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Roads to Madness: A Survival/Psychological Horror Game

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by DVB, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    The Story So Far... (RPG Rated M for Mature; disturbing content, gore, profanity


    The primordial feeling...
    Long has it been needed toward the survival. Fear comes in all forms, but one of the greatest is that of lonliness… No one likes being lonely. Facing those fears alones… It could do something to someone… Especially to a kid. But you must face those fears… Upon turning 13, the number of misfortune you will face the fear of life.

    When one turns 13 in the Western world, it was the beginning of a trial. Where one leaves their innocence and discover themselves as they are changed from the outside and from within. 13... Both good and bad.

    In this case, it was bad.

    One day in Spring, around near the end of school, a boy had his birthday. His 13th birthday. However, it was also his deathday. For you see, you know or knew this boy. At one point or another, you saw this boy on his birthday and deathday. You talked to him. You saw the look in his eyes. It looked like there was something wrong, but you didn't ask. You don’t remember much about him, not even his name. You try to, but perhaps you are uncomfortable remembering so.
    At the end of the day, it was heard that he was killed. Much blood was found and that incident occurred near a cliff.

    No body was ever found and it faded into a scary story.

    Now the years have passed. 7 years have passed...

    How old were you on that day?

    You were all in high school or maybe even in middle school. The point is, you all knew him. Back then, your last talking with him wasn’t good. Maybe he asked you and you said no harshly. Maybe you bullied him. Maybe you let him down when he needed you most.

    Seven years later, now... are you in high school or college or maybe even a graduate. Who knows? You do? You became numb. You became another cog of the large machine of life. You think you have everything set. You are wrong.

    You will be reminded of what terror means. You will be used as examples as to why the world as a gray area is a myth. You will be put to the ultimate test that will show whether you can become a 'hero' or simply descend to madness and become a 'devil'. Who knows? That's what makes it fun.

    You receive a letter, inviting you stay at the large manor build months ago. The letter is black and written in blood-red cursive ink, it says you are invited for a challenge. You will be put to the ultimate test and winner(s) will be awarded $1,000,000.

    You accept because with that kind of money, you would be set for life pretty much.

    You all one way or another make your way to the house, unaware of awaits you. The invitation was sent on the kid’s birthday and the day where this begins would be on Friday the 13th in October and ending on Halloween night.


    Age: (18-25)




    Connection to Him: (How did you know the kid? Were you a classmate of him? In high school, did you interact with him when you saw him exiting middle school?)

    In each of your posts, before the actual content, you need to put a heading consisting of:

    Vitality Points:
    Psyche Points:


    Name: Average Joe
    Vitality Points: 100
    Psyche Points: 90
    Condition: Paranoid- Loses 5 Psyche Points every bit; jumpy

    Vitality Points are how much physical health you have left. Different symptoms occur at certain intervals. When you reach zero, you are dead. You all start at 100. You can be healed through medicine and other medical supplies.

    Psyche Points are how much sanity you have left. Different symptoms occur at certain intervals and origins. When you reach zero, you are deemed a lost cause and your character is captured and becomes a pawn to the evil chessmaster of this foul game. You can be healed through sheer willpower, differing views of sanity, 'brain bleach' and special tokens. You all start at 100. If your character is 'broken,' you will be given instructions on what to do and may be rewarded.

    The ending all depends on your work. You have challenges to survive, clues to find and the ending may be something completely unexpected.

    Best of luck to you all


    DVB- Dexter Glass
    SpyroxPikachu- Benedict Shanker
    SpyroxPikachu- Jordon Shanker
    VampireMace- Mandy Brook
    Alliance- Allison Green
    THEIRONDONUT- Jacob Banks

    Ryker- Nathan Wilkes


    Dexter Glass
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male


    Dexter stands at five foot, 9 inches, a bit pale and a bit thin. He has low cheekbones, a boyish face, a goatee and wears a special pair of glasses that were prescribed to him to protect his sensitive eyes. His hair is red, though it is unsure if it is dyed or not. He has slightly bigger than average eyes, which are an interesting shade of green. His eyes are large enough that they are noticeably larger than average, even by a margin amount.

