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RMT and help with item holds


Well-Known Member
this is going to be my first (iguess you can say) competitive team. here goes

tyranitar ;248; @ i dont know
EV: 252 att. 252 HP
- EQ
-dragon dance
-rock slide

hes the basic pshyical sweeper. rock slide on flyers EQ on non flyers, dragon dance, if match becomes stalled,

electivire ;466; @ i dont know
EV 252 att. 252 spd
-giga impact
hes gunna be a sweeper as well, a faster one then tyranitar. thunder is good for the water types, and the flyers, and i think i should have to fighting moves in there but not sure.

Arcanine ;059; @i dont know
EV 252 spd 252 att
-extreme speed
i firend told me what moves i should have on him but i forgot, it was awhile ago

executor @ i dont know
EV 252 sp. att 252 HP
- psychic
- leaf wind
he is a sp. sweeper,

vaporeoon @ i dont know
EV( i think) 252 sp att 126 HP 126 sp def.
- arurora beam
- ?????????
- ??????
not sure on the moveset it should have, i just wanted a water pokemon with a ice move and i liked vaporeons stats, plus hes one of the coolest evee evos.

and for number 6 it was going to be wobbuffet (hes my fav pokemon, so cute) but you guys would prolly hate me for that. so what do you guys think my team is missing ( i know its prolly alot,) but this team is going to be used to play at school and stuff, its not going to be super competitive. meaning im going to use pokemon i think are cool and have neat movesets, but all suggestions are appericated.