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Rock Band/Guitar Hero thread


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Which do you play, what instrument(s) do you play, what difficulty, whether or not you have DLC, favorite songs, the most impressive things you've done, how long you've played, anything that has to do with the Rock Band and/or Guitar Hero series post it here... And please... Please don't get this thread closed.

Guitar: Definitely my #1 instrument. I started playing since Guitar Hero 3 first game out. I remember thinking how retarded the game was before I played it. Once I tried it at a friends' house, I was hooked. It took me 2 weeks I was able to play all of career mode on expert except for 2 songs in the last tier (One by Metallica and Raining Blood by Slayer). Eventually I beat every song including Through the Fire and Flames and The Devil Went Down to Georgia all with 5 stars. I also tried out GH2 and 5 starred everything. So far, I've played all the games in Guitar Hero and Rock Band. In Rock Band, I have over1000 songs over all (exports and DLC). There are some crazy songs out there. To answer the question that poster had in a different thread in the Misc. section that got closed, I have tried "Guitars SUCK". It took me forever to beat it but I finally did. That's not even the hardest song in Rock Band. There are songs by Chaotrope that some of you need to check out on youtube. Baptized by Fire, and Diachylon both by Chaotrope. I haven't been able to beat Baptized by Fire and because of my deployment, I haven't even tried Diachylon yet. In Novemeber when I get back to the states, I gotta try it, but I doubt I'll pass it. It's got a few insane solos that don't look humanly possible. But people's done it. People are crazy

Drums: Haven't played the drums in a while. I got good enough to beat Panic Attack by Dream Theater on expert. I'm not a natural drummer so no way I'll ever beat the insanely difficult death metal songs. I've tried to use 2 kick petals but I have a hard time making all 4 limbs opperating differently.

Vocals: If I know or like the song, I generally do really well, if not, then I won't get a good score or play on expert. I normally save the vocals for when I'm drunk with friends.

Keys: Haven't tried it. Not interested. Ironically, in real life, I don't play a guitar, bass, or drums, but I do play the piano though. I guess it's the same reason why some real guitarists don't like Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

Favorite Songs:
- Panic Attack: Dream Theater
- I Want to Be Your Man: EndeverAfter
- Bat Country: A7X
- Welcome to the Family: A7X
- Two Weeks: All That Remains


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Where did that come from. I searched all the pages for a similar thread and didn't find one.