    Dexter wears a somewhat loose black t-shirt with the image of simple ghost on it. Over it, he wears a black hoodie that says "SURVIVOR." He has on some black cargo pants with a good amount of pockets to carry stuff in if he needs to. He completes this with socks and shoes. He also has bandages around him. Recently he seems to be coming down with a cold, so he's been a cough mask and a scarf. He also has sensitive eyes so he has prescribed special glasses that he wears.

    Personality: Quiet and mysterious, Dexter is a silent enigma of the group. He is highly intelligent and is able to come up with plans and deductions with little time. He does not trust people easily, citing that he has trust issues since childhood. He does have a child-like smile and enjoys goofy things so he is a kid at heart. He can also be cold and cunning. Relying on deadpan snark and observations, he isn't afraid to speak his mind.

    Despite this, he is also someone of short temper. If something upsets him enough, he will usually skip the witty banter and go with physical violence. He occasionally chuckles to himself and has something of a dark sense of humor. When bringing up the boy, he seems to shiver a bit and grow even paler. He does not like talking about it though whether he talks is a matter of opinion. He is the only one of the group to remember his real name, but has no intention of revealing it.

    History: Dexter's biggest interest point is his lack of history. Little is known about him though from what has been gathered by guidance councelors, he was orphaned at a young age, losing his family and younger sibiling. A brilliant if not troubled student, he transfered to middle school literally days before the encounter with the boy. Mastering the art of hiding, he blended in the background before encountering 'him' in the bathroom.

    There was a large argument between them though the specifics over what were never heard. Eventually, days later, the boy was dead and Dexter was transferred out. He did not come back until senior year and while he was a bit more open, he remained mysterious as ever. He ended up going to a university in psychology, wanting to become a psychologist, possibly as atonement for the possible guilt in the argument he had between him and the boy.

    Connection to Him: Had an argument solely between him and the boy in the bathroom near the end ofthe school day.

    OOC: Yes, first time not playing as Diego.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2013
  2. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Put me down for a reserve buddy! c:
    Also, maybe a fear section should be added? So that this rp can play with your character's psyche even more? Just thinking aloud.


    Name: Benedict Shanker (Formerly Benedict Chambers)
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Benedict is around 5’3”, and weighs as little as 130 pounds. His short stature makes him uncomfortable, blushing whenever someone remarks how adorable and short he is. He has pale skin, and Greenish-Blue eyes that are slightly larger than normal. He needs glasses, although he usually keeps his contacts in, deciding it looks better on him. His face and body are covered in freckles, they’re plentiful and another thing he’s minorly embarrassed about. He has curly, ginger hair.

    He loves sweaters and dress shirts, usually dressing in white dress shirts with sweater vests over them. However his current favorite outfit (and the one I’ll be using for this rp) is a blue sweater with white markings, and black dress pants with matching dress shoes. Along with an accompanying white scarf.


    Personality: Benedict is a very caring person, he cares for almost every person and animal alike, he especially has a soft spot for young kids. Benedict is a lover, most definitely, rather than a fighter. He’s a homosexual, although he doesn’t outwardly state this fact due to fear of being bullied and ridiculed.

    He flinches at most verbal outbursts, due to being bullied in high school. He’s very shy, and blushes easily when people compliment him or give him a hand with something. He’s intelligent, always doing well in school and usually able to defend himself in fights with his quick mouth and wit rather than his (non-existant) brawn.

    Benedict is agnostic, however this is another fact he never outwardly states. He rather likes folk music and sometimes seen playing a banjo in the comfort of his own home. His favorite band is Andrew Jackson Jihad.

    History: Benedict was born to a woman, who had long since separated from his father; of course being slightly upset with the resemblance that the child had with the father, she dropped Benedict on the doorstep of his father. His father, slightly surprised at Benedict’s existence, took him in and raised him.

