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[RMXP] Pokemon: Imperial Sky


Mud in my veins


"Pokémon: Imperial Sky" may look somewhat familiar to many of you, and this is because it is the reboot of the old Pokemon Helio Version! While much of the game is rather the same, many new places, people, plotlines, and Pokémon await you in this new, amazing, graphically stunning new masterpiece from Perihelion Productions!​




Centuries ago there was a land that prospered; air filled with happiness, earth rich with peace. This land was known by Emort. The population knew nothing but to worship the god above, bowing to the starry night and glow of the magnificent moon. Their love for the god of the moon, Yastu'kui, led their carefree lives, assuring their well-being. He watched over the land at dark, and they flourished over the land at light. Then things changed. A settlement from far east migrated to their land, largely outnumbering their population. Things started to change. People grew violent. People grew angry. People grew sad and hopeless and scared. Times became dark.

These new people began to spread a new faith among the prior citizens. They led them to the conclusion that they were wrong. There was no moon god. There was only him. Only the god of sun, Tairatu'ah. Confusion spread and riots lit the streets. That is when persecution began. Persecution of the moon worshipers and new life for the sun worshipers. Slowly, the population of the aforementioned moon people dwindled. Whether because of death, migration, conversion, or even time, the land became sparse of their kind. A new era was born.

As time passed, people grew worried and tired of these citizens being persecuted. So a group was formed to help these people and stop the persecution of their kind. You are a strapping young lad who lives in a small town on an island off the coast of mainland Emort. Virtually ignorant to this race war, you become well-aware of it when your neighbor, and crush, decides to join the group intending on helping the persecuted moon-worshippers. In order to impress the girl you decide to throw away all of your previous goals and join this group as well; however, what may seem to be an ordinary charity group may just turn out to create the biggest disaster the Emort Region has ever known!​




Selene - Love Interest --- Haroun - Friendly Rival



Grass - Fire - Water



- 251 ORIGINAL Emort Region Pokemon! 144 of which never before seen!
- A completely redesigned Emort Region with tons of areas to explore anew such as deserts, forests, caves, mountains, rivers, oceans, and so much more!
- A larger screen resolution so as to keep up with the latest Pokemon graphics
- A coral reef based Safari Zone to catch a multitude of deep-sea pokemon!
- A captivating, realistic plot to keep you interested throughout the entire game!
- And so much more!






Founder / Eventer - Starrmyt

Co-founder / Graphics Head (Pixel Art, sprites, tiles, etc) - Aquakip

Graphics Helper (tiles) - Dewitty

Dialogue Writer - Bards Sword

Scripter - Tylerab01

Sounds / Animations - Rickyboy

Movesets / Stats - FlameKoala


Poccil - Poccil's Starter Kit
BoOmxBiG - mountain tiles
KaitoDesign - pond tiles

Pokémon is a trademark of The Pokémon Company™. We are not affiliated with The Pokémon Company™, Nintendo, or GameFreak.









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Will-powered Spriter

Pokédex Complete!
Wow, these are absolutely breathtaking!

I especially like how your tilist (sp?) has managed to make it look 3D, even though its not.
Do the pokemon battle sprites move?

My only complaints are that the protaganist doesn't really look like a typical kid hero at that height, and maybe you should look at the long grass sprites, they don't look quite as good as the rest of the tiles.


6 different pokemon
Staff member
Wow looks promising :) I really love the screenshots :)
Hopefully we could play it sometime. I especially love the coral reef safari zone. It's an original fun idea
The pokemon sprites look really big.Are you using a 96*96 cavas?
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Wow, these are amazing. I've always loved your sprites and as usual you've blown me away. I have no crit for you.


Sith Lord Victorious
Dang. This is truly mind-blowing. I love it and can help with anything non-graphics based if you want, and maybe some crude fakemon designs.


Yup, 'tis me!
Wow, these are all incredible :O The only thing I could say is on the screenshot at the bottom left with the bridge, should the shadow curve around the rock instead of being perfectly straight? And Protruik's front (our right) leg looks a little awkward. Other than that... Wow.


Mud in my veins
@Will-powered Spriter Why thank you! That means a lot coming from you. I really tried a whole lot to give it that feel.

