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Rival in Stadium 2

Word on the street is that after you beat both gym leader castles and the stadium cups, your rival shows up and says, "I didn't think you'd make it this far. C'mon, let's settle this now!" You use 1 of six of your pokemon to do battle against your rival's Mewtwo, Lugia and Ho-Oh. I think your rival will say something about you bragging about it after you defeat him.


Well-Known Member
And the legendaries know some poor moves (I just say that because I like accuracy over power). You'll need some Electric and Dark types to take them down, since all of them are either Psychic, Flying, or both.

Edit: As my Math teacher would say: Booyah! I am one of the Orange Champions!


Marsh Trainer
That battle is one of the easiest battle ever at the second round.
Choose a rental hitmontop, rental corsola, and a rental voltorb.
Choose hitmontop first and counter lugias aeroblast for a OHKO.
let him faint to ho-oh and choose corsola, mirror coat his giga drain for a OHKO.
Let him faint and choose voltorb, mirror coat mewtwo's psychic for a OHKO.



Thunder Trainer
The Farfect'd with Baton Pass wasn't quite the best reward I've ever recieved. . . .

I'm really worried about my team for Round 2 Ho-oh. I mean, Sacred Fire, Giga Drain, Earthquake and Thunder. How am I gonna beat that?! Mewtwo has Recover and Submission, than Lugia has Aeroblast, Earthquake and Safeguard. How am I gonna beat him? Oh wait, I have to get there first. . .


Marsh Trainer
I said how to beat ho-oh,
Corsola OHKO's it with a mirror coat after hit by a giga drain. I am talkng about a rental.
Don't switch corsola into ho-oh though=P


For Ho-oh, you can also use aerodactyl´s ancientpower, for Lugia, use Zapdos, and Mewtwo is easy, with voltorb and umbreon


Lol, I remember my fight againest the Rival.

I had mostly Rental Pokemon, with the exception of my Espeon and Umbreon.

This battle is one of the easiest. Why do I say that? I beat the rival's Ho-Oh with a rental JUMPPLUFF. Once Jumppluff was KO'd by Lugia, and sent out my Espeon(that knows bite), and knocked off Lugia and Mewtwo.

I was definatly disappointed with this battle. It was way too easy.