    Benedict had a pretty normal life, other than his father not being home most of the time due to being a private investigator. Benedict went to a public school, unsure of how exactly to fit in he befriended a boy named Jordon, the two became inseparable and eventually began dating each other. Now obviously, good things usually come with a cost. The cost for Benedict was of course, word getting out about this, and being bullied for the rest of his high school career.

    Benedict used drugs as a way out, however he never went beyond marijuana and cigarettes. Then, disaster struck. Benedict’s father came home, looking more horrified than he had ever been after a case. He needed a hand on the case, so Benedict agreed, going to help his father. He got to the scene, there was no body. Just... blood, so much blood. His father told him about the boy, the boy who had gone missing. Benedict realized he had known this kid, even if it was just in a class.

    After Benedict graduated, the boy faded into nothing more than a distant memory, a bad dream. He currently lives with Jordon, in a small apartment; Benedict is also going to school to become an art teacher. He's been off of the drugs, clean for ages, and now only has the occasional cigarette.

    Connection to Him: Benedict shared an art class with the boy, he also helped his father try and locate the boy.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2013
  3. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    ACCEPTED! Wow, will be pretty cruel to torture this poor guy. Then again, seeing everyone else going through the horror may be the tortue in his own form.

    THEIRONDONUT Strongest of pastrys

    Note: I haven't finished this yet. Will be done by tommorow

    Hmm... This looks really fun, but I'm already involved in 4 RP's... Well, 1 hasn't started yet, one I am currently breaking from for a short period of time (but you already know this DVB) and I am running my own, which is pretty slow paced at the moment. I guess I can sign up with this and not feel to guilty, It looks really cool, plus it reminds me of a brilliant play I took part in:

    Name: Jacob Banks
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male

    Jacob is quite attractive, with a muscular physique and a taller figure. He is english, but is very tanned and often speaks with a spanish accent under the pseudonym of 'Rico Rodriguez'. He stands at 6"ft, with well tanned skin, and sea-blue eyes. His hair is short and spiky, with a silver lightning-bolt sprayed onto his hair on the right hand side in silver dye. He has a tattoo of a wolves head on his left bicep, and a lighting bolt on his right. These are done in silver.

    He often wears a silver (yes, he likes silver) hoodie, with a black skull on it. Underneath, he wears a green T-shirt with the words "Fear? That's a burger, right?" Written on it. His usual chat up routine is to put his jacket onto a girls shoulders and then make them laugh by the comment on the T-shirt. Then he would flew his muscles and get lost in his own eyes... He also wears black converse trainers, and denim jeans.

    Jacob is a bit of a player. He can easily seduce a girl, woman, and most crucially, himself, into his charms. He is actually quite self-conscious, beinga funny man, and always tries to make a big deal out of himself. He is always trying to create a stable group of friends, which he depends on, and when moving on to a new group, he first introduces himself as Rico, and when he can trust them, he reveals his actual name. He was always sporty, and one of the 'in' crowd, whichever school he was in, and usually aimed for the girls of the groups. He is afraid of very little, and nothing fazes him... Although he does have one deep fear, which he releases when stressed....

    History: Jacob was born into a family as an only child, which he didn't mind. He didn't trust his parents a lot, and didn't tell them much. He spent the majority of his time at school, hanging out with his friends and trying to get in with the girls. Then, when he moved up to his final year of school, it all changed. It was the last day of school. Him and his gang had inducted a new member, who had been hanging around them for weeks. Jacob didn't know him well... but he seemed ok. The time when the boy died the moment with him was fleeting... only a second. But it happened. Nothing would change that. As Jacob was walking into a party, he got a call from the boy. The boy asked him if he could come and meet him by the cliff, as he needed urgently to talk. He seemed really scared, and there was a noise in the background, it may have been wind, or... Regardless, Jacob left the party, and drove toward the cliff. However, his car ran out of fuel. ANd the girl behind the gas counter seemed nice. They talked for 5 minutes. He then got her number, and drove on. The Boy wasn't there, so he left a note by a nearby bench saying "Where are you friend? Please call me to make sure you're OK: 01435627676"

    He was five. Minutes. Late. five minutes... too late. He didn't realise what was on the cliffs below. The Police questioned him, and he was horrified. He was, of course, innocent, and was let off with no charges or suspicions pressed. He was tortured mentally for months, but as soon as he reached college, it all just... stopped. He now has a solid girlfriend, who he loves very much. That night has just faded into a... dark memory, or a bad dream. But now, he's been having Nightmares... where a dark figure is beckoning to him. And he knows that if he goes through that door... there may be no going back...

