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rip general chat thread 2011-2014

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Tsun in the streets
You'd be surprised at how hard it is to find an amusing GIF under 500 KB, but I found one finally.

Dude, that's 1.88 MB lol.


It was mostly just a generalized statement, I just noticed how many gifs their are around here and that my eyes are more drawn to posts with big signatures.

I turned the view signatures option just to see how many people have gifs in their signatures. Just like the an average post here, most range from "meh" to "eh."

So, choosing about a dozen bands that give a relatively diverse sample of different styles of old music isn't that hard. Saying that you should try just one of their songs, though, really truly is (at least when trying to avoid songs which most people have heard before). So I didn't:

Boston - "Peace of Mind" or "Something About You"
Byrds - "Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season)" or "My Back Pages"
Doors - "Peace Frog" or "Love Her Madly"
Eagles - "One of These Nights" or "Take It Easy"
Fleetwood Mac - "Don't Stop" or "Go Your own Way"
Kansas - "A Glimpse of Home" or "Miracles Out of Nowhere"
Led Zeppelin - "Over the Hills and Far Away" or, if you have ten minutes to spare, you have to hear "Achilles Last Stand" sometime before you die
Lynyrd Skynyrd - "Saturday Night Special" or "Tuesday's Gone"
Pink Floyd - "Wish You Were Here" or "Time" (or "Money" if you're one of those people)
Tom Petty - "Walls" or "Mary Jane's Last Dance"
Traffic - "Paper Sun" or "Dear Mr. Fantasy"
Who - "Love Reign o'er Me" or "Won't Get Fooled Again"
Zombies - "Time of the Season" or "She's Not There"

And I was going to give YouTube links, but then I realized that I already spent too much effort on this. Eh. Oh, and as for anybody else: if you don't know every song on this list offhand, you'd better stop and reevaluate how your life brought you to this point (immediately after listening to everything here, of course).

I will listen to this immediately. Immediately meaning by tomorrow of course. Thanks for the songs.


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Avatars are for butthats who want their title to match them.

... like me, but
It's what the cool kids do. If having a matching title/avatar combo makes me a butthat, then I don't want to be whatever the opposite of a butthat is.

long list
fantastic list. except there's nothing wrong with liking "Money" damnit.
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#Spp-Misc is bringing out a playlist of 100 of the greatest songs ever in the near future.



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There it is.
That could be the greatest intro that I've ever seen in my entire existence.

EDIT: Also, are PNGs that move smaller than GIFs? Because the one in my sig is saved as a PNG under my computer.

I have no clue about tech stuff. At all.
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There it is.
Whoops, I meant KB. 48.9 KB, not MB.

So I have no clue why, other than it's listed there as a PNG, and not a GIF.

EDIT: I am happy with my signature as of now.
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nothin' at all
my playlist is definitely the best
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