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RMT, first competitive team

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by ctccromer, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. ctccromer

    ctccromer Dragonite Master

    I've been playing around with different guys on Pokemon Online and so far this team has proven to work really well, so RMT. If it's rated well (or after revisions it's still really strong) I'll train them in my game

    Hydreigon @ Dragon Fang
    Modest nature (+Sp. Atk, -Atk)
    Levitate ability
    +252 Speed/+252 Sp. Atk/+4 HP
    -Dragon Pulse
    -Dark Pulse (rarely used)
    -Focus Blast

    Landorus @ Soft Sand
    Adamant nature (+Atk, -Sp. Atk)
    Sand Force ability
    +252 Speed/+252 Atk/+4 HP
    -Rock Slide (rarely used)
    -Hammer Arm
    -Toxic (filler)

    These two guys have been doing good as leads. The main idea is to strike first and drop the opponent before they can drop me. They usually take out the enemy's 2 leads and give a nice start for the backups. I almost always open with Earthquake from Landorus and Dragon Pulse from Hydreigon (unless Flamethrower or Focus Blast would be stronger via Super-Effective). Earthquake doesn't hurt Hydreigon due to Levitate

    Jellicent @ Water Gem
    Modest nature
    Cursed Body ability
    +252 Speed/+252 Sp. Atk/+4 HP
    -Water Spout
    -Ice Beam
    -Shadow Ball (rarely used, maybe replace it with a water move for when his HP is low?)
    -Protect (if Landorus/Jellicent and earthquake is needed)

    Chandelure @ Charcoal
    Modest nature
    Flame Body ability
    +252 Speed/+252 Sp. Atk/+252 HP
    -Heat Wave
    -Shadow Ball (rarely used)
    -Energy Ball (rarely used)
    -Psychic (rarely used)

    I'm not sure if I want to keep or replace Chandelure. He doesn't always do much and there could be a more useful pokemon to finish off the team
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2011
  2. ctccromer

    ctccromer Dragonite Master

    Bump. updated the team
  3. Haxorusfan

    Haxorusfan Dragon Trainer

    ^same thing but use leftovers and choice items don't use stupid items
  4. pikamanepicfail45

    pikamanepicfail45 <dont dis da awsmnes

    item- Leftovers
    Evs-252HP|128Def|128Sp.D (you can't have 3 252s)
    Ability-Water Absorb

    Item-Life Orb
    moves-Earthquake~Rock Polish~Outrage/Explosion~U-Turn/Hammer Arm/Stone Edge

    Item-Choice Specs/ Scarf
    Evs-252Spd|252Sp.A|4HP (you can't have 3 252s)
    Ability-Flash Fire
    moves- Overheat/Fire Blast~Shadow Ball~Energy Ball~Hidden Power[Fighting]

    Nature- Timid(+Spd,-Atk)
    Item-Life Orb
    moves-Draco Meteor~Dark Pulse~Surf/Earth Power~Fire Blast

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