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Rising Shadows PG-13(Preview)


Devoted Spriter
Rising Shadows

(Rated PG-13 for Mild Language and Mild use of Violence)

One morning, days after the eruption of Mt. Vellenge, a Flareon by the name of Neko is found on the island of Mystella. She has no memories of her past and seems to have an annoying little voice in her head. Meanwhile a strange new force is gaining strength and this time the threat does not remain in Aryll, Laokia and Memoria alone, but all seven regions. The problem is that the region have never cooperated with each other, and don't intend to do so any time soon. Neko will be forced through many hard times filled with choices. She must make allies and follow her instincts as she discovers more about her past as well as the forgotten history of the lands.

Note: This is not a Mystery Dungeon Fan-fic.

Maybe one or two of you remember this fic, and it wasn't quite at the two page limit that serebii required of me (back then, now there is that exception.) so I stopped and decided to continue it at the place I roleplay. Seven of the first nine chapters were under two pages, two of those seven just barely under. I have continued the story without turning back because I had school and didn't have the necessary time to provide the occasional new chapter and to redo the older chapters. I plan to redo those seven, not entirely, but simply to improve them so they can be posted here. I have made exactly thirty chapters at this point, most of which are between three to five pages long.

This fic was originally started to help stimulate my writing techniques after summer break, which it succesfully did after writing almost non-stop for a few weeks and tossing out a few ideas. Soon I started to get into the fic, and with some encouragement that I got from a few people I asked to read it, I decided to continue it for sheer joy.

The inspiration of the fic comes from many places. A proboards site was once made for invited Pokemon Crater Members to join. I was one of them. There was a roleplay board there and a single thread for the roleplay. Me and my friend (some times another person or two would join us for a few pages) roleplayed for over 80 pages non-stop until the day the admin moved the forums. I can't say it was literate, as this was before the time I learned to write properly, but I can say I had a blast. That forum doesn't exist anymore, and I no longer have any contact with those who I roleplayed with. The other big inspiration is the Laokia Region Roleplay. I joined there only about 8 months ago amazed at how a organized roleplay was. I was a better writer at this point after joining a Warriors RP (by Erin Hunter) a year before. I as a graphic mod work with sprites often, and usually went through the Laokia region Pokedex to look at the sprites submitted by mods and members alike. I decided after a few months that I'd include some of these exclusive Pokemon in my fic. Some are splices, others are fusions, and then there are the scratches. It added a whole new idea for the fic.

I have asked permission from the Laokia admin to use the regions of Laokia, Aryll and any submitted Pokemon in the Dex. Putting this out there in case some one has to ask.

The original prolouge to the fic is well, short and vague. I intended to make it vague, as the parts that are missing will be explained. But as I am revamping the first 9 chapters of my fic, I may as well add a little more to the Prolouge. This will show something that has yet to be revieled in my fic so far, and will become clear as you read on. You people on serebii better feel special, as I'm adding more to the prolouge for you! This is something that the other two sites that have read any of this fic have never seen. Another change from the other sites that shall be here is my format. Last time I was here people complianed when I centered the page. I never had any of that elsewhere, but I will respect you all here and keep it to the left.

Note: The second half of the prolouge is unaltered from the original. A re-written and much more descriptive version is PART of the fic. So don't bug me about that. Please, and Thank you!


"Akuma, your plans end here." A gentle and commanding voice echoed through the mountaintop where a beautiful city stood. "I will not allow you to harm more innocent Pokemon in order to achieve whatever treacherous goals you have." The speaker was a large white Pokemon with soft blue fur that covered her chest. The form of her body was cat like, with more tufts of soft blue fur around her ankles and a fluffy soft blue tail. Her eyes were a deep emerald green that had a comforting shine to them.

Another Pokemon looked mockingly at the Angelic Pokemon. "Do you honestly believe you can stop me?" This Pokemon had the same shape, except his fur was black and red. The red tufts of fur on his chest and paws were all ragged, just as his tail. His eyes were a deep blood red, showing the exact opposite of his enemy. Hate. "I'd turn tail and flee if I were you, after all... Sky Dragon City will be as good as gone." The Demon Pokemon laughed before attacking its enemy with a ball of Dark Aura.

What do I do? A small Espeon peered from the shadows, standing behind an Umbreon. The purple Pokemon watched as the two Legendary Pokemon clashed several times, with no clear end to the battle. "Zeon... what do we do?" Her voice held no hint of fear, only a note of concern for the Angelic Pokemon who was fighting.

The Black Pokemon simply remained silent for a while watching as the fight unfolded. Another dark ball shot through the sky at the white Pokemon, knocking her on the floor. "Zeon! We have to help!" The tide of the battle had turned in the favor of the Demon Pokemon. "Are we just going to stand her and lit him win this? We've fought so hard to defeat him!"

The yellow bands on Zeon began to glow for several moments. "Our Lord wishes for us to enter the fight now." The Umbreon took several steps forward. "Now is the time, we distract Akuma and buy Tenshi some time!" The Espeon nodded and both shot out of cover into the field. They did not enter the battlefield alone. Several other Pokemon came in to help. A dog like Pokemon entered in, crystals jutting out of his back like spines, next to a aquatic one with an tri-forked tail and a darker blue helmet covering its face. A silent shadow floated by them all waving the unusual and ghost like shadows back and forth.

All of the Pokemon in the area shot their strongest attacks at Akuma. "I'm sorry, but was that supposed to defeat me?" The Pokemon held the ground as an odd feeling arose around all the Pokemon making them all unable to move. "Tenshi, it appears that you followers are about to betray you. I'm sorry Akuma, you may be able to control us, but you can't control the protectors of Aryll or Tenshi! The Espeon grinned aware that the battle was about to end.

A small bright light shone above the Angel Pokemon's head, glowing with more intensity every second. "Akuma, this next move shall end this battle." Akuma growled and began to work on a counter attack, storing a massive amount of dark energy into another orb. The two attacks shot at each other with great force, but even after being shot out the ball of light only grew in intensity until it was impossible to see anything. When the light finally subsided, both Akuma and Tenshi were gone.


"Neko! Get out of here.... NOW!" A large boulder landed nearby a dragon-like Pokemon as it shot flames a massive Pokemon. The Pokemon, a Charizard, quickly tried to avoid the rock, taking a hit to his wing. He grunted with the effort of getting up, quickly countering with a Dragon Rage attack. A Flareon shot out from behind the Charizard sending many oddly colored flames at the enormous Pokemon.

"I'm not leaving you here, not as long as Groudon stands." the Flareon replied keeping a battle stance ready to avoid another hit if necessary. The fight had seemed to go along smoothly, until another earthquake had started. The Groudon reached forward swinging its large claws at the Flareon.

"I told you to get out!" The dragon Pokemon repeated in a harsh tone, quickly intercepting the attack, holding off the white claws. Another shake hit the area, causing several more boulders to tumble down landing on both Groudon and the floor. Unmoved by the boulders the ground type Pokemon quickly pushed the Charizard away, aiming another attack at the Flareon.

The Flareon didn't have a chance to reply as lava started to well around the arena in which they fought. A bright and burning light soon blinded both of the fire type Pokemon, followed by an enormous explosion.
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