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RocketShipping 2.0

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Kdude146, Jul 25, 2010.

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  1. Kdude146

    Kdude146 Well-Known Member

    ok becuases the last RocketShipping Thread got closed I am going to start all over again and for the two people that joined last time your still on the list

    RocketShipping is the theory, belief, or hope that Jessie and James of Team Rocket are or will become romantically involved in the anime! If you want to join then just say your in! :)

    1. All Sppf Rules apply as usual.
    2. If you Bashing or Flaming it will be reported directly to the mods.
    3. No Double or Triple Posting if you do then plz delete the ones that you don't need.
    4. Make your Post 2 or more lines long or pepole may think it's spam
    5. Respect each others (The key to a nice and clean discussion is respect) If you bash or flame someone, a warning will ensue.
    6. If you post a Fanart, please be sure to credit the artist or post a link were you got it and remember to also answer the topic(s) while you post a fanart
    7. Don't Ask to be a co-owner I will ask you if I think your a right fit for the job.

    My first question for you is why are you a RocketShipper?
    I am a RocketShipper cuz i can see Jessie and James together and they should be together 4 ever cuz it looks like they will be after all they have been travaling the world toghther 4 years and they will stay travaling the world for years to come and I have watched them from day one so I won't stop untill they are a couple

    ice_wolf-146 (owner)
    The 4th KIRA
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2010
  2. thunder-lion

    thunder-lion Member

    good you remaed it I hope this time it dose not die out cuz being a RocketShipper is cool and I hope we get more people to become members this time
  3. ryodragonite

    ryodragonite Aura Fist

    I am a rocket shipper because:
    I think its really cool how Jessie and James have always been together. Even when they were younger they were best friends and left thier lives to be together, and to join team rocket. Jessie and James forever!
  4. Mewkachu

    Mewkachu Sexuality is a cult.

    I am a rocket shipper because:
    Jessie and James have the same mindset. They should be together forever. They've also shown big hints to each other.
  5. Musapion

    Musapion Boulder Trainer

    Ah, the new thread! <3

    Let this be a glorious rebirth.

    I must join! <3

    I am a Rocketshipper because I love how they play with gender roles, but aren't stereotypical in either way, and they're just so precious and adorable together.

    They clearly need one another and balance each other out.

    They have one of the strongest, most last-longing bond in the entire metaseries.

    DP 117 even showed that Musashi (Jessie) in the Japanese version would like to believe that their bond transcends life and death.

    "If there is a next world, let's meet together again, ne?"
    And Kojiro agrees to it and actually forces a smile on, even as they await their death.


    It's my absolute favourite pairing in any series. There's just something so incredibly sweet and beautiful about them, even when they're bickering and being nasty to one another, they'll make up and be good friends again.

    I think they both love one another, but either acknowledge and choose to hide it for fear of getting hurt or ruining their beautiful friendship, or are oblivious to the nature of their own feelings.

    Nyasu/Meowth is also part of this lovely friendship, but the nature is a bit different. Musashi/Jessie doesn't tease him in the way she does Kojiro/James, and he doesn't blush in reaction to it the same way he does with her sometimes (like in the superheroes episode of Jouto/Johto).

    Nyasu/Meowth definitely supports them as a couple-to-be. <3
  6. blondekid15

    blondekid15 Pokéshipper

    I am a Rocketshipper because they truly care about each other, and there's no way to describe how much they really do care for the other...

    And yes, the scene in DP 117 rekindled my love for the pairing, when Jessie believes that she and James would meet in the afterlife, it's so sweet they didn't regret spending their time with each other on earth, and would want to spend their lives in heaven together, as well. Not only that, they smile to each other even though they believe they're about to die...Now that's love
  7. Kdude146

    Kdude146 Well-Known Member

  8. Ampris

    Ampris Slip slidin'

    Ahhh you have no idea how nice it is to come here and see "Rocketshipping" on the top of the page. <3

    Basically, ditto to everything Musapion said - that's a brilliant overview of why this 'ship is so badass. These guys really do complete each other, and we're just lucky enough to witness it. I'm a Rocketshipper because I love these characters so much and their relationship is so wonderfully strong and strange and amazing. It's just plain fun to ship. :)

    (Also, is shameless self-promotion too bold for the first page? Well, here's a bit of fanart I did anyway. Haha. :D)
  9. Musapion

    Musapion Boulder Trainer

    Ampris, there's nothing wrong with spreadin' the Rocketshippy love!

