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RMT Single battle


When your rating plz dont request too mant TM moves and remember, its a single-only team .... thank you. THere are only 3 so far

Rampardos@ Focus Scarf
Ability- Mold Breaker Nature- Adamant
EVs- Attack + Hp
~ Focus Punch/ Brick Break
~Zen Headbutt
For now i have Brick Break, mainly for its massive attack stat, Focus Punch is generally a good move, but im not sure if Umbreon's Double Team + Baton pass will be a success yet. Zen Headbutt is a good physical phycic move to take out fighting pkmn. Avalanche is for grass types, and with Focus sash it is doubled. 'Sash also protects the horrible stats. Crunch is mainly a filler attack...

Umbreon@ Chesto Berry/ Bright Powder
Ability- Syncronize Nature- Bold
EVs- Sp. Def. + Def (any extra will goto HP)
~ Baton Pass
~ Double Team
~ Confuse Ray
~ Rest/ Moonlight
This is my BPer Mainly to drag out Rampardos... I've also considered if he is my last pkmn left, i'll rely on confuse ray + Double team. Confuse Ray Will be my first move to increase Double Teams succsess rate. Then there's the enebitible Rest or Moonlight... If i choose to keep Rest i'll go with Chesto Berry, Moonlight with Bright Powder

MegaYanma@ Expert Belt
Ability- Speed Boost Nature- Hasty
Evs- Speed and Sp. Attack (Extra will goto Physical Att.)
~Endure/ Substitute
~Bugg Buzz
~Air Slash
Do to a Youtube Vid I found Reversal as a good move for yan plus the rock pokes... But the problem is all my friend have either a sandstorm or a Hail team.... anyway I the person I saw used Endure, but i think Sub will help the speed boost, pretty standard.... Bugg Buzz and Air Slash are Fillers. with STAB.

I've also been considering a Blastoise..... If you wanna see it, I'll Show what I got so-far..... Thanks in advance.
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LOL, Sup?
Mega needs protect to ensure that it gets a free speed boost. Along with hypo it will stall and then just use Bug Buzz or Air Slash


prophecy fulfilled
Maxing HP is the most important thing to do with Umbreon's EVs.

Baton Pass
Double Team / Mean Look
@ Leftovers

Use this as the lead, then baton pass boosts to Rampardos. Whoyou should give White Herb to. That will remove the -Spd from Curse and leave you with the +Def/Atk.

Although Rampard without speed Baton Passed to it is pretty meh in general.

in b4 DT is gay


Give Ramparados Earthquake and Head Smash/Stone Edge instead of Zen Headbutt and Crunch.
Give Umbreon Dark Pulse instead of Confuse Ray, so he can attack.
I shall give Megayanma Subsitute.

What's the rest of your team?

zen headbutt can get rid of fighting pkmn. but if your sure ill try earthquake... and that is my team so far... i knw its against the rules to make you build my team for me, so i didn't ask. but i was considering:

Blastoise@ Bright Powder/ Chesto Berry
Ability: Torrent Nature: ???
EVs: Def and HP (Sp. Def)
~Aqua Ring
~Hydro Cannon/ Aqua Tail
I was going to BP Umbreon For this, Aqua Ring + Rest + Double Team as a wall, I didn't put Counter/ Mirror Coat because of Double team and my horrible prediction, instead, i put Earthquake to take out some Electrics and Steel. Hydro Cannon and Aqua Tail are filler moves to make me feel better about it and give STAB......