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RMT [The Power of Opposites]

Discussion in '5th Gen In-Game RMT' started by airisuflower, May 11, 2013.

  1. airisuflower

    airisuflower upupupu

    I really am not good with items and I just need overall advice please!

    :638: ;380; ;059;
    :497: ;461; :634:​

    Cobalion @ Black Belt
    Nature: Bold
    Ability: Justified
    Swords Dance
    Close Combat
    Iron Head
    Stone Edge

    Latias @ Soul Dew
    Nature: Bold
    Ability: Levitate
    Dragon Pulse
    Calm Mind

    Arcanine @ Expert Belt
    Nature: Jolly
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Dragon Pulse
    Fire Blast
    Wild Charge

    Serperior @ Mystic Water
    Nature: Lax
    Ability: Overgrow
    Aqua Tail
    Leaf Blade
    Iron Tail

    Weavile @ Razor Claw
    Nature: Careful
    Ability: Pressure
    Brick Break
    Night Slash
    Shadow Claw
    Ice Punch

    Zweilous @ Eviolite
    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: Hustle
    Zen Headbutt
    Last edited: May 14, 2013
  2. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title

    Cobalion's nature depletes Attack, so a Calm Mind set alongside Flash Cannon / Focus Blast / Substitute is the best it can do. However, you can still run a purely Physical set to take advantage of it's superior Physical Movepool with Swords Dance / Close Combat / Stone Edge / Iron Head. It is more of a personal preference.

    Latias' Attack is below average, and Bold further lowers it, so stick to Special Moves. Dragon Pulse > Waterfall and Calm Mind > Psychic or Fly, depends on which one you need more.

    RK9 has Jolly, so you should mainly stick to Physical Moves. Crunch / Flare Blitz / ExtremeSpeed / Wild Charge will do.
  3. DGatrz Master

    DGatrz Master Trainer of Legends.

    If you need fly, you could always teach it to Hydreigon when you get it, and you could teach it outrage, flamethrower, and crunch too. I'm not sure what your doing with Serperior, but you could teach aqua tail, outrage, and iron tail. I know these aren't the best movesets, but I'm not sure of much else you could do.
  4. airisuflower

    airisuflower upupupu

    Thank you so much! I like the advice and it is very appreciated.

    Any item advice? I normally don't mess with items much, but I looked into some of them and finally started using them (dumb for me to start this late).

    I definitely know that I need to do something with Serperior, but I wanted some input before I just tried to change its whole moveset. I caught my Zweilous recently and am not sure if I should keep him in my party or switch back to my Stunfisk.
    Last edited: May 12, 2013
  5. DGatrz Master

    DGatrz Master Trainer of Legends.

    I personally prefer Zweilous over Stunfisk, it just looks dumb, so I never bothered to train one. Likewise I never trained an Emolga, not that it's dumb, it just doesn't look like it could have a very wide movepool. As for items, I give items to them based on their moves most of the time, so if you use Aura Sensai's set for Arcanine, I'd probably give it a Sitrus Berry to heal damage from wild charge and flare blitz, and if you use my moveset for Serperior, I'd give it a Mystic Water.
  6. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title

    Zweilous takes extremely long to evolve, and you won't have Hydreigon until after the Elite Four unless you grind to hell and back. Axew is obtained earlier in the game and evolves sooner, so it could replace Hydreigon, uness you don't mind waiting until Level 64 to get Hydreigon.

    Emolga seems like the weakest link to me; it has very low Defenses and still dosen't hit very hard; might I suggest using Stunfisk instead - it has overall better stats.
  7. KillerDraco

    KillerDraco The Enforcer Staff Member Super Mod

    Zweilous does have one boon prior to evolving into Hydreigon though- With Hustle, its attacks actually hit RIDICULOUSLY HARD, giving it the equivalent of a base 152 attack. It's also got an Adamant Nature, which is actually great for a Zweilous! ...The only problem is that when it does evolve into Hydreigon, that Adamant nature proves to be a detriment, since lowering Hydreigon's special attack is not advisable at all. Not to mention that Hustle can cause untimely misses, and its stats not named Attack are all lackluster as a Zweilous. So it probably wouldn't be worth it to raise that specific Zweilous into a Hydreigon in the long run due to its nature, even if you don't mind the latest evolution in the game.

    For items though, try Muscle Band or Expert Belt on Arcanine, Wise Glasses on Cobalion (assuming you use Aura's suggestions), and Eviolite if you keep Zweilous on the team. All of these tend to be good in-game choices since they are versatile and have no drawbacks.
  8. airisuflower

    airisuflower upupupu

    Thank you so much!

    I have a Haxorus as well, but I switched it out when I caught Zweilous.

    Stunfisk's nature is serious and his moveset is:
    (Ability Static)

    I was thinking about bringing my Stunfisk back into my party instead of Emolga considering the dual ground/electric types it has.

    I have a strong liking for certain Pokemon and I really was thinking about keeping a Zweilous, not because I have anything against Hydreigon, but it is just a personal preference. I really appreciate you telling me that so now I have a reason for keeping a Zweilous. (I mean I have a level 73 Sewaddle because I really love Sewaddle)

    I really appreciate all your suggestions and I will definitely be using this information to better my team! You guys are the best! Thank you!
  9. DGatrz Master

    DGatrz Master Trainer of Legends.

