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Rocketshipping General Discussion

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Lux, Feb 5, 2006.

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  1. Lux

    Lux Carpe diem ~

    Does it have any supporters here?

    Well, I was a bit surprised there isn't a thread here discussing it. Though it's a fanon by now due to the lack of hints, and even anti-shippingness, Jessie and James are main characters, beloved for some, and the rocketshipping fanbase is still big. Anime =/= manga, but it's interesting to note that it's canon in the japanese comics.

    To bring up a topic, I've seen some people claiming rocketshipping is dead in anime. I didn't get to see the anti-hints yet, but were them blatant enough? According to Manene ep, James sucks the idea of him and Jessie being a couple... as a rocketshipper, I would feel sorry, but that fantasy scene of James wondering about being Jessie's "housewife" made me laugh insanely! The Bicker the Better is also considered an anti-shipper ep... but it was also funny as hell. Maybe the comedy is what makes it so nice.


    Isn't it cute when they hug eachother?!

    Last edited: Feb 5, 2006
  2. Heracross

    Heracross Custom User Title

    Well, going by the census, it certainly does have supporters. Then again, if the forums themselves are any indication, not many people are as interested in it as they are with other ships.

    Anyway, it's my personal favorite pairing, which I could attribute partly to Kojirou being my favorite character. But also it is quite apparent that he and Musashi have such a strong friendship, and I've always found that to be sweet. It is a shame that the current writers are apparently trying their best to undermine the subplots set up in the first couple years, but in the end I'm not that bothered by it really. They can do what they will with the canon of the show and I'll still like the ship regardless.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2006
  3. Lux

    Lux Carpe diem ~

    Yeah, that's sad that the supporters aren't that interested about talking about this ship...

    As for me, I would like to set up a hint list - I know there's a lack, but there are some back in Kanto days. The greatest hint ever happen to be the one in the end of "Holly Matrimony"... I'm sure all rocketshippers here must remember that one ;)


    I think this one is from Saint Anne ep. I can't remember the dialogue, but they were talking about never let go from eachother, and how they were pretty, or something like that.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2006
  4. STJ

    STJ meh..^_^'

    I'm sure you guys liked the part when James falls on top of Jessie (I think) In "Love and the Origin of youth!" too XD
  5. ImJessieTR

    ImJessieTR I WON'T kiss Ash...

    It was SO wrong of the writers to give up on J&J!!!!

    You don't just tease us with it in a bunch of early episodes, then act like Mewtwo mindwiped you so now they hate each other! I just want to know when the downward spiral occurred.

    Lots of Rocketshippy goodness ... http://www.trsrockin.com/rocketshippy.html
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2006
  6. wobbsalad

    wobbsalad maybe you're my love

    Rocketshipping broke about even in the newest AG movie, didn't it? Keep in mind I'm trying to be light on the spoilers here for those who haven't seen it. Musashi said she didn't care about catching pokemon and just wanted to dance with Kojirou some more--until that nice looking fellow started dancing with her, of course, and she more or less fell in love with him. But later, when bad things started happening to Musashi, Kojirou fought to save her with everything--and he was animated really beautifully during that scene, as if the animators were paying extra attention to the scene because of its importance. Anyone else notice this?
  7. Lux

    Lux Carpe diem ~

    Really??? This is just GREAT, Wobbsalad!! Too bad I've never got to see the movie... Would you mind posting some screenshots here, if you have them? :)

    Yep! That was pretty shippy!... One of the most pretty R-shippy scenes *Tries to find a pic*
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2006
  8. Heracross

    Heracross Custom User Title

  9. Lux

    Lux Carpe diem ~

    Awww... the cuteness! Lovely pics, Heracross!! ^^

    I love this one!
  10. wobbsalad

    wobbsalad maybe you're my love

    Okay, as per Lux's request, I got to work and made a couple rocket pics from the movie...I'll do my best to remember what was going on.

    Kojirou's there to steal rare Pokes, but put Musashi in that dress and she'd rather dance all night

    The guy who had been dancing with May cuts in

    But Musashi likes him...

    Likes him enough to lose her sense of civility and starts tossing him all over the place. You know, with romantic skills like this, I don't think we have a lot to worry about in regard to Rocketshipping. Musashi's probably going to be the only option open to her...

    While James is left awkwardly dancing with a 10 year old who thinks she recognizes him from somewhere...

    You know, it wasn't directly stated in the movie, but I just realized that the two of them had to have spent the night together inside a car trunk.

    "Somethings coming from behind? I'm not a kid you know, you can't trick me like that..." Jesse's actually kind of cute in this pic.

    James, lookin' sharp, sends out his Cacnea

    Nice eyes, huh?

    He dodges Sabonea's usual hug hello, as right now it's serious business

    It doesn't work, and Musashi is eaten by the gelataneous blob

    Kojirou's really upset by this

    Some good scenes of caring and closeness, hope you liked 'em. A couple more were edited out for space and can be found at:

  11. Aptenodytes

    Aptenodytes Well-Known Member

    Oh i definintly support! ^.^ Nice pics by the way
  12. Lux

    Lux Carpe diem ~

    Aww... What a splendid job, WS!! XD

    Yeah... I think they're already used to that, due to the amount of years they've been travelling together :D

    OMG. Teh hotness!!!

    Poor Jimmy... it was not your fault :(

    You bet we liked!! Thank you very much!!! This movie has brought some nice rocketshippyness and some would never know about that if it wasn't those sweet shots!
  13. ImJessieTR

    ImJessieTR I WON'T kiss Ash...

    *wipes sweat off brow* Whew ... and I thought the ship was dead!
  14. wobbsalad

    wobbsalad maybe you're my love

    Whoops, I wrote one of those sentences funny. I meant since Jesse/Musashi's such a goofball around men, being close friends with James/Kojirou is a point in Rocketshipping's favor...

    You know, this might be one ship nearly everyone can agree on. What competetion or cause for militant Anti-Rocketshippers might there be with this one?
  15. Heracross

    Heracross Custom User Title

    You've clearly never been to Pokémopolis. XD
  16. wobbsalad

    wobbsalad maybe you're my love

    Yeah, I guess with a ship like this as old as the hills, there's bound to have been lots of weird stuff associated with it. I really don't go to a lot of sites...
  17. Lux

    Lux Carpe diem ~

    Yeah, the pokemopolis dudes are convinced about James being homosexual. Indeed, this is the opinion from most of the anti-rocketshippers. Despite of his occasional flamboyantness, though, he has never shown interest for males, but for girls (like Kate, in the Hoso) so I don't get into this. :p
  18. Aptenodytes

    Aptenodytes Well-Known Member

    >.< I'm not going to let this thread die... not since it didn't even really start yet... How about a new topic?
    How do you think Jessie would react if James asks her out for a cup of coffee?
  19. ImJessieTR

    ImJessieTR I WON'T kiss Ash...

    She'd insist he'd buy, for starters. Then it would be lunch, then dinner at a fancy restaurant.
  20. Lux

    Lux Carpe diem ~

    Yep! Come on! Rocketshippers, unite! ^^

    Wow, this is a hard one... but I think she would blush, and try to deny her embarassment by saying she'd prefer a dinner in an expensive restaurant. Poor James! :D

    Random pic:

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