    Connection to Him: Was reasonable friends with him at school, and tried to find him on 'The Night' ... :(

    How did you like it? Hope I can get in, this looks awesome! :)
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2013
  5. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    ACCEPTED! Well, if it is too much, you could volunteer to be the first to go XD. Please, we need more people!
  6. Ryker

    Ryker Im back :D

    Name: Nathan Wilkes

    Age: (18-25) 21

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Nathan is about 6' and his hair is Black, spikey and has a blue tint in the middle of his hair. He wears casual clothes consisting of t-shirt with a black hoodie over the top which go with his jeans. He has blue eyes. He has a scar on his left arm running from his elbow to his shoulder which he recieved in a car crash which he cant remember. He is lightly tanned also.

    Personality: He used to be scared of picking friends after something happened involving his family. Now he still picks his friends carefully. He is kind and caring and when a friend is in trouble, he is always there for them. He likes to be a little bit of a troublemaker but stops wheb it goes to far.

    History: After his parents were killed in a 'Car Crash' Nathan was a recluse in middle school. He was adopted by his uncle and learned to cope in life. Once he foumd out that his parents were murdered he wanted to make some protective friends so the same wouldnt happen to him. He finally became popular and safe. Until 'him' died. He had to retake his exams at the age of 18 after everything that was running through his head about his parents. He often has nightmares which consist of one woman shouting "Look Out!" Nathan has been told that these were his mother's last words. Nathan wasnt so sure.

    Connection to Him: (How did you know the kid? Were you a classmate of him? In high school, did you interact with him when you saw him exiting middle school?) Passed in street a few times and made quite a few conversations.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2013
  7. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Hmmm... Not sure. You need much larger elaboration on appearance, personality and history.
  8. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Hey DVB, if we need more people, could I maybe make a second character? c:
  9. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Yes, please! Diversity is also nice, regarding personality and such. We still need a girl on board.
  10. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Screw girls, I'm not letting my baby face this alone.

    Name: Jordon Shanker
    Age: 20 (Almost 21)
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Jordon is a tall, lanky, skinny male. He’s about 5’11” and weighs around 170 pounds. His skin is white, except slightly tanned, with little to no blemishes on his skin. He has icy blue eyes that are extremely striking and remarkable, they’re considered highly beautiful on males and females. He has various tattoos on his body, many random tattoos covering his left arm, and a small tattoo of a bird on his upper thigh. He has longish black hair.

    Jordon usually wears band t-shirts, most of which being black. He’s usually clad in various colours of skinny jeans, but his overall favorite are a bright red pair. He wears a jacket sometimes, along with black converse.


    Personality: Jordon is somewhat aloof and full of himself, although, don’t let this outer shell fool you. Jordon is actually just a huge softie with a tough shell. He puts on a tough guy look to seem cooler, rather than the actually caring and romantic soul that he is. However, Jordon can sometimes be somewhat apathetic, he also really doesn’t know how to comfort people and is somewhat socially awkward.

    He’s actually very cuddly, even though he doesn’t look like it. Benedict calls him “Snuggle bear”, but usually only when he wants to get a rouse out of Jordon.

    Jordon is bisexual, however he only really has eyes for Benedict at this particular time in his life. He’s an Atheist, and will calmly state this fact to anyone that asks.

    History: Jordon never really knew his parents, not until he turned 16 that is. His mother was raped as a teenager, and wasn’t sure if she wanted, or was ready, to raise a child. So she dropped him off at an orphanage.

