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RNG Trading Thread

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Still looking for a Shellos/Gastrodon fitting this description:

Nickname (if applicable): Chelinura
Nature:Calm or Sassy preferably, but will also accept Bold or Relaxed
Ability: Storm Drain
Gender: Female
EV'd or UT: UT preferably
Shiny/Not Shiny: Doesn't matter.
Moves/Hidden Power Type/Egg Moves: the 4th gen move tutor move Earth Power
Event (if applicable): n/a
Other info (if applicable): Has to be the blue, East Sea variant.

I can RNG some pokemon and have a large variety of DW females I can breed, PM what you'll want in exchange and we'll see if can make a deal.

Roughneck JB

Well-Known Member
Got the custom Skorupi I was after, but I'm still offering big rewards from my Trade Shop (link in sig) for these two pokemon:

Shiny Rayquaza

Nickname (if applicable): Thaddeus
IV's: 31/31/31/31/31/31
Nature: Adamant, Jolly, Timid, Hasty or Naive (I can work with any of these)
Ability: Air Lock
Gender: Whatever gender Rayquaza actually is
EV'd or UT: Either
Shiny/Not Shiny: Shiny
Moves/Hidden Power Type/Egg Moves: Tailwind, Earth Power (Unless Adamant or Jolly)
Event (if applicable): Any Gen 3 or 4 game
Other info (if applicable): Preferably caught in Luxury Ball, though this isn't essential

Shiny Dialga

Nickname (if applicable): Will Smith
IV's: 31/31/31/31/31/31
Nature: Careful, Modest, Timid, Hasty or Naive (I can work with any of these)
Ability: Pressure
Gender: Whatever gender Dialga is
EV'd or UT: Either
Shiny/Not Shiny: Shiny
Moves/Hidden Power Type/Egg Moves: Sleep Talk, Outrage (Unless Modest or Timid), Dragon Pulse (Unless Careful)
Event (if applicable): Any Gen 4 game
Other info (if applicable): Again, Luxury Ball would be nice, though isn't essential


Kinda reminiscing
Nickname (if applicable): The Fury
Ability: Flash Fire
Gender: either
EV'd or UT: UT please
Shiny/Not Shiny: either is fine
Moves/Hidden Power Type/Egg Moves: Stelth Rock and Dragon Pulse
Event (if applicable):
Other info (if applicable): I'll offer my dw lucario, a shiny flawless kyogre, a shiny flawless venipede, a shiny flawless Yamask, a shiny flawless solosis or a dw arceus for this. Pick two of these for this Heatran. I really really want it


Nickname (if applicable): Grinder
Ability: Tecknichan
Gender: either
EV'd or UT: UT
Shiny/Not Shiny: Shiny
Moves/Hidden Power Type/Egg Moves: Roost, Super Power and Bug Bite and egg move Baton pass
Other info (if applicable): I'll offer 3 shiny flawless pokemon. Please pm or vm and Ill give you à really Nice bonus!
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Blue Raja

1000+ Triples wins!
Drilbur / Excadrill

i am seeking
drillbur or excadrill with these characteristics-

CMT for suitable compensation or PM/VM to set up a deal
Looking for:
VGC12 Larvitar (ID:03032)
Must be: Hex-flawless 31/31/31/31/31/31 Lvl 5 UT.
The IVs are non-negotiable, for a good reason. Willing to trade up to 2 or 3 from this list for it.

Cyndaquil (M) Modest 31/31/31/31/30/31 Egg moves: Extrasensory, Nature Power
Clamperl (M) Modest 30/31/31/30/31/31 HP Grass 70 variant
Archen (M) Naive 31/30/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70 variant Egg moves: Knock Off, Bite
Eevee (M) Modest (DW Ability) 31/31/31/31/31/31 Vaporeon variant Egg move: Wish (also have DWf with same nature but IVs are 31/31/31/31/10/31)
Ralts (M) Jolly (Synchronize) 31/31/31/25/31/31
Tepig (M) Adamant 31/31/31/26/31/31 Egg move: Superpower (also have an imperfect speed version for TR)
Poliwag (M) Timid (DW Ability) 31/20/31/31/31/31
Poliwag (F) Bold (DW Ability) 31/11/31/31/31/31
Dratini (M) Jolly (DW Ability) 31/31/31/25/31/31 Egg move: ExtremeSpeed
Dratini (F) Jolly (DW Ability) Egg move: ExtremeSpeed
Deino (F) Modest 31/08/31/31/31/31 Egg move: Dark Pulse
Solosis (F) Bold (Magic Guard) 31/15/31/31/31/0
Ponyta (F) Jolly (Flash Fire) 31/31/31/11/31/31 Egg move: Morning Sun
Growlithe (M) Jolly (Flash Fire) 31/31/31/15/31/31 Egg moves: Morning Sun, Close Combat
Growlithe (M) Adamant (Intimidate) 31/31/31/0/31/31 Egg moves: Morning Sun, Close Combat

