keep calm & carry on
The key to not being socially awkward is just forgetting whatever fear you have about what might come out of what you say. It takes time, but you'll eventually feel a lot more confident.

and I remember you Metagross Guy ;D


That's only since I was modded.
That gave me an idea,
You should post this in the rules thread. Seriously.

Also seriously, we all love 'ya Profesco. <3

@Jb#s: Josh's Whimsicott is something of a legendary character, yes.
I wanna battle Josh now, just to see that thing in action. Whimsicott ain't **** but ho's and tricks.

god damn it why do I have to be so infuriatingly socially awkward
Are you looking for advice or are you just pointing out flaws? Tell me a little more about it and I could probably help you out. I overcame my akwardness as few years ago. :feelsgoodman:

Why are we talking about Spam?
Speaking of spam....

anybody remember me D:


~Yaoi FanBoy~
You're that guy from sweden...right?

I'M the Guy from Sweden! ..... unless there's more than One guy from Sweden here. Then i'm just A guy from Sweden. ^3^

Grey Wind

Well-Known Member
anybody remember me D:
I remember you. You left sometime in September, then came back for a day, the disappeared again.

god damn it why do I have to be so infuriatingly socially awkward
I'm really bad socially too. I think it's a mixture of paranoia and embarrassment.


My diet in a nutshell. Gotta stop.
I have a horrible diet too. Not as bad as that, but still pretty awful.


Neighbor? Neighbor!
Damnit jb, I'm hungry enough as is and this just makes it worse.

I have a terrible diet as well.

Looks like my life in general. I'm rather carnivorous. And my brother is vegetarian. And so is my best friend. How ironic :/


gone gently
Two things that totally made me laugh too much. Oh my gosh, my face hurts now.


And @Moltanic - you're right, the Rules could do with some freshening. I'll try and overcome my apathy soon. (No promises.)
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