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Rival Bracket- Final Round - Hugh V N - (45 Minute Cool-down)


Gesshin Powered
Barry 12/12 +
Bianca 3/12


Round 1 Match 4 Trace V Hau

Trace 0/12
Hau 0/12

Lord Godwin

The Lord of Darkness
Trace 1/12
Hau 4/12

I think people hate Trace just for not being Blue. I found Hau much more annoying.

Also, the fact Trace took the orphan Cubone hits so much to the feels.


Gesshin Powered
Trace 1/12
Hau 6/12 +


Trace 0/12
Hau 7/12
Eliminate them both 8/12 +

This must be one of those Mandela effect things.