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The Point of Origin
I was wondering. Do you have any rivials on serebii pokemon wise.Thunderpkmn is mine. When DP comes out in america, I'm getting Diamond he's getting pearl. I'm picking the fire starter, he's picking the grass

Dread Advocate

†Stay Metal†
sorta starterlover1 and to a certain extent, onthepunt. onthepunt is still probably POed after a small little incident. and starterlover1 and i both love the starters,but he says he loves em more. im not sure. does he draw them constantly and all sorts of other things related to the starters?


The Golden summit!!
my no.1 rival has to be Trace360 i have been battling against him since G/S/C


Well-Known Member
I have an arch rival.. But he is not a member..


Best. Rank. Ever!
Anyone who is not in my team at the Last poster wins. But seriously, Smack that was my rival, but we have not met in ages so I think the rivalry has worn out.