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RMT - The Army of Gauss


Bad and Nationwide
Ok, my buddies and I have been doing a fair bit of netbattling - however we've gotten a bit bored of standard clauses.

We only have two pokemon clauses: no ubers and species clause.

It's pretty nuts because we're ALSO playing with no move clauses (eg. OHKOs, perish song, so on), however we DO use freeze and sleep clause.

So I've invented this team for countering the usual OHKO/perish song spamming tactics.

Gauss (Nidoking) @ Leftovers
Fissure, Thunder, Earthquake, Rest
~ Basic gamble I'm playing here is that I can play him like a regular pokemon and fissure as a surprise tactic. Note: thunder is for flyers.

Faust (Dodrio) @ Mint Berry
Rest, Agility, Curse, Drill Peck
~ stops fissure being a crippler, mint berry also causes pain on the standard spore smeargle.

Erius (Flareon) @ Mint Berry
Shadow Ball, Rest, Curse, Fire Blast
~ Skarm/hypnomissy counter and general pain in the neck.

Gellius (Skarmory) @ Nothing
Thief, Whirlwind, Drill Peck, Rest
~ Zkarm actually exists as a surprise to any nasty physical sweeper BS. Also good for stealing mint berries and evading fissure.

Tisander (Miltank) @ Leftovers
Heal Bell, Milk Drink, Curse, Body Slam
~ yes I'm aware it's a HUGE risk to run a heal beller in this team but I'm not planning to rely on it too much.

Vandus (Machamp) @ Mint Berry
Rest, Counter, Cross Chop, Earthquake
~ counter OWNS ohko's - they have a 33.3% chance of having you - you have a 66.6% chance of having them. All in all it's good :D