Capture RNGed:
Dunsparce (M) Adamant (Serene Grace) Lvl 48 31/31/31/31/31/31
Deerling (F) Adamant (Sap Sipper) Lvl 32 31/31/31/24/31/31
Mienfoo (F) Adamant (Inner Focus) Lvl 33 31/31/31/13/31/31
Mienfoo (M) Adamant (Regenerator) Lvl 41 31/31/31/4/31/31
Mienfoo (M) Jolly (Regenerator) Lvl 41 31/31/31/4/31/31
Litwick (M) Timid (Flash Fire) Lvl 29 31/31/31/31/31/31
Litwick (M) Modest (Flash Fire) Lvl 29 31/31/31/31/31/31
Klink Adamant (Plus) Lvl 25 31/31/31/13/31/31
Durant (M) Adamant (Swarm) Lvl 42 31/31/31/31/31/31
Kyurem Timid Lvl 75 31/6/31/31/31/31
Landorus (M) Jolly Lvl 70 31/31/31/4/31/31
Cobalion Jolly Lvl 42 31/31/31/20/31/31
Virizion Jolly Lvl 42 31/31/31/20/31/31
Terrakion Adamant Lvl 42 31/31/31/20/31/31


Rises with Magnetism
Nickname (if applicable): Mawile
IV's: Flawless
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Sheer Force
Gender: Male would be preferred, but female will be accepted
EV'd or UT: UT
Shiny/Not Shiny: Not shiny (can't be shiny from Entree Forest)
Moves/Hidden Power Type/Egg Moves: Ice Punch
Event (if applicable): DW Mansion
Other info (if applicable): This Mawile will be from the DW and I will pay extra if it is caught with a Luxury Ball

Reposting as I would really LOVE this Mawile if anyone could get it for me (before I learn to RNG and get it myself :p).


Lillipup Trainer
Nickname (if applicable): Twig
IV's: as good as can be done(for that rnger)
Nature: benifits defense and speed
Gender: either
EV'd or UT: low level (under 20)
Shiny/Not Shiny: SHINY!
Moves/Hidden Power Type/Egg Moves: If possible great. other no worries

Nickname (if applicable): Rook
IV's: as good as can be done(for that rnger)
Nature: benifits defense and speed
Gender: either
EV'd or UT: low level (under 20)
Shiny/Not Shiny: SHINY!
Moves/Hidden Power Type/Egg Moves: If possible great. other no worries

Nickname (if applicable): Beetle
IV's: as good as can be done(for that rnger)
Nature: benifits defense and speed
Gender: either
EV'd or UT: low level (under 20)
Shiny/Not Shiny: SHINY!
Moves/Hidden Power Type/Egg Moves: If possible great. other no worries

these are some other ones i'm hoping to find as shinies, ... mostly cuz i want to be able to get a certain nickname. (not all nicknames are listed yet... sorry. vm for details)
shiny seel-benefit speed, att, sp att
shiny cacnea- helps speed and defense
shiny geodude-nature that helps speed
shiny beldum- nature that helps speed and sp att.
shiny swablu
shiny buneary

i have lots of pokes and items to offer. please let me know if you'd like to take on one or a few of these projects or you already have one that you're willing to trade.

Cosmic Fury

Evil Overlord
Please note that this particular pokemon is going to be a pretty difficult project, depending on the circumstances you can RNG & trade in, as my request is on 4th gen, as the Pokemon needs to be tutored in each of its evolutionary stages. In light of this, I'm prepared to offer rather generously for it... So without further ado, here's my request.

If you can RNG both a Shiny AND non-Shiny version of the exact same pokemon, I am willing to both offer generously AND adore you forever. lol

Species: Bagon > Shelgon > Salamence

Nickname: Doomsday

IV's: 31/31/31/31/31/31 (Flawless, HP Dark 70)

Nature: Jolly

Ability: Intimidate

Gender: Male [only]

EV'd or UT: UT if you're able to trade it to me via 4th gen, tutored as prescribed and levelled however (I've got EV-erasing berries on my 5th gen games)

Shiny/Not Shiny: Both [one of each], if at all possible. If only one, I'd prefer it to be shiny.

Moves//Egg Moves: Eggmoves [@ lv. 1]: Dragon Dance || Planned Moveset @ lv. 100: Dragon Claw, Roost, Iron Defense, Dragon Dance || Needs to be kept on 4th gen to learn all of them, hence my request is 4th gen-only.

Other info (if applicable): (Note: I'm only requesting this here as I've got almost everything that I can offer on my Black & White Versions ONLY.)

Pretty much, this is a 4th-Gen request ONLY, as two of its planned moves are only found as TM's/tutor moves on 4th gen. If you can RNG this pokemon on 4th gen, but not transfer it, I've got a SoulSilver FC that I can use for that event. If you can RNG it on 4th gen, but not trade it (but can instead Poke Transfer & trade it on 5th gen), then the instructions are in the following paragraphs. Note that I am more than willing to compensate you for your time and energy! I've got a whole lot to choose from, so I'll make this worth it for you.

Instructions: You'll only need to follow these if you cannot trade DIRECTLY to my SoulSilver game on 4th gen, and instead have to Poke-Transfer it to Black or White Version and trade it from there instead.

1. RNG the Pokemon as normal to have it have Dragon Dance as its eggmove. Don't worry about anything other than that as the move, as everything else is going to be different eventually.