    With that moveset on Stunfisk, I would probably switch it for Emolga. I don't know what stat it's better with, so I can't help much, but I would do Surf>Scald if it can learn that, unless you like the burn effect. Earthquake>Bulldoze if it can learn that too because it has better power. You could also use a Druddigon instead of Zweilous, just throwing that out there. But if you have your heart set on Zweilous (which I assume you do) I would go with Crunch, Outrage/Dragon Rush, Aqua Tail, Zen Headbutt/Superpower.
  10. Shockking

    Shockking i dont know anymore

    Adding to what DGatorz said, Crunch, Outrage (not dragon rush, with hustle it will miss far too much), Superpower and then for the fourth move you don't really need anything for Zweilous as Dark + Fighting (And Dragon) have great neutral coverage. XD but take one of the other moves DGatorz suggested. And Draco was right about the item, Eviolite is the only okay option.
  11. airisuflower

    airisuflower upupupu

    Thank you guys once again! I have a couple more questions (if you don't mind too much). I took your opinions in consideration and changed the first post according to my decisions!

    I decided to swap Stunfisk out for Weavile, who I've had in my party for awhile, but took out when I caught Latias. His moveset, I'm leaning more towards Focus Blast > Low Sweep and Dark Pulse > Punishment. Punishment isn't always so reliable considering its power is increased by the amount of times the opponent has powered up with stat changes, and the PP is only 5 compared to Dark Pulse's 15 (although I could use a few PP-Ups).

    Because I evolved my Growlithe at a lower level than I should've, I don't have the accessibility to Crunch or Flare Blitz. So instead I was thinking Overheat and Dragon Pulse?

    My last question is about Zweilous: I'm leaning towards Dragon Pulse > Draco Meteor because as was said I shouldn't really allow Spec. Attack to fall any lower and Draco Meteor has just that effect after it is used.

    What do you all think?
  12. KillerDraco

    KillerDraco The Enforcer Staff Member Super Mod

    Weavile wants only physical attacks. Its Special Attack is horrible, while its attack is high. It does not want Focus Blast, nor does it want Dark Pulse. If you want a reliable Dark Type STAB, give it Night Slash. Brick Break can be used for a power upgrade over Low Sweep, since Weavile is already crazy fast and doesn't really care about slowing down foes in-game. Low Kick can be good since a lot of things weak to fighting are heavy, but its power can be inconsistent depending on the target. Weavile also wants Ice Punch as a solid Ice STAB, and Swords Dance can round it off by letting it crank up its attack even further if you want to.

    Problem is your Arcanine actually has a nature that decreases its Special Attack. In any event, Overheat would be bad; it favors a hit and run style. If you want more power than Flamethrower, give it Fire Blast instead. Dragon Pulse... eh. It's not terrible but it's not anything special either. It's got good neutral coverage, at the very least.

    Give it Outrage, not Dragon Pulse. Hustle only affects physical attacks, Zweilous' attack is higher than its special attack, and Adamant nature lowers special attack anyway. If you were evolving it into Hydreigon, then Dragon Pulse would be fine, but since you expressed interest in keeping it as a Zweilous, have it stick to physical attacks.
    Last edited: May 14, 2013
  13. DGatrz Master

    DGatrz Master Trainer of Legends.

    One thing I want to know is why did you give Cobalion Wiseglasses? It only boosts the power of special moves, and you gave it a physical moveset. For Arcanine, I would do Dragon Pulse>Strength, as ExtremeSpeed already works just as good or better. I personally would do Fire Fang>Overheat, unless you give it a White Herb. Weavile would probably do best with Ice Punch, Night Slash, X-Scissor/Aerial Ace, Brick Break, imo. Lastly, Zweilous is basically the same as Arcanine, one stat drop special move with a physical moveset. I don't care much for drastic stat drops, especially if Draco Meteor doesn't OHKO an opponent. I'd use Dragon Pulse to be on the safe side.
  14. Shockking

    Shockking i dont know anymore

    As its dragon type move Zweilous needs Outrage. Basically you should just be spamming it to be honest. It works off its insane Attack stat and has full accuracy (which is necessary in combination with Hustle, you'll probably miss a ton anyway).Also, it really wants Crunch. This would work vest in place of Work Up if you do use Outrage since you won't really need the boost for your special attack and your attack is high already.
  15. airisuflower

    airisuflower upupupu

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate all the help you've given me!

    Thank you! Also, I didn't give Wiseglasses to Cobalion, but I had put that there originally when I got my first couple of replies. I put a black belt onto him for now, but I plan to find something else to give it.

    You too! I'm really thankful for all the advice you have given me~!
    Last edited: May 14, 2013
  16. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    Hmm, Weavile wants Aerial Ace instead of Shadow Claw.

    Ghost & Dark shares similar coverage, so having both is pointless. You only need to keep the STAB one, in this case, it's Night Slash.
  17. airisuflower

    airisuflower upupupu

    DGatrz also mentioned this and I plan on switching Shadow Claw out for Aerial Ace. Thank you!
  18. Krookodile777

    Krookodile777 Member

    0/10 just cause it pisses me off when people use legends like Cobalion & Latias :D

    Soul Dew is a banned item on wifi random battles at least, it's pretty cheap to take a legend and give it the most OP item in the game.

    I just don't think that's very sportsmanlike really
  19. airisuflower

    airisuflower upupupu

    I guess I'm not too sportsmanlike really. Sorry.

    Thanks for voicing your opinion though.
  20. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    It doesn't really matter if this is an in-game team ;)

    Besides, number rate is not allowed since it means nothing.

    Anyway, if you have done changes to the team, editing the first post to reflect that would be a good idea.

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