    You have such a unique style. <33

    I love your colouring and poses and especially your unique style!
  10. Kdude146

    Kdude146 Well-Known Member

    If any one saw yesterdays Dub we see Jessie and James holding hands in there get rich song that they sing about giving the Sunyshore Tower to the boss :) :) :)
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2010
  11. Ampris

    Ampris Slip slidin'

    Aw, thank you! :3

    I'm so scattered in my episode watching that I haven't seen the ep yet, and somehow haven't even seen any caps of the scene. Was it like a quick, one second shot? I must watch this tonight. :O
  12. annabelletheraikou

    annabelletheraikou Well-Known Member

    I remember I started watching Pokemon when I was little and I was shipping Jessie/James and Ash/Misty before I even knew what "shipping" was, lol. I'm so glad to see Rocketshipping here! I love the dynamic the two have together and I think that they are just great.
  13. Meron

    Meron Well-Known Member

    Yay, a new thread! Most of us active members from the old big thread moved to Bulbagarden a couple of years ago, so I guess it got a bit quiet here. ^^; Feels a bit nostalgic to write again.

    Here is a cap of the handhold, it's pretty big so beware! http://i563.photobucket.com/albums/ss71/meroni91/rocket/1267697309658.jpg (Totally forgot how to make image tags here. -_-)

    Guess I could link you my latest shippy drawing: http://fav.me/d2u0g7j It's based on the lyrics (which I linked in the description) of the 13th movie ending, Ice Cream Syndrome. I think that is a very rocketshippy song... And Dogasu of Bulbagarden said that the rockets are eating ice cream in the movie end credits, heh.
  14. Kdude146

    Kdude146 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your post and the two pics u gave the 1st on I was talking about it but I could not find it any where so thanks and the other one is very nice and I now I want to find Ice Cream Syndrome
  15. Musapion

    Musapion Boulder Trainer

    Awww, how cute!

    Rocketshipping makes a very awesome first ship. <3


    Have some fanart of mine!
  16. catzeye

    catzeye Writer's Block

    May I join?

    I'm a Rocketshipper too it seems. I've always thought those two looked good together even before I knew what shipping was. The line Meowth said to them in Pokemon the Movie 2000 sealed the deal for me and I was only what...7?

    Anyways Jessie and James have been travelling together long enough that I think their are some feelings for each other.
  17. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I'd like to join~

    My first question for you is why are you a RocketShipper?

    Why do I strongly believe in RocketShipping? Well from an early age I watched the anime and there were some pretty obvious signs that Jessie and James liked each other more than they should. I think the whole fighting gag with everyone in the team getting on each other's nerves was just a facade. I think Jessie only picked on James because she was afraid to let her real feelings show. She probably liked keeping her guard up so picking fights was a way to express her emotions. James was probably the same way; he wouldn't just tell Jessie how special she is, he'd want to show his affection in a more brute manner since he probably thinks that's what Jessie would want. That's why it caught my interest :p
  18. Kdude146

    Kdude146 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for Joining catzeye & The 4th KIRA I will add your name to the list

    time for a new question Do you hope we get one last RocketShipping hint before DP ends?

    I think it's a bit much to hope for cuz of all of Ash's battles going on atm then we get a Dawn and Brock episoed but they seem to be in to Ash VS Paul cuz of Infernape aka little chimy so when Infernape wins it will be a big deal to them to so they will jump for joy and be crying and huging but thats it for DP and I hope we get more RocketShipping in BW
  19. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Thank you~

    Do you hope we get one last RocketShipping hint before DP ends?

    Well DP isn't about to end in the U.S. anytime soon but it will end in Japan sooner rather than later. The Pokemon anime has almost always focused on Ash and it seems he's always the main focus at the end of the major sagas. I do hope there will be a RocketShipping hint or two thrown into the anime for good measure but I know almost for sure that there won't be. Jessie and James might make certain plans but I'm not sure if that's a big enough hint to go by lol. Hopefully, they'll get some time on their own before the anime moves on and we'll see them together a little while longer before the anime focuses on Ash again. I just don't expect them to have a big shining moment until later on in the anime :/
  20. catzeye

    catzeye Writer's Block

    My first question for you is why are you a RocketShipper?
    I'm a Rocketshipper because I see the potential in the ship to be high. I mean two adults hanging around each other all the time would most likely develop some feelings for each other. Plus they've both had chances to leave each other but they always stay together. I think they have feelings for each other but they aren't acting out on those feelings yet. Maybe when their story is done we'll see them married.

    Do you hope we get one last RocketShipping hint before DP ends?
    Maybe a hug or another play argument, but it's not like their story is ending anytime soon. If their story was ending with Sinnoh then I would of course want to have one big Rocketshipping hint for the end. But since Team Rocket will be most likely going to Isshu with Ash, I'm fine with a small hint. I mean if they go to the next region we'll see plenty of hints.
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