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RMT, second time around

Been working my team over a bit, trying to get a balanced team figured out. So far I have:

Heracross@ Life Orb/Choice Band
Jolly: +Speed, -Sp. Attack
252 Attack/252 Speed

Close Combat
Stone Edge
Night Slash

An okay lead, as I have my Gallade for physical redundancy. Pursuit is not an option, don't bother recommending it.

Lucario@ Life Orb/Leftovers
Hasty: +Speed, -Defense
252 Speed/126 Attack/126 Sp. Attack

Close Combat
Aura Sphere
Dragon Pulse

Looks good to me, just torn over what move to put last: Earthquake, Stone Edge, Dark Pulse, Poison Jab, Psychic.

Dusknoir@ Leftovers
Careful: +Sp. Defense, -Sp. Attack
252 HP/200 Def/56 Sp. Defense

Shadow Punch
Ice Punch

This, to me, looks like good stuff. Wisp neuters Physical Sweepers that aren't Heracross, which is okay because it's immune to or resists both Hera's STABs. Garchomp/Salamence die to Ice Punch, leaving Tyranitar as its only real Physical weakness. Most Special Sweepers I've seen are Psychic or Ghost, and thus get boned by its other attacks.

Gallade@ Life Orb/Expert Belt
Jolly: +Speed, -Sp. Attack
252 Speed/252 Attack

Leaf Blade
Night Slash
Close Combat

Here mainly for redundancy (and because I like it), Gallade has speed, power, type coverage, and can Hypnotize to force a switch.

Gardevoir@ Leftovers
Modest: +Sp. Attack, -Attack
252 Sp. Attack/252 Speed/4 Sp. Defense

Calm Mind/Protect
Energy Ball/Wish

Still torn on Gardy's role here, since I don't have a dedicated Special Sweeper, I can go that route. I could also go with the annoyer build on the right, I still have yet to decide.

Blissey@ Leftovers
Bold: +Defense, -Attack
252 Defense/252 HP/4 Sp. Defense

Ice Beam
Light Screen/Protect

It's Blissey, what can I say, besides... Seismic Toss/Aromatherapy are NOT options.

I have a few pokemon that can stand in, those being: Metagross, Skarmory, Salamence, and Ninjask. They are all good-natured/EV trained.


Well-Known Member
I don't really like the mixed lucario. He's better going either physical or special, as then he's stronger and he can boost.

I don't understand pursuit on your dusknoir. Shadow punch or strike seem like better options. Both of them hit harder, and shadow strike gets priority against nasty little beasties like alakazam and gengar.

If you're going to use gardevoir, you should use her for wish support. Your team has a lot of life orbs on it, which can result in you getting killed pretty fast. Wish helps remedy that. Don't even think about putting toxic on her.

If you aren't willing to use aromatherapy on blissey, you should go with CMbliss:
Fat pink egg@leftovers
Bold (252 HP/252 Def/6 Sp. Atk or something like that)
Calm Mind
Ice Beam