However, the overworlds are a completely different style. This is the height of the player. Also, seeing as he is 17, I thought that he was pretty much at his full height anyway. I've made the characters' heights a lot more realistic in this game. So everyone is a different height, some are maybe a pixel wider than others, the children are half the player's size, the fat guys are larger, etc.

@ Noobiess That is a scratched grass tile. I eyeballed the BW one from a screenshot, however, I changed it up a bit. I think it looks nice. I'll see what I can do though. Afterall, it's only 1 tile.


@LokiTheGengar I actually think we're good. I'm in charge of that and I have it all covered. Thank you for the comment and thanks for posing. ^_^

@Cynder Thanks! And yeah, you're probably right about that. However, I don't see a problem with the leg...what exactly are you talking about? :)


Yup, 'tis me!
@Cynder Thanks! And yeah, you're probably right about that. However, I don't see a problem with the leg...what exactly are you talking about? :)

It looks a bit too... Angular, and it faces in maybe a little bit too much. I dunno xD


♧ yoo ♧
I think the spriting itself for the starters is very good, but the concept has some problems.
Leafegon's name is too similar to leafeon, and it looks too much like sceptile. Flamane I think is supposed to be a lion, but it looks a lot like infernape, I suggest respriting it.


Active Member
Wow those are great sprites! The screenshots look really good as well, but as Cyder said the shadow of the bridge looks a little odd.


Sith Lord Victorious
Just a thought, but does the RMXP in the title stand for RPG Maker XP? I was thinking of getting that and I'm definitely more interested if you can make Pokemon games with it as well as just Dragon Quest-type stuff.


Mud in my veins
@Cynder I guess you could be right, but I really don't see it and I love that sprite too much. xD

@BLABO I understand why someone might want me to change Flamane's sprite. It looks a little bit on the monkey side, but I feel like you can tell it is a lion. Flamane is probably one of the hardest fakemon I have ever sprited, and I really don't feel like respriting it again. I mean, in time, I might, but for now, it's going to stay that way.

@PkmnHunter Yep. It's fixed now.

LokiTheGengar Yeah. You can also use Game Maker, which is probably easier, tbh. However, if you want a simple pokemon game, I'd go with Poccil's Starter Kit for RMXP. We're building off of that to make it something spectacular!


Sith Lord Victorious
Cool. And yeah, my only thing with Flamane is the mane. It's too Infernape-ey for my taste and not lionish enough. A lion would have a full mane all around its head, kinda like Typhlosion's. And put Leafegeon on all fours- you'd have to resprite it, but it wouldn't be a change in design. That would help it look less like Sceptile, something that seems to plague a lot of lizard-based Grass starters (That's why the one for my project is going to be a mammal; it's never been done officially).


Mud in my veins
@LokiTheGengar I understand that. ^_^ I don't think Leafegon looks too much like Sceptile, however. They're both reptiles...but...idk.


Here is the Emort Region map. It is 100% scratch in the BW style. This took me roughly 7 hours to make.

I can't get over this. You're like my idol, man.

Does this count as spam? I hope not. >.>


Bored to Infinity
This is quite awesome. I love the plotline, the main three characters, and ESPECIALLY the region map. You've got soo many areas in just islands or the mountain, and then there're those thingies which look like hidden coves?
And the graphics are also superb!
Buuut, a few bugging-ish things-
*The professor's full sprite-art looks very straight. Like too straight.
*Selene's sprite: Seems too thin, definitely too much zig-zag on her legs, and there's something about the head-- IS THAT A SMURF CAP????
*IMO, the overworld height thing will take a LOT of getting used to.

One both awesome and bugging thing:
The starters: They actually look really good, but every time I look at those final evolutions, I think "That grass/fire/water final evo looks like an alternate form of Sceptile/Infernape/Swampert"........ The first two stages are SO nice, but I find it extremely, extremely difficult to not see the final stages from that viewpoint.
At the same time, I feel like cuddling the bases, partying with the 1st stages, and crushing people with the 2nd stages, which for me describes a perfect starter.

I can't wait to play this!!!


Well-Known Member
Wow. Leafegon and Flamine are just.. wow.

Amazing work.