    Jordon lived the majority of his childhood in the orphanage, having a pretty uneventful childhood, with little interaction with other children, and no schooling. But when he turned 15, he desperately wanted to get away, so he snuck out of the orphanage and made a home in a small abandoned house.

    One day, a boy, about a year younger than him. Came into the house in the winter, probably to get out of the cold. The boy was named Benedict Chambers, and the two formed an emotional bond that was quite strong. Jordon started sneaking into the school to join Benedict in a few of his classes.

    Jordon had been a long time user of certain drugs and alcohol, probably to get away from it all and go to a better place for a short time. He bumped into “Him” one day, offering the kid a bit of alcohol. Although he doesn’t really remember this day.

    Jordon bought a nicer flat for him and Benedict to live in, and the two currently live together.

    Connection to Him: Jordon once offered the kid alcohol.
  11. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    ACCEPTED! I do prefer if we get least one girl XD This is still open. So come on it and join the twisted fun!
  12. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Name: Mandy (Amanda) Brook

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Mandy is short, about four and a half feet tall, and slightly overweight. Her skin is a very light tan, with a few freckles across her nose and cheeks. The face itself is round with large green eyes and a small upturned nose. Her long wavy hair is medium brown with just a hint of red.

    Mandy generally wears solid color blouse with capri jeans or slacks. She wears small metal barrettes to hold back her hair, and tries to match the color of these to her blouse. She matches the color of her socks to her blouse and well, and wears shiny black short heel dress shoes. Additionally she wears a plain black fabric belt with a chrome buckle.

    Mandy is a no nonsense sort of girl. She’s not going to laugh at your jokes, and if you’re pathetic, in any sense of the word, she’s going to provide you with some tough love. She might give you a polite smile if your actually witty, but don’t count on it.

    She’s brave in a fight, using strategy to turn her opponents weaknesses against them, but not being very big physically, she’s knows it’s usually better to run if she can. In danger or not, she constantly scans her surrounding to come up with a plan for any worse case scenario. She’s smart like that and good with school work, which is probably why she think’s she’s above anything silly.

    She’s particularly good with science, and reads scientific books outside of school, pretty much ruining any movie she watches for those watching it with her by pointing out, “that’s not possible.”

    Mandy is a single child from a middle class family. Her parents were pleasant enough, but really pushed her to get good grades so she could go to college (which she is) and get a good job.

    She hasn’t declared a major yet, but she’s considering something in the realm of biological or geological science, maybe microbiology or paleontology. Then again forensic anthropology would be a interesting job with good cause.

    She stood out in grade school, junior high, and high school by being at the top of her class, but her social life suffered. Some of the other kids would tease her for being a nerd, and she studied so much she never really had friends over. This also probably contributed her no nonsense personality.

    Recently Mandy got a letter inviting her to some scary challenge in newly built manor. All around it sounded and looked like nonsense, but the money offered would put her through college and then some. She could really use that money. And it would after all, all be fake… right?

    Connection to Him: Mandy never really met the boy until that day, as she was a grade lower than him. He approached her that afternoon after school asking for help with something, he looked scared, in a creepy sort of way. Not really knowing what was going on, and being slightly scared of him, Mandy ran and got on her bus. She never saw him again…
  13. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Accepted! I'll make a list of accepted and pending folk.
  14. Alliance

    Alliance Re-Arrival

    First time trying an older character, and by current ages she's second oldest. Well, this could be entertaining

    Name: Allison Green

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Allison stands at 5’5 and is just a little underweight, not that she minds. She has a medium dark skin tone, and has waist-length blonde hair tied in a ponytail. Her eyes are a shade of violet, and slightly squinted. She has faint bags under her eyes from a lack of sleep at times, though her eyes are hidden behind green glasses.
    The outfit she often wears is a green button up shirt, coupled with a black pencil skirt and black small-heeled shoes, required for her job. Often, she adds a simple gold necklace and ruby earrings, gifts from a late relative.

