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RNG Trading Thread

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I need a RNG abused Ditto... I can offer Events pokemons, and shinys...


New Member
Looking for Bold/Clam/Sassy/Relaxed Yamask or Cofagrigus

Should have Ivs of at least 31/x/31/31/31/x

Will trade 2 Flawless Shiny Pokemon Pm for info!


Virizion Collector
Looking for Timid/Modest/Naive/Calm Meloetta. Must be perfect in all stats (except Attack if it's Timid or Modest). Can offer anything in-game as I RNG. I also have a number of shiny, perfect legendaries.
Looking for a Flawless/Semi-flawless Japanese/Foreign/Not U.S. Japanese Ditto, can RNG just about anything you can breed.

PM me if interested.


Gazerock is Not DEAD
Looking for RNGed Flawless Ditto with 5 or 6 IVs
I've got flawless pokes ready for Trading, PM me please


Pokemon Addict!
Looking for a timid perfect RNG'd multiscale lugia. Offering one of the following RNG'd pokes:

Latios (Timid)
IVs: 31/4/31/30/31/30
Hidden Power: Fire

Zekrom (Adamant)
IVs: 31/31/31/X/31/31

Shiny Cresselia (Bold)
IVs: 31/10/30/30/30
Hidden Power: Fighting

PM me with offers, thanks!

Dark Mephiles

Fryin n Dryin
Hi I'm looking to get my hands on the following:

Nickname (if applicable): Doesn't matter
IV's: 31/31/31/31/31/31
Nature: Doesn't matter
Ability: Doesn't matter
Gender: N/A
EV'd or UT: Doesn't matter
Shiny/Not Shiny: I'd like Shiny, but it Doesn't matter
Moves/Hidden Power Type/Egg Moves: N/A
Other: I'd prefer to have it before the Pokémon Bank comes out if possible

In exchange I can offer you multiple Shiny Flawless Pokémon, PM me for a list, or numerous IV Bred Pokémon from my Gen VI Trade shop. Thankyou
Offering RNGed Shiny or Flawless (Possibly both) Pokemon for Charizardite X.
I can get Shiny OR Flawless Ditto. Also in need of a Xerneas, and looking for a Shiny Froakie/Frogadier/Greninja.

No hacks please.

PM me if interested, I might be interested in other offers.

P.S. Not looking for any Shiny or Flawless Pokemon available in Generations I-V unless they are legendary/hard to obtain/imposter Ditto.
PM me for offers.


New Member
I need a flawless Ditto and i can give almost every female DW Pokemon (PM me which you need and I will tell you if i have it or not)


Pokemon Breeder
Looking for a perfect 6IV ditto, the nature doesnt matter as i'm going to use it to breed in X anyway. Willing to give a Wishmaker Jirachi to anyone willing to RNG it, please send me a PM if you can and we can set up a trade


Pokemon Breeder
Looking for a perfect 6IV ditto, the nature doesnt matter as i'm going to use it to breed in X anyway. Willing to give a Wishmaker Jirachi to anyone willing to RNG it, please send me a PM if you can and we can set up a trade


Pokemon Breeder
Looking for someone to RNG a few pokes for me in gen 5, willing to trade a wishmaker Jirachi per RNG, please send me a PM if you are willing to do it and i can give you the specifics :)


Water Pokemon Master
I'm looking for a Flawless Shiny Bold Suicune, Flawless Bold or Calm Lugia, Flawless Modest Kyogre, and Flawless Modest Tornadus. Clones are ok. PM for what you are looking for in return.


Pokemon Breeder
Looking for someone to do 2 RNG requests, have DW modest bulba with outstanding IVs and Wishmaker jirachi as well as any breedable poke. If you are an RNGer please let me know so we can work out a deal :D

Death Blade99

I'm lookin' for a Modest 31/0/31/31/31/31 Alakazam with its DW ability i would like it female pick out anything in my sig or thread


Pokemon Breeder
Looking for a 31/30/31/30/31/30 Ditto, have flawless ditto as well as events for trade, please PM me if you have one or you are an RNGer and we can trade :)


New Member
Hi I'm looking for a horsea with these specs
Nickname (if applicable):
IV's: as good as possible
Nature: Modest
Ability: Sniper
Gender: Female
EV'd or UT: UT
Shiny/Not Shiny: not shiny
Moves/Hidden Power Type/Egg Moves: aurora beam and dragon breath
Event (if applicable):
Other info (if applicable):


New Member
offering 6IVs ditto, shiny Azumarill, Ralts, Rotom, Aromatisse and Volcarona

looking for RNG and non-banned legandries

please pm, thank you


Pokemon Breeder
Looking for 1 RNG request, will trade a wishmaker Jirachi for it. Please PM me if you can so we can trade
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