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RMD Burn/Stall

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Dragon Fire

RMD pls:


x2 Oni Tank T-34
x1 Protecter of the Throne
x1 Mystic Horsemen
x1 Spirit of the Harp
x1 Harpie's Brother
x1 The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams
x1 Steel Ogre Grotto #2
x3 Wall of Illusion
x1 Armed Ninja
x1 Man-Eater Bug
x1 Nobleman-Eating Bug
x1 Mask of Darkness
x1 Jinzo
x1 Sangan
x1 Penguin Soldier


x2 Dian **** the Cure Master
x2 Remove Trap
x1 Rain of Mercy
x2 Fissure
x2 Ookazi
x1 Monster Reborn
x1 Dark Hole
x1 Offerings to the Doomed
x1 Abyssal Designator
x1 Nobleman of Extermination


X1 Dust Tornado
x1 Deal of Phantom
x1 Just Desserts
x1 Ojama Trio
x1 Enchanted Javelin
x1 Magic Jammer

Needs more Stealth Bird.

Silver Arrow

i like bagels :D
You playing Trad? Otherwise...
x2 Dian **** the Cure Master
x1 Monster Reborn= Banned


um look at my burn deck on the other page
this deck needs help
how are those disgeaceful monsters gonna help you win???

i think you should add a Bakeup Solider, and maybe a Gravity Bind
Not open for further replies.