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RMT my Semi-Competitive Black Version Team?

Discussion in '5th Gen In-Game RMT' started by KickAsh, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. KickAsh

    KickAsh halted development

    Hello there. Please take the time to fully evaluate my semi-competitive team. By semi-competitive I mean that only like 4 of my Pokemon are EV trained, and I will only occasionally use this team for battle.

    Serperior @ Light Clay
    Ability: Overgrow
    Nature: Rash (+Sp.Atk -Sp.Def)
    -Light Screen
    -Giga Drain
    This is my set up Pokemon. Dual Screens to help the next Pokemon, and Taunt to stop other set ups and cripple sweepers. Serperior has the Speed to pull this off, but if it finds itself in trouble, it can use Giga Drain to heal up.

    Krookodile @ Choice Band
    Ability: Moxie
    Nature: Careful (+Sp.Def -Sp.Atk)
    -Stone Edge

    Chandelure @ Choice Scarf
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Nature: Lax (+Def -Sp.Def)
    -Energy Ball
    -Shadow Ball

    Note: I also have a Shellder and a Gallade, but they are works in progress.

  2. rykerr1

    rykerr1 The Great Gublet

    I think it looks good.

    My only suggestion is, get a Serperior with a timid nature. You have no physical attacks, and you may very well need to take a special hit or 2, so rash isn't a great nature. You need speed to get taunt up before other leads, so timid would help in that regard as well. Krookodile would love to be Adamant, and Chandelure would love to be Timid or Modest. But I understand that you may not want to breed for natures then EV train all over again.
  3. Diaglio

    Diaglio Well-Known Member

    Replace Overheat with Psychic or Calm Mind on your Chandelure.
  4. SDHusky

    SDHusky Member

    I like the moveset on your Chandelure, but I do agree that you could go with Psychic on it in place of Overheat.
  5. KickAsh

    KickAsh halted development

    ^I'll do that! Thanks!
  6. 123fakestreet

    123fakestreet Metalopolis King

    I must disagree with this, chandelure is a hit and run pokemon, overheat has a base power including STAB of 210 which is 30 more than SE psychic. If your opponent will bring a resist in anyway the switch won't matter. Also running a dual screens lead then two choices pokemon is a bit pointless, add something like DD haxorus or scrafty to take advantage of the screens pseudo bulk.

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