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RNG Trading Thread

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Chaos L

God of the New World
Hey, I'm after a flawless Ditto. I'd like it to be in a language other than english aswell. I don't care if it's cloned or not, I just want it. I don't have many events, but I might be able to give you a shiny Lopunny, or Ice punch Totodile, or a DWF caterpie or a Ho-oh. PM me if interested.
looking for someone who can, or already did, RNG a jolly flawless/near flawless virizion or cobalion (non shiny, or shiny) PM me! please
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I know this is a longshot, but as I've exhausted myself trying to Masuda Method for months on end, I would hope to request someone RNG a shiny Ponyta, preferably female. I would like it to know Hypnosis, but it doesn't need to. It doesn't need to be flawless or anything, I just want this hunt to be over. Able to be nicknamed would be great as well.

I can't really offer much, to be honest. Untouched Wishmaker Jirachi with any nature of your choosing, Phione, and/or a Japanese Shadows of Almia Darkrai, with Pokerus if you want it. I know this is probably futile, but if anyone with the capability to RNG is feeling generous, please contact me.


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Just RNGed a non-shiny Shellder. Details:
Gender: Male
Nature: Naive
Ability: Skill Link
IVs: Flawless
Egg move: Rock Blast, Aqua Ring

Can be nicknamed if you want it to be. PM/VM or post in my shop if you're interested.


I am willing to pay both Shiny flawless evd DW Politoed with egg move encore and shiny flawless HP Ice 70 Thundurus for an evd Abomasnow with HP Fire 70 in 4th Gen. I'll pay the poli and thundurus in 5th gen, the Aboma must be in 4th. I can even pay more if needed, I really need it. Send me a PM for businesses.


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I'm looking for someone to RNG me a flawless Ditto, foreign (from a language other than English) preferred. I can't offer much; I have DWFs and Zorua with two or three flawless IVs. PM or VM me if you're willing to RNG me one c:


Let's Player
Need modest dw bulbasaur with perfect hp ice. Offering an adamant dw fully eved flawless dw blaziken. Also accepting other variations of dw bulbasaur. Make an offer. I am open to them.


A meowing duck.
Looking for any flawless versions of the dream radar legendaries and any black 2 and white 2 flawless shiny gift pokemon, and then this very specific pokemon:

Shiny Nearly Flawless Regigigas
Adamant nature
IV Spread
31, 31, 31, - , 31, 31
Nned Toc-Man V2 (if this is too long, you can do TocManV2)

PM me for any details or if you can get any of the pokemon on my wants list.

Wants from the game shiny, flawless/near flawless, and uncloned
DW Eevee
Other Gift Pokemon
XTransevier Quest pokemon (if they can be shiny)
Legendaries (Cresselia, meatran, mesprit, uxie, azelf, regis regigigas* latis, etc.)
Encounterable pokemon like dw braviary
And the shiny-locked pokemon dratini, gible, and haxorus.


RNG Enthusiast
I have many flawless Ditto (english) that I would like to trade for flawless ditto (non-english) of corresponding natures.


hi there~ got some flawless RNGed shinies in my sig: pm if you're interested ^^


Reputable Trader
Looking for someone to RNG me this
IV's: 31/31/31/31/31/0
Nature: bold, calm, modest, impish, careful, relaxed, sassy
Ability: Regenerator from BW2 Amoongus
Gender: either is fine
EV'd or UT: EV'd 252 defense 252 sp.defense 4 HP
Shiny/Not Shiny: Shiny
Other notes: I would like this to be uncloned
I can offer some shiny events for this or regular events whichever you prefer these are in my shop if you EV train it properly as well then I will offer anything in my shop except Eppie mew, I also have a cloned T lv43 dream radar lugia caught at lv40 hardy take your pick if you do it please contact me by VM or post in my shop thanks


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Newest RNG: non-shiny Axew.
Gender: Male
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Mold Breaker
IVs: Flawless
VM or post in my shop with offers if you're interested.


The Rolling Thunder
Seriously need someone to RNG a flawless shiny munchlax with a careful nature will trade a flawless adamant beldum for this.


Team Synergist
I would like a RNG'd Flawless Ditto 31 Across, Also a Ditto with 31/31/31/31/31/0. Foreign of America would be nice but not necessary. I can offer things in my sig as well as a few Shinies... Excadrill, Piplup, Starly
*Im on my knees and begging for someone to give a female flawless bagon with dragondance,and flawless ditto!
please pm me,if you would help out of being kind,please,please :p


Because I'm Happy.
EDIT:Trade Completed.

If anyone can RNG this, PM me.

Pokemon: Deino
Nickname (if applicable): None.
IV's: 31/31/31/31/31/31 (Flawless)
Nature: Timid
Ability: Hustle
Gender: Male
EV'd or UT: UT
Shiny/Not Shiny: Shiny would be a bonus, but not required.
Moves/Hidden Power Type/Egg Moves: Dark Pulse, Earth Power.
Event (if applicable): it is not.
Other info (if applicable):

This Pokemon must be unique, meaning i can go on Pokecheck and won't find it there.
This Pokemon must be legit, not hacked.
I can supply you with a Deino that has Dark Pulse.
Dieno can learn Earth Power via BW2 Tutor.
So the Dark Pulse Deino must learn Earth Power via tutor.
When you breed the Deino with Dark Pulse and Earth Power, the offspring will have the 2 moves.

I know this is a lot to ask for, but I'll reward you with 2-3 shinies, a Lucky Egg, and a few more things if you want.
(Not Keldeo and Melotta to make it clear.)
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*Im on my knees and begging for someone to give a female flawless bagon with dragondance,and flawless ditto!
please pm me,if you would help out of being kind,please,please :p

i can help you out kid, but non shiny and w/out ddance bagon? alright with you? but its flawless


So I was just reading a RNG guide on this forum, and I just cannot fathom out the slightest thing about it.......soooo, I was just wondering if somebody here might be willing to do like 2-3 for me, I have some stuff I could give in return, PM if you'd be willing to :)

Thanks in advance.


#1 Lanturn Owner
Looking For: Cryogenal
Nickname (if applicable): none
IV's: N/A
Nature: N/A
Ability: Levitate
Gender: Genderless
EV'd or UT: N/A
Shiny/Not Shiny: SHINY
Moves/Hidden Power Type/Egg Moves: N/A
Event (if applicable): N/A
Other info (if applicable): N/A
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