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RJR's Last Ditch Effort Shop

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by rjr1859, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. rjr1859

    rjr1859 New Member

    Hello to everyone and all, and just a brief forewarning that this shop will not be nearly as pretty or well-decorated as some of the others I've seen in this forum. I am new to this particular area of the forums but not new to SppF (I was around and posting some scrub fan fiction around ten years ago under the name DarkScyther1010--if anyone remembers, right on!).

    So, my shop. The name is everything. This is my last ditch effort to complete my Pokedex before X/Y arrive, and my goal is to have one copy of each 'mon on one game. It's been a rousing success thus far, but I'm left with 7 empty slots and this shop is a natural extension of those slots.*

    As for rules, uhm, I have very few:
    1. Keep it polite, concise, and simple.
    2. I'll only accept offers from the 7 that I need/want. After I have those, we'll see what we can do.
    3. Clones and RNGs are all good in the 'hood; I'll accept it all.
    4. All my pokemon are 100% in-game or Dream World. None of that fake stuff here, friends!

    So, onto the sub-divisions!

    What I'm Looking For and Need Desperately

    What I Can Offer
    I know I'm supposed to be specific in what I can offer, but frankly that's an astoundingly large thing. I can offer any common (Non-Legendary) Pokemon in the National Dex that you need.

    What I can Offer (Legendary/Event)
    I have a few doubles of which I can offer. These are:
    Zapdos (Naive), Lv. 50, Unknown EVs/IVs
    Zapdos (Quirky), Lv. 50, Unknown EVs/IVs
    Moltres (Hardy), Lv. 50, Unkown EVs/IVs
    Moltres (Calm) Lv. 50, Unknown EVs/IVs
    2012FEB Mewtwo (Modest), Lv. 99, Unknown EVs/IVs
    Mewtwo (Lax) Lv. 70, Unknown EVs/IVs
    Regirock (Relaxed), Lv. 40 , Unknown EVs/IVs
    Uxie (Timid) Lv. 50, Unkown EVs/IVs
    Azelf (Quiet) Lv. 50, Unknown EVs/IVs
    Mespirit (Relaxed) Lv. 50, Unkown EVs/IVs
    DW Giratina (Mild) Lv. 40, Unknown EVs/IVs
    Giratina (Docile) Lv. 47, Unknown EVs/IVs
    Heatran (Timid), Lv. 50, Unknown EVs/IVs
    2012MAY Darkrai, Lv. 98 (Calm), Unknown EVs/IVs
    Darkrai, (Quiet), Lv. 50, Unknown EVs/IVs
    Terrakion (Impish) Lv. 45, Unknown EVs/IVs
    Terrakion (Lonely) Lv. 42, Unkown EVs/IVs
    Virizion (Hasty) Lv. 45, Unknown EVs/IVs
    Virizion (Rash) Lv. 42, Unknown EVs/IVs
    Cobalion (Calm) Lv. 45, Unknown EVs/IVs
    Cobalion (Modest) Lv. 42, Unknown EVs/IVs
    Reshiram (Naughty), Lv. 70, Unknown EVs/IVs
    Reshiram (Impish), Lv. 50, Unknown EVs/IVs

    Services I Can Provide
    EV Training
    Basic Leveling/Breeding
    Nature Breeding
    Move Tutoring
    Dream World Hunting/Gathering

    *My apologies to any of the moderators if this isn't up to the shop thread code; I'm new to this area of the forums. Will be happy to adjust anything that needs adjusting.

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