    Personality: Allison is, first and foremost, one for the team. She would rather try to help people on the grand scale of things than focus on herself and seem self-important. She tries to make polite conversation with all she meets, and would appear to be unable to harbor any grudges against a person.
    However, she is inwardly rather pessimistic, often doubting the abilities of herself or the people in her surroundings. She hates thinking this way, and often tries too hard to appear as though she is an optimist and a friendly person. Because of this, she often feels insecure and will snap and yell at people.

    History: Allison was born to her large family, one full to the brim of over-achievers and straight A students. Constantly, she felt pressured to do better than everyone else, but just wasn't as smart as the rest of her family. While they want to be scholars and scientists, she wants to be a musician and music became the class she excelled in.
    However, she didn't have enough money to get her into college, or get the best equipment avaliable for music making, and to rectify this she got a job as a receptionist for a company, dealing with costumers. When the letter inviting her to the challenge was received, she knew she needed that money to make it big.

    Connection to Him: Was caught singing to herself by him and she yelled at him, scaring him off.
  15. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    ACCEPTED! I will accept either two more completed profiles unless Ryker and THEIRONDONUT finish their profiles

    THEIRONDONUT Strongest of pastrys

    Finished my sign up, hope you all like! :)
  17. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    ACCEPTED! I can accept a few more people, but I want to start ASAP so any last-minute entries need to be submitted by today!

    THEIRONDONUT Strongest of pastrys

    Ok thanks dude
  19. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

  20. Chibi Shibi

    Chibi Shibi Member

    I hope this isn't too late to get in.

    Name: Veronica Crossly
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: A tall girl a few inches over 6ft with pale white skin. She's got some meat on her bones, though she is far from being fat you couldn't quite call her a twig. Has a head of short black hair with some tacky teal highlights at the tips and cut exceptionally short on one side, often capped with a tattered beanie hat.

    She wears a pair of thick black rim glasses but they're just to look hip as she doesn't need correctional lenses at all. Her head is like a pin cushion with all of those piercings, jeez. Skinny jeans, a shirt of a band that you certainly never heard of, flat shoes, and an iPhone to take impromptu instagram pictures of herself with.

    Personality: Veronica is often rude to boys while being exceptionally friendly around girls. She is very judgmental about everything. She likes to ramble about this or that obscure band a lot, and it always seems to be a new one every week to the point where you can't help but wonder if she's just making some of them up.

    When she does get along with someone Veronica is quite friendly and sociable, willing to help at a moments notice in any way she can. Something just clicks and she treats them like they have been friends their whole lives. However, when things don't click she is an insufferable foe. They are always wrong while she is always right and she won't accept any other answer. She is easily agitated by these people and gets worked up over their smallest flaws.

    History: Veronica grew up in a family of high standards. Even in kindergarten they expected the most of their little girl, setting her up for dance classes and piano lessons after school and on weekends. This continued on into high school where she was the captain of the school's volleyball team as well as a member of the choir.

    In middle school a Veronica experimented with different activities such as art, band, tennis, and cheerleading but none of them seemed to catch on with her so she instead focused on her social life and grades along with the dance classes she was still keeping up with. She never once accepted a date from anyone during this time, despite being quite favorable among the boys.

    She took pride in her grade point average or at least seemed to for her parents' sake, and was one of the more popular students at the school that wasn't in with the cheerleading crowd. For some reason she never once went to any of the school dances and instead would always head out to the movies with some friends to see something she deemed as being much more entertaining.

    Finally out of highschool and out from under her parent's roof Veronica has begun using her freedom to find new ways to express herself through whatever means necessary. She works at a clothing store saving up money for college since her parents will only pay a portion of it, but she recently found a letter in her mail saying she had a shot at 1,000,000. To her, that cash is as good as won.

    Connection to Him: Continuously rejected the kid be it Valentine's or an upcoming school dance. One day he came up to her looking particularly off of sorts and she really raised heck without so much as hearing what he had to say. She never saw him again after that, assuming he must have gotten the hint finally.

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