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RMT: Standard OU


I know. I'm hot.
Please, no one-liners. I need some help, and please rate at least one WHOLE Pokemon, not just on move, or EV, etc.

Need's change in BOLD

Team At A Glance

;469; ;229; ;474; ;232; ;143; ;376;


Yanmega: Focus Sash Modest/ 252 Sp.A/252 Spe/4 HP
Big Buzz/U-Turn
Air Slash

Standard Yanmega. Special Attacker. Not much to say here, would change this for pretty much anything, don't like it much. Perhaps, a Drifblim?


Houndoom: Life Orb/ Modest/ 252 Sp.A/216 Spe/ 40 HP
Flash Fire
Nasty Plot
Dark Pulse

Not the best Houndoom, but it gets the job done. I like it, and I will use it until I get a better one. I'm not that picky on IV's, FYI. Anways, Special Sweeper, Plot on the switch, and if they send in a Water type, either switch, or just Dark Pulse. As I said, its IV's are nothing special, but I get cool points for using Doom Dawg(Doom Dawg is made by PokeN3rd.)


Porygon-Z; Choice Scarf/ Modest/ 252 Sp. A/ 252 Spe/ 4 HP
Dark Pulse
Tri Attack
Ice Beam

Special sweeper. One of my favorite Pokemon of all time. I just think it looks awesome . Anyways, I could either run that, or a Nasty Plot set. Can set up extremly easily. Most people expect the usual slow, Plotting Z, so they leave their Dragon in. Then BAM! OHKO.


Donphan; Lefties/ Impish/ 252 HP/ 6 Atk/ 252 Def
Rapid Spin
Stealth Rock
Ice Shard

Simple, SR'er, and Spinner. Can get free rock's in if switch in on a Dragon . He has decent attack, and I can take out some threats with him.


Snorlax; Lefties/ Adamant/ 168 HP/ 120 Def/ 220 SpD
Body Slam/Return

Curselax FTW ^_^. Can sweep an entire team if you switch in on an unsuspecting opponent. Has been one of my favorite Pokemon since 1st Gen. White not female only Fattie's ftw.


Metagross; Shuca Berry/ Adamant/ 252 Atk/ 252 Spe
Meteor Mash

Agiligross... wow. I love it, it can win me a game, even if I'm down 6-1. It's happened before. Spam's MM's until something that resist's it comes out, then it uses EQ, if it is a better choice. When low on HP, explodes.

So... what do you think?
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You have a pretty big Fighting weakness and since your only counter is weak and crippled by SR, it won't be switchin in too often. Luckily it can take mixape and some other fighting pokes, but still frail. Speaking of frail, Houndoom is just asking to be slaughtered. He just doesn't have the speed to pull off a sweep, so unless you have a way of getting him that speed, you're boned.

You're running too many Spe EV's on your PoryZ. It is right under outrunning Scarftran, so the next best thing to do is to outrun Adamant Scarfcross, so go 216 Spe and the rest where ever.

Your Metagross is also running way too many Spe EV's. He outruns Doexys-S with one Agility >.> You need to cut down to about 210 (132 EV's) so he outruns a Scarftran after one Agility.

NOTE: I also like how everyone is doing exactly what you told them not to do. New punks going for post counts >.>


I know. I'm hot.
Yea, I noticed my Fighting Weakness. I used to have a Togekiss, and I'm thinking about taking out Yanmega or Z for it. What do you think?