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RMT Rain=Pain


Water Vamp Trainer
Ok,I have got into the new theme of making a rain team for doubles.
4vs4 out of the 6.
The tournament is like football, we play each other twice and a win is worth 3 point and a loss 1. And then the top 4 at the end will have a play off between them
But back to the Team.

Bronzong ;437;
Nature: Lax
Ability: Levitate
EVs:HP 252/DEF 128/ ATK 128
Stealth Rock
Gyro Ball
Pay Back
Light Screen

Ok so i send out a wallish type straight away to see what i'm up agaisnt. No rain dance yet as i want to see the opponents play for now. So first move is stealth rock to cause some damage through their switching. Light Screen for all the team (as Sp Attack moves are going to hurt the most) Then Gyro Ball or Pay Back (Depending on my health i have left)

And his partner

Roserade ;407;
Nature: Timid
Ability: Nature Cure
Item: Focus Sash
EVs: 4HP/ 252 SP ATK/252 SPD
Toxic Spikes
Hidden Power
Shaow Ball

Ok so its very unusual to see her in a rain team (suprise=best attack)
and this is why she has toxic spikes. Beause with toxic spikes and Stealth rock, the opponent will have to think twice before switching. So i've used toxic spikes and Bronzong has used Stealth Rock on my first turn. The rest will just decide on the opponent what i use next or who the opponent is, another layer of toxic spikes or some sevier damage?But either way,shes been maxed out on speed and special attack, so she will cause pain.

Kyogre ;382;
Nature: Calm
Ability: Drizzle
Item: Leftovers
EVs: HP 252/SP ATK 78/DEF 90/SP DEF 90
Aqua Ring
Ice Beam
Water Spout

The key to the rest of the team.He comes out once the first two have done their job (usually once Roserade has gone) But he opens my startegy with drizzle and opens the attacks with Aqua Ring. Depending on the opponent will depend on his next attack. Aslong as Kyogre sees 2 of the opponents pokemon through, i'm happy.

Kingdra ;230;
Nature: Modest
Ability: Swift Swim
Item: Leftovers? (i think i could use a better item)
EVs: SP ATK 252/HP 192/SPD 64
Dragon Pulse
Flash Cannon
Signal Beam

Kingra is pretty much a Special attack sweeper. Anything that may hurt him or Kyogre, he has a answer for the solution. Although my biggest question is...do i change him from a special to a physical sweeper?

Ludicolo ;272;
Nature: Modest
Ability: Swift Swin
Item: Life Orb
EVs: DEF 4/SP ATK 252/SPD 252
Grass Knot
Ice Beam
Hidden Power (dont know what it will do as i have not yet trained up this ludicolo)

And this is why i have the problem of Kingdra. Ludicolo makes a excellent Special Sweeper but then i want to keep Kingra in the team aswell. Ludicolo is here to kick some *** and sweep aside the opposition.

Kabutops ;141;
Nature: Adamant
Ability:Swift Swim
Item:Focus Sash
EVs: HP 74/252 ATK/184 SPD
Stone Edge
Rapid Spin
Ariel Ace

Depending on the opponents pokemon and strategy depends on when i send him out
If they are laying toxic spikes heres here to blow them away. He has a well round attacks so he can see aside most threats. And with Swift swim aswell, He can out run many pokemon including with his Speed EVs

So thats my team. But i am still unsure of whether i should include a roaring Zapdos ;145;, to inhace the damage created with Stealth Rock and Toxic Spikes (Zapdos attacks:Substitue,Roost,Thunder,Roar) or something else?
Also depending on what i want to achieve is what 4 i will chose
the first time i play the opponent i will chose Roserade, Bronzong, Kyogre and Kabutops (or if i had the Zapdos then him over Kabutops)
and the second time will be Kyogre, Bronzong, Roserade/Kingdra/Ludicolo and Kabutops.
any tips and opinions are very much appreciated :D thanks


OK, first things first, Kyogre is Uber. So step one is to remove Kyogre. Have you considered placing a pokemon which could give secondary rain support in its place? I would consider a rain dance Zapdos in its place.

Zapdos@Damp Rock
Bold | Pressure
248 HP / 228 Def / 32 Spe

- Rain Dance
- Thunder
- Roost
- U - Turn / Hidden Power [Grass]

Should work in that spot, I would say. This lets you take out other bulky water types coming to wall this team, and lets you make use of the 100% accuracy for Thunder. Another option might be Heat Wave, so as to take out bulky steel types.

The next thing is that this team simply will not work well in double battles. The entire point of it is to achieve a rain sweep, but in double battles, combination strategies are used, like Earthquake with a flying type partner, and Explosion with a partner using Protect. While this team has nice offensive synergy, it doesn't really do the stallish aspects of double battles that well. Have you considered making this team for single battles?

Anyhow, onto the general team. Roserade should have sleep powder if functioning as a lead, and you don't give the hidden power type [which is obviously important]. I would say that you should probably go for hidden power [ground] or stick with Shadow Ball > Hidden Power.

Next up, Bronzong could do with these EVs. 252 HP / 86 Atk / 80 Def / 92 SpD
these let it take out some annoyances like Gengar and Tyranitar (who has the potential to seriously hurt this team through sand stream). You also should probably consider using Rain Dance on the moveset. Why not try this?

Bronzong@Damp Rock
Impish | Levitate
252 HP / 86 Atk / 80 Def / 92 SpD

- Rain Dance
- Stealth Rock
- Gyro Ball
- Earthquake

This is better than the one you are using, as with rain dance, you have the ability to take out some fire types as they come in against you. Anyhow, this should work better.

Kingdra should probably use a Lum Berry, and have you considered a mixed sweeper? I just feel that it might work better.

Ludicolo should either go for Rain Dance or Focus Punch in place of Hidden Power.

Other than that, the team looks fine for standard OU, though I'd say that you shouldn't really use it for double battles.


Water Vamp Trainer
(the Kyogre thing we are allowed one Uber, so others will use Groudon and Lugia etc)
and ok. I will change the roserade, but the reason none of my other pokemon have rain dance is because of Kyogre. But i am rethinking about it and will use the Bronzong you have provided (for the reason being Sandstorm is going to hurt) So thankyou very much on those accounts :D
But if my Bronzong is going to learn Earthquake, should i bin a pokemon for a roaring Zapdos or use the idea for one you provided but change rain dance with Roar?

and if i did make it a single team, would it be successful or would i need a little more power in it?
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