2. Teach it the TM move Dragon Claw, as it'll remain that way along with D-Dance all the way to level 100. (Moveset is now: Dragon Claw/Dragon Dance/???/???)

3. Level it up however you want to level 30, when it evolves into Shelgon. Stop levelling it immediately after it evolves, and bring it to a tutor that can teach the move Iron Defense to a Pokemon. (New moveset is: Dragon Claw/Iron Defense/Dragon Dance/???)

4. After tutoring it Iron Defense, level it up however until it reaches level 55, when it evolves into Salamence, then teach it Roost by TM immediately afterwards (Final Moveset: Dragon Claw/Roost/Iron Defense/Dragon Dance)

5. Do not worry about any random EV's you assigned to it as you levelled it up, as I've got the necessary berries on my 5th gen games to delete them all. Just transfer it as it is, at level 55 with the requested moveset onto 5th gen, where I can trade you whatever we agreed to for it.


i guess because I'm bored, I'll take three more G5 rng projects, except entralink, and maybe roamers. Anything else i can most likely do for you. VM me if you want them done, but first come first serve.

Jr Breshears

PKMN Breeder
I can do rng requests come by my shop!
looking for a trusty cloner please pm me for details
it will be worth your while


NZ Trainer
I can RNG you a Shiny Egg that will hatch Shiny on your game so will have your name as OT.
I do Need to know your SID as its that which makes it possible for me to do.
I can find your SID for you but it means a longer wait.
So far 4/4 Shiny Eggs for other people.

Looking for a Feb2012 Mewtwo
Any and all natures.

All other offers will be Looked at.
I can Breed any Breedable Pokemon to be Shiny This way But it takes Time and Effort so PM me and i May or may not get back to you as i can only Deal with 1 or 2 people at a time.
First in first Served. Best Offer - 2nd Served.


I need the following Pokemon:
Nickname: Volnutt
IV's: 31/--/31/31/31/31
Nature: TImid
Ability: Adaptability
Gender: None
EV'd or UT: UT
Shiny/Not Shiny: Doesn't matter
Moves/Hidden Power Type/Egg Moves: Dark Pulse

I've been looking for this Pokemon for a LONG time, now. PM/VM me for trade details.
I've been trying out RNG stuff lately, if you want some done let me know and I will trade you the egg. Right now I can do only Gen V Pokemon with any nature, IVs, ability (Not sure about DW but I can try), egg moves, and shininess you want. I'm just getting started with this so if you want me to try one out for you let me know.

Here's a screenshot of the Snivy I just did.
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I'm back! :)
Hi, I'm in need of a Rotom-W, and I hope someone can help me out with this. I need this to be original. I don't want clones...thanks!

Nickname (if applicable):
IV's: Flawless for HP ice 70
Nature: Timid
Ability: Levitate
Gender: N/A
EV'd or UT: UT
Shiny/Not Shiny: Non shiny or shiny, completely up to you
Moves/Hidden Power Type/Egg Moves: HP ice
Event (if applicable):
Other info (if applicable):

VM or PM if you can do this, need it for my volt turn team. Thanks once again
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G-Rank Hunter
Hello there! :D
I am Looking for: Petilil

No Nicknames if Possible. :3
IV's: Decent or better, but it doesn't need to be special
Nature: Modest~
Ability: Own Tempo
Gender: Female
EV'd or UT: Ut Please!
Shiny/Not Shiny:Shiny Please!
Moves/Hidden Power Type/Egg Moves: What ever you think would be best!
Other: It would be Nice if it was holding a Sun stone, but you don't need to include it.

This is going to be a gift for my friend so It would be awesome if someone could do this for me! I can trade the following (And others) for it!

Shiny Rapidash Lvl 42 Ev'd (Don't know what stats)
Shiny Mienshao lvl 50 Ev'd (Don't know what stats)
Shiny Foonugus lvl 30 UT

Thank you so much for any help! :D
I have shiny flawless jolly terrakion and shiny flawless landorus with hp ice up for trade among with other offers in my signature

Looking for these pokes with great ivs (dont have to be perfect except for speed and atk/spA iv)
adamant/jolly shiny near/flawless axew with mold breaker
timid zoroark with extrasensory
sassy bronzong with stealth rocks and hp ice preferably this spread 31/31/31/31/31/2
jolly heracross w/ pursuit
jolly mincinno w/ skill link/technician
timid zapdos with hp ice, heat wave and tailwind
adamant/jolly shiny dw dratini
make offers im not too picky


Deviously deviant
Nickname: Houden
IV's: 25-31/x/25-31/31/25-31/31
Nature: Timid
Ability: Lightningrod
Gender: Either
EV'd or UT: 252 Sp. Attack 252 Speed
Shiny/Not Shiny: Shiny
Moves/Hidden Power Type/Egg Moves: Having Signal Beam would be nice. Granted I know that's move tutor-only in gen 4, but still. I'd also like it to have Hidden Power Grass 70.
Other info (if applicable): I'll trade my UT Modest "えいがかん" Arceus (#07189) for it. Also, no